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Pedigree: Allyn Cox
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Allyn Cox b.5 JUN 1896 
Kenyon Cox b.27 OCT 1856 
Jacob Dolson Cox b.2 JUN 1792 
Thedia Redelia Kenyon b.25 MAY 1804 
Joseph Kenyon b.2 SEP 1779 
Sarah Allyn b.3 MAY 1778 
Helen Clarissa Finney b.8 JUN 1828 
Charles Grandison Finney b.29 AUG 1792 
Sylvester Finney b.15 MAR 1759 
Rebecca Rice b.9 AUG 1759 
Lydia Root Andrews b.8 MAR 1804 
Nathaniel Andrews b.15 OCT 1762 
Jerusha Sage b.15 AUG 1771 
Louise Howland King b.23 JUN 1865 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.