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Organization: Wilmington and Weldon Railroad

From Wilmington to Weldon, NC, 62 miles, Office at Wilmington

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsArchibaldAlderman conductor1856NC
RailroadsWilliam S.Ashe president1856NC
RailroadsWilliam ShepperdAshe president1854
RailroadsL. D.Bellamy director1856
RailroadsWilliam C.Bettencourt director1856
RailroadsR. R.Bridgers president1866
RailroadsRobert RufusBridgers director1860-1865
RailroadsJohnCampbell ticket agent1856NC
RailroadsJohnCrone road master1856NC
RailroadsGeorgeCurtis conductor1856NC
RailroadsA. I.DeRosset director1856
RailroadsP. K.Dickerson director1866
RailroadsP. K.Dickinson director1856
RailroadsJohn F.Divine master of machinery1866NC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
RailroadsG. L.Dudley freight agent1866NC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
RailroadsWarren G.Elliott president1893NC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
RailroadsB. F.Ellis conductor1856NC
RailroadsJohnEveritt director1866
RailroadsW. T.Faircloth director1866
RailroadsS. L.Fremont engineer and supt1856NC
RailroadsGeorge W.Gates machinist1870
RailroadsH. D.Gilbert conductor1856NC
RailroadsJames S.Green secretary and treasurer1856NC
RailroadsWilliam H.Green locomotive engineer1859-1869
RailroadsEdward P.Hall director1856
RailroadsA. J.Hewlet conductor1856NC
RailroadsD. W.Hooks conductor1856NC
RailroadsJamesKnight conductor1856NC
RailroadsThomas H.Lane master of transportation1856NC
RailroadsWilliam K.Lane director1856
RailroadsWilliam H.Laspeyre conductor1856NC
RailroadsRobertLee conductor1856NC
RailroadsEdwin D.Love conductor1856NC
RailroadsGeorge G.Lynch office boy1867NC, Halifax Co, Weldon
RailroadsAlfredMartin director1866
RailroadsW. G.McRae purchasing agent1866NC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
RailroadsGeorgeMorrison conductor1856NC
RailroadsEliMurray director1866
RailroadsJohnNorfleet director1866
RailroadsW. W.Pierce director1856
RailroadsWilliam M.Poisson ticket agent1866NC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
RailroadsAugustusPope freight and passenger agent1871-1880NC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
RailroadsJames Francis JrPost treasurer1893NC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
RailroadsGilbertPotter director1856
RailroadsEdwardRiddle director1866
RailroadsHarryRuggles master of machinery1856NC
RailroadsWilliamSmith master of transportation1866NC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
RailroadsJ. W.Thompson treasurer and secretary1866
RailroadsA. H.Van Bokkelen director1866
RailroadsJacob B.Van Dyne master of transportation1865
RailroadsS. D.Wallace ticket agent1856NC
RailroadsL. H.Whitaker director1856
RailroadsJohn CoxWinder master of road1866-1868
RailroadsL. H.Winton master of car repairs1866NC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
RailroadsWilliam A.Wright attorney1856NC
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