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Organization: US Department of Treasury

Henry Wharton Conway

Henry Wharton Conway

18 MAR 1793born in Greeneville, Greene Co, TN
1823-1827AR, US Representative
9 NOV 1827died in Little Rock, Pulaski Co, AR, about age 35.
DC, WashingtonAlfred Bult Mullett
DC, WashingtonRobert Mills
DC, WashingtonAmmi Burnham Young
DC, WashingtonIsaiah Rogers

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OthersArthur B.Adams Internal Revenue Bureau1918DC, Washington
OthersMilton EverettAiles assistant secretary1901-1903
OthersDeAlva StanwoodAlexander Auditor1881-1885DC, Washington
OthersGuy FletcherAllen bookkeeper
OthersRobertAnderson Inspector1855-1859NJ, Mercer Co, Trenton
OthersBurt W.Andrews 1912DC, Washington
OthersWilliam E.Andrews auditor1897-1915
OthersGeorge S.Anthony Div Reports1899DC, Washington
OthersFrederick W.Archibald Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersRobert B.Armstrong assistant secretary1903
OthersTheodore GranvilleArnold Internal Revenue1885-1887TX
OthersJolm LangdonAshby clerk1863-1876DC, Washington
OthersGeorge WilliamAshworth division of customs1921
OthersGeorge WashingtonAtkinson architect1915DC, Washington
OthersPeter AntonAuer Clerk1907DC, Washington
OthersOscar P.Austin Bureau Statistics1899DC, Washington
OthersOscar PhelpsAustin chief of the bureau of statistics1898-1914DC, Washington
OthersRobert BruceBagby Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJ. E.Baker National Bank Div Chief1894
OthersElizaBalcher clerk1874DC, Washington
OthersErnest P.Baldwin Auditor1894
OthersSuda LorenaBane assistant1919DC, Washington
OthersGideon C.Bantz Treasurer, Asst1894
OthersJohn D.Barclay clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersJames N.Barker Treasury Dept1843DC, Washington
OthersFrank M.Barnes Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersWalter R.Barnesby 1918DC, Washington
OthersHenry LlewellynBarrick Law Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersGeorge A.Bartlett Disbursing Clerk1894
OthersCharles A.Bates Assessment Div1899DC, Washington
OthersJ. HamiltonBeatty Receipts and Expenditures Div Chief1894
OthersWilliam C.Behrens Chief Clerk1893DC, Washington
OthersDavid WilkinsonBell 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn W.Bennett Examining Div Chief1894
OthersFred HodgesBenson Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersNannie WeldonBerrey Income Tax Unit1923
OthersWilliam B.Berryman clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersJames WilsonBevans Asst Chief Customs1918DC, Washington
OthersJohn J. C.Bibb clerk1849-1854DC, Washington
OthersOliver W.Birckhead 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn T.Bivins Chief Clerk & Appointment Div1899DC, Washington
OthersSamuelBlackwell Auditor1894
OthersJohn B.Blake clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersJohnBoedeker Lieutenant1915DC, Washington
OthersJames H.Bonebrake Clerk1898DC, Washington
OthersPercivalBonney 1863-1865DC, Washington
OthersPaul T.Bowen Clerk1901DC, Washington
OthersW. H. H.Bowen Div Revenue Assents1899DC, Washington
OthersAlexander H.Bowman Chief Engineer1853-1861DC, Washington
OthersElliott N.Bowman Deputy Auditor1894
OthersFrank W.Braddock Adjuster, Mint1899DC, Washington
OthersS. I.Bradley Treasurer, Chief Clerk1894
OthersWilliam N.Bragaw Assorting Div Chief1894
OthersThomas F.Brantley Pensions Div Chief1894
OthersJohn B.Brawley Auditor1894
OthersEdward HillerBreckinridge clerk1864-1901DC, Washington
OthersEdmund C.Breese 1912DC, Washington
OthersHenryBrewer clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersAlice H.Britton stenographer1925
OthersFrank FerrisBronson 1915IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
OthersWilliam S.Broughton Chief Div Loans & Currency1918DC, Washington
OthersLewis K.Brown Paymasters' Div Chief1894
OthersDaniel A. A.Buck 1840DC, Washington
OthersGeorge HolbrookeBuckingham Architectural Draftsman1915DC, Washington
OthersPhilipBuettner Law Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersVan H.Bukey Disbursing Agent1899DC, Washington
OthersD. N.Burbank Foreign Div Chief1894
OthersDaniel NormanBurbank Chief of Division1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliamBurchard Compiling Div Chief1894
OthersPeter HewinsBurghardt clerk1876-1889DC, Washington
OthersRufus RossBurnett 1883-1893
OthersArthur M.Burtt Supervising Architects Office1915DC, Washington
OthersJames CloudBushby Chief of Division1918NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersB. F.Butler Bureau of the Mint, Computer1894
OthersFrank GrahamButts Internal Revenue1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles H.Buxton Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersClaude C.Cannon pharmacist1921
OthersJohn G.Carlisle Secretary of the Treasury1894
OthersLoganCarlisle Chief Clerk1894
OthersZachary TaylorCarpenter Clerk1891DC, Washington
