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Pedigree: Birchard Austin Hayes
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Birchard Austin Hayes b.4 NOV 1853 
Rutherford Hayes, Jr. b.4 JAN 1787 
Rutherford Hayes b.29 JUL 1756 
Ezekiel Hayes b.21 NOV 1724 
Rebecca Russell b.6 FEB 1723 
Chloe Smith b.10 NOV 1762 
Israel Smith b.2 APR 1739 
Abigail Chandler b.11 SEP 1741 
Sophia Birchard b.15 APR 1792 
Roger Birchard b.25 DEC 1756 
Elias Birchard b.22 DEC 1730 
Sarah Jacobs b.13 DEC 1735 
Drusilla Austin b.3 APR 1762 
Daniel Austin b.1720 
Abigail Phelps b.11 NOV 1731 
Lucy Ware Webb b.28 AUG 1831 
James Webb b.17 Mar 1795 
Isaac Webb, jr. b.11/19/1758 
Isaac Webb b.25 Sep 1709 
Lucy Catherine Ware b.11/12/1773 
Dr. James Ware, jr. b.03/13/1740 
Marietta Cook b.9 Mar 1801 
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