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Pedigree: Catherine de Valois
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Catherine de Valois b.27 OCT 1401 
Charles V King of France b.21 JAN 1337 
Jean II of France b.16 APR 1319 
Jutte of Bohemia b.20 MAY 1315 
John of Luxembourg b.10 AUG 1296 
Jeanne de Bourbon b.3 FEB 1339 
Marie of Hainault b.abt 1282 
Ludwig IV of Bavaria b.1 APR 1282 
Beatrix of Glogau b.abt 1293 
Barnabo Di Visconti b.abt 1317 
Stefan Di Visconti b.abt 1289 
Valentina Doria b.abt 1293 
Beatrix de La Scala b.abt 1321 
Thaddea de Carrara b.abt 1298 
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