OthersArcher LatrobeCarroll Law Clerk1894DC, Washington
OthersAubrey BedellCarter comptroller of the currency1921
OthersEugene TylerChamberlain Commissioner of Navigation1899DC, Washington
OthersBooueChambers Chief Clerk1894
OthersW. S.Chance Div Special Agents1899DC, Washington
OthersTheophilus ParsonsChandler assistant1863-1868MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
OthersGiovanni E.Channing Special Agent1915WA, King Co, Seattle
OthersFrederickChase clerk, auditors office1861DC, Washington
OthersElsie BlanchardCheever clerk1918-1920
OthersN. L.Chew Asst Register1899DC, Washington
OthersGeorge C.Chipman Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersWarren RaganChoate law clerk1898
OthersHenryCilley Review Div Chief1894
OthersClifton PowerClark Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersMortimerClarke Clerk1870-1872DC, Washington
OthersCharles RusselClement clerk1863-1865DC, Washington
OthersPaulClendenin Bureau of Statistics1899DC, Washington
OthersH. A.Cobaugh Captain of the Watch1899DC, Washington
OthersJames D.Cobb Clerk1851-1853DC, Washington
OthersGeorge M.Coffin Reports Div Chief1894
OthersGeorge Y.Coffin Clerk1896DC, Washington
OthersCharles OrlandoCole Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliam FranklinCole 1885-1890DC, Washington
OthersJohn RichardCollette Law Clerk1914
OthersEd. J.Column 1912DC, Washington
OthersE. W.Combs Public Lands and Territorial Acc'ts Div Chief1894
OthersJohn M.Comstock Customs Div Chief1894
OthersHarryCoope 1918DC, Washington
OthersGeorge H.Cooper Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersClaude HixsonCoryell Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersRobert M.Cousar Deputy1894
OthersVivian RaymondCraley clerk1910-1913
OthersC. A.Crampton Div Chemistry1899DC, Washington
OthersE. A.Crane Engineering & Drafting Division1899DC, Washington
AwardeesPaul DCravath World War I
OthersRobertCraven Bureau of War Risk Insurance1919
OthersJesse P.Crawford Customs Division1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliam G.Crawford Deputy Auditor1894
OthersCharles EatonCreecy Chief Appt Div1909DC, Washington
OthersDaniel RichardCrissinger comptroller of the currency1921
OthersEdgar V.Crittenden Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersHorace StuartCummings clerk1865-1873DC, Washington
OthersEdwin UptonCurtis assistant1907-1910MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
OthersW. E.Curtis Asst1894
OthersHenryCushing Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersThomas A.Cushing Div Distilled Spirits1899DC, Washington
OthersE. B.Daskam Public Moneys Div Chief1894
OthersK. B.Daskam Div Public Moneys1899DC, Washington
OthersWilliam DuncanDavis clerk1919-1923
OthersCharles G.Dawes Comptroller of Currency1899DC, Washington
OthersGeorge StantonDenison agent1865
OthersLouis AddisonDent clerk1887-1889
OthersJohn S.Denton Pay Div Chief1894
OthersCharles HenryDickson Clerk1914DC, Washington
OthersJ. U.Dill Public Debt Div Chief1894
OthersHervie AldenDobson 1918DC, Washington
OthersRobert HowardDodson chief clerk, Office of the Comptroller1921
OthersEdward Wilton, JrDonn chief architects office1900-1903
OthersElla P.Dorman clerk1874DC, Washington
OthersWilliam E.Dougherty Recording Div Chief1894
OthersGeorge EddyDowney comptroller1913-1915
OthersJ. H.Drown Special Agent1912NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersHenry P.Dugan telegraph operator1906
OthersCharlesDummer 1839-1855DC, Washington
OthersJames A.Dumont Supervising Inspector General Steam Vessel1894
OthersSamuel AugustusDuncan special agent1867-1868
OthersRobert JosephDunlavey Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliam PrestonDunwoody 1918NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersWilliam W.Durbin examiner of claims1886-1890DC, Washington
OthersDaniel JosephDurning clerk1919-1921
OthersHorace V.Easterling 1912DC, Washington
OthersPaul WebsterEaton 1900
OthersRay PalmerEaton Clerk1865-1873DC, Washington
OthersJames H.Eckels Comptroller1894
OthersJohn JoyEdson clerk1863
OthersJohn C.Edwards Deputy Auditor1894
OthersMichael F.Eggerman Collecting Div Chief1894
OthersCharles W.Eldridge Div Documentary & Proprietary Stamps1899DC, Washington
OthersW. W.Eldridge Issue Div, Chief1894
OthersWilliam CharlesEldridge Lawyer1908DC, Washington
OthersJohn PlaumerElliott clerk1919-1925
OthersGoodwin D.Ellsworth 1912DC, Washington
OthersOliver V.Emery Bureau of Internal Revenue1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliam H.Emery 1912DC, Washington
OthersH. C.Evans Archives Div Chief1894
OthersWilliam AugustusEvans clerk1841-1862DC, Washington
OthersGreen A.Eversole Clerk1883-1890
OthersSimon S.Fahnestock draughtsman1857-1860DC, Washington
OthersCharles S.Fairchild Asst Sec1885-1887
OthersT. StoboFarrow Auditor1894
OthersWilliam ThomasFaulkner Accountant1918DC, Washington
OthersOllis B.Ferguson 1919-1921
OthersNewtonFerree Notes Coupons & Currency1899DC, Washington
