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Pedigree: Elizabeth Doane
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Elizabeth Doane b.24 JUN 1753 
Elisha Doane b.1700 
Hezekiah Doane b.08/1672 
Ephraim Doane b.1638 
Mercy Knowles b.1642 
Hannah Snow b.08/26/1670 
John Snow b.16 SEP 1638 
Mary Smally b.11 DEC 1647 
Hannah Cole b.15 DEC 1693 
William Cole b.15 SEP 1663 
Daniel Cole b.12 Dec 1614 
Ruth Collier b.1627/1628 
Hannah Snow b.2 JAN 1666 
Stephen Snow b.abt 1636 
Susannah Deane b.abt 1634 
Elizabeth Crowell b.7 APR 1726 
Paul Crowell b.20 APR 1687 
John Crowell b.3 JAN 1662 
John Crowell b.1639 
Mehitable Miller b.12 JUL 1638 
Bethia Sears b.3 JAN 1661 
Capt. Paul Sears b.02/08/1636 
Deborah Willard b.09/14/1645 
Margery Hall b.4 FEB 1695 
Joseph Hall b.23 SEP 1663 
Deacon John Hall b.05/13/1638 
Priscilla Bearse b.04/10/1644 
Hannah Miller b.19 APR 1666 
John Miller b.2 MAR 1632/3 
Margaret Winslow b.16 JUL 1640 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.