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Pedigree: Alice Eliza Flournoy
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Alice Eliza Flournoy b.4 NOV 1852 
William Cabell Flournoy b.31 DEC 1809 
John James Flournoy b.abt 1786 
Thomas Flournoy b.20 NOV 1737 
Jean Jacques Flournoy b.abt 17 NOV 1685 
Anne Martin b.abt 1742 
Anne Carrington Cabell b.20 SEP 1787 
William Cabell, III b.03/25/1759 
Anne Carrington b.06/09/1760 
Paul Carrington b.03/16/1733 
Margaret Reade b.10/12/1739 
Martha Watkins Venable b.5 JUN 1816 
William Lewis Venable b.30 MAY 1780 
Nathaniel Venable b.10/01/1733 
Martha Hannah Davis b.07/14/1702 
Frederick P. Nantz b.1 FEB 1761 
Henry Watkins b.abt 1737 
Temperance Hughes b.abt 1740 
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