OthersFrank H.Fields 1912DC, Washington
OthersCharlesFisher 1912DC, Washington
OthersLoretta ElizabethFitzgerald clerk1918-1919
OthersJohn RaymondFitzpatrick clerk1918
OthersEdwin C.FitzSimons Internal Revenue Collectors Div Chief1894
OthersWilliam BoyerFleming law officer1894-1896
OthersWorthington C.Ford Bureau of Statistics, Chief1894
OthersC. M.Foree Chief Clerk Comptroller1899DC, Washington
OthersK. H.Forsyth Asst Teller1899DC, Washington
OthersR. H.Forsyth Asst Teller1894
OthersGeorgeFort Army Pay Div1894
OthersFisher AmesFoster clerk1872-1880DC, Washington
OthersW. J.Fowler Organization Div1899DC, Washington
OthersHarry ClintonFrance 1919-1921NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersAlexander V.Fraser revenue captain1843DC, Washington
OthersHarris H.Freeze Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersGeorge H.French Navy Pay Div1894
OthersLee W.Funk Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles B.Gafney Clerk1898
OthersS. M.Gaines Div Mail & Files1899DC, Washington
OthersS. M.Gains Records Mail and Files Div Chief1894
OthersD. W.Gall Inspecting Div Chief1894
OthersDaniel J.Gantt 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn AbsalomGarber technical clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersP. S.Garretson Accounts Division1899DC, Washington
OthersWilliam ForrestGatchell Clerk1886DC, Washington
OthersMargaret IsabelGates clerk1919-1923
OthersBuist C.Getsinger Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersAlvaro F.Gibbens clerk1876DC, Washington
OthersWilliam H.Gibson Paying Teller1894
OthersFranklin WarnerGilbert 1877-1881IL, Cook Co, Chicago
OthersRodmanGilbert clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersSeymour Parker, JrGilbert Under Secretary1921DC, Washington
OthersRobert CraigGlenn accountant1917-1923DC, Washington
OthersJohn J.Glover District of Columbia Acc't, Acting Chief1894
OthersGershomGoble 1864-1867DC, Washington
OthersIsaac NewtonGoodhue clerk1864DC, Washington
OthersRutherford HunterGraham Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersSamuelGreen clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersTheodore HenryGreene Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliam YanceyGriffin 1912DC, Washington
OthersCatherine Louise ElizabethGross assistant chief telephone operator1918-1922
OthersF. P.Gross Bureau of the Mint, Adjuster1894
OthersJ. C. L.Gudger Law Clerk Auditor1899DC, Washington
OthersWilliamGulager clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersCharles S.Hamlin Asst1894
OthersRobert G.Hand Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliamHandy clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersIsaacHanson clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersWilliam McGrathHarlow 1919-1924
OthersH. C.Harmon Chief of Division1892DC, Washington
OthersB. F.Harrah Claims Div Chief1894
OthersD. W.Harrington Accounts Div Chief1894
OthersJohn F.Hartley clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersWilburHartley 1912DC, Washington
OthersUrbanHarvey Revenue Cutter Service1906DC, Washington
OthersLillie T.Hathaway internal revenue1918DC, Washington
OthersJohn CameronHawkins division chief, Federal Farm Loan Bureau1917
OthersHenry A.Hayward Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersGeorge W.Hazen Secret Service agent1915CA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
OthersAlfredHebrard Navy Agents' Div Chief1894
OthersThomas G.Hensey Clerk1906DC, Washington
OthersH. M.Hepburn Revenue Cutter Service1910DC, Washington
OthersJohn GoodwinHerndon office of Comptroller1921
OthersD. W.Herriott Asst Teller1894
OthersBirdette P.Hickox Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJohn R.Hill Engraving Division1899DC, Washington
OthersRoss JosephHillegass Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles DeweyHilles assistant secretary1909-1911
OthersFrederic AlbertHills supt1915ME, York Co, Biddeford
OthersWilliamHinds Div Accounts1899DC, Washington
OthersWilliamsHinds Customs Div1894
OthersThomas J.Hobbs Disbursing Clerk1894
OthersReginald M.Hodgson 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn M.Hoge Bookkeepers Div Chief1894
OthersThomasHolcomb Auditor1894
OthersWillis B.Holder 1912DC, Washington
OthersAlexander H.Holt Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersFrank RossHolt Messenger Clerk1903-1904
OthersWilliam HenryHorstman Draftsman1915DC, Washington
OthersMartin V.Hottell Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersHelen YaleHough clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersKeplerHoyt Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersGrosvenor SillimanHubbard clerk1863-1865DC, Washington
OthersJohnHubbard agent1856-1858
OthersJames MonroeHudnut clerk1865-1869
OthersLeonidas F.Hunt Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersA. T.Huntington Loan and Currency Div Chief1894
OthersPