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Pedigree: Elisha Phelps
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Elisha Phelps b.16 NOV 1779 
Noah Phelps b.22 JAN 1740 
David Phelps b.7 MAY 1710 
Joseph Phelps b.27 AUG 1667 
Joseph Phelps b.1628 
Hannah Newton b.abt 1639 
Mary Case b.22 Jun 1660 
John Case b.abt 1635 
Sarah Spencer b.1636 
Abigail Pettibone b.22 APR 1706 
John Pettibone b.16 DEC 1665 
John Pettibone b.bef 1638 
Sarah Eggleston b.28 MAR 1643 
Mary Bissell b.15 SEP 1666 
Samuel Bissell b.abt 1635 
Abigail Holcombe b.6 JAN 1639 
Lydia Griswold b.25 APR 1743 
George Griswold b.26 FEB 1710 
Joseph Griswold b.24 JAN 1676/7 
Joseph Griswold b.2 MAR 1647/8 
Mary Gaylord b.19 MAR 1650/1 
Zerviah Griswold b.26 DEC 1703 
Benjamin Griswold b.6 APR 1671 
George Griswold b.abt 1633 
Mary Holcombe b.4 APR 1635 
Elizabeth Cooke b.25 AUG 1673 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.