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Pedigree: Benjamin Alvord
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Benjamin Alvord b.15 MAY 1860 
Benjamin Alvord b.18 AUG 1813 
William Alvord b.31 MAR 1766 
Elisha Alvord b.15 MAR 1731 
Joseph Alvord b.6 MAR 1697 
Clemence Wright b.4 NOV 1703 
Mary Hamilton b.abt 1734 
Lucy Claghorn b.abt 1792 
James Claghorn b.30 JUL 1739 
Elizabeth Ring b.9 MAY 1708 
Ann Hutchinson b.5 NOV 1738 
John Hutchinson b.17 FEB 1710/1 
Emily Louise Mussey b.abt 1826 
Henry Mussey b.6 MAR 1795 
Ebenezer Mussey b.abt 1764 
Tempe Claghorn b.8 SEP 1774 
James Claghorn b.30 JUL 1739 
Ann Hutchinson b.5 NOV 1738 
Sabra Amanda Lawrence b.15 MAY 1808 
Amos Lawrence b.12 MAR 1758 
Amos Lawrence b.abt 1731 
Sarah Webster b.8 JAN 1735 
Sabra Eggleston b.19 SEP 1762 
Jonathan Eggleston b.bef 21 MAY 1738 
Mindwell Hoskins b.2 JAN 1743 
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