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Pedigree: Dudley Chase
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Dudley Chase b.1771 
Dudley Chase b.29 AUG 1730 
Samuel Chase b.28 SEP 1707 
Daniel Chase b.20 SEP 1685 
Moses Chase b.24 DEC 1663 
Sarah March b.2 APR 1683/4 
Mary Dudley b.22 FEB 1714/5 
Samuel Dudley b.27 JUL 1682 
Francis Dudley b.1635/1640 
Sarah Wheeler b.30 MAR 1640 
Abigail Rogers b.4 JUL 1681 
Alice Corbett b.28 FEB 1732/3 
Daniel Corbett b.29 DEC 1693 
Sarah Jones b.20 OCT 1694 
John Jones b.1669 
Abraham Jones b.1628/1630 
Sarah Wightman b.1629/1639 
Sarah Lobdell b.1668/1673 
John Lobdell b.7 APR 1639 
Researcher Legend

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