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Pedigree: Donald Jene Norvell
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Donald Jene Norvell b.7 NOV 1940 
Joseph Marion Norvell b.5/17/1865 
Nancy Louise Bailey b.11/11/1866 
Edith Elsie Beaver b.12/11/1892 
George Leonard Beaver b.4/21/1868 
Bertha Bowen Allen b.8/7/1871 
Thelma F Peer b.11/9/1919 
Peter Mack Peer b.2/10/1896 
John T Peer b.5/23/1854 
Thomas H Peer b.1815 
Elizabeth Lee b.1818 
Martha Ann Fanning b.1/6/1867 
John C Fanning b.2/18/1825 
Thelma Frances Simms b.2/14/1896 
Ira Lavell Simms b.8/23/1870 
Mary Frances Scott b.1/18/1875 
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