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Organization: Washington Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, State: DC, County: Washington

Edward Arthur Balloch

Edward Arthur Balloch

2 JAN 1857born in Somersworth, Strafford Co, NH
1879DC, Howard University
1891NJ, Princeton, Princeton University
1904DC, Howard University, Professor
1919DC, physician
1920DC, Howard University, Dean of Medicine
2 MAR 1948died in Washington, DC, about age 91.

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MembersS. S.Adams Corresponding Secretary1886DC, Washington
MembersEdward ArthurBalloch DC, Washington
MembersJohn WesleyBovee pres.DC, Washington
MembersThomas Sanford DunawayGrasty
MembersA. F. A.King President1886DC, Washington
MembersC. H. A.Kleinschmidt Recording Secretary1886DC, Washington
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