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Pedigree: Augustin Averill Crane
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Augustin Averill Crane b.9 JAN 1864 
Robert Crane b.27 DEC 1820 
Phineas Crane b.10 OCT 1777 
Robert Griswold Crane b.18 FEB 1739 
Silas Crane b.25 JAN 1705 
Mercy Griswold b.27 JUL 1708 
Mary Camp b.26 JUN 1737 
Eleazer Camp b.12 DEC 1697 
Mary Botsford b.2 MAR 1706 
Irene Nichols b.abt 1779 
Eunice Maria Averill b.30 MAY 1820 
Perry Averill b.18 SEP 1754 
Samuel Averill b.1 MAR 1715 
Patience Perry b.22 FEB 1715 
Dorothy Whittlesey b.8 SEP 1755 
Eliphalet Whittlesey b.10 MAY 1714 
Dorothy Kellogg b.24 DEC 1716 
Eunice Ann Barnes b.10 MAR 1788 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.