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Pedigree: Alexis Caswell Angell
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Alexis Caswell Angell b.26 APR 1857 
James Burrill Angell b.7 JAN 1829 
Andrew Angell b.7 DEC 1802 
Charles Angell b.14 JUL 1775 
Andrew Angell b.8 JAN 1742 
Olive Aldrich b.1 MAR 1778 
James Aldrich b.18 NOV 1747 
Alice Smith b.15 DEC 1747 
Amey Aldrich b.25 JUL 1807 
Richard Aldrich b.25 DEC 1778 
Noah Aldrich b.10 MAR 1750 
Huldah Whittaker b.27 MAR 1750 
Hannah Aldrich b.9 DEC 1777 
Joseph Aldrich b.19 MAR 1744 
Sarah Swope Caswell b.24 JUL 1831 
Alexis Caswell b.29 JAN 1799 
Pvt. Samuel Caswell b.24 AUG 1760 
Zibiah White b.10 JUN 1736 
Polly Foster Seaver b.9 JUL 1768 
Mary Foster b.2 FEB 1740 
Esther Lois Thompson b.1 SEP 1802 
Ebenezer Thompson, Jr. b.15 JAN 1735 
Lydia Kinnicutt b.24 MAR 1740 
Sarah Kuhn Swoope b.12 MAR 1770 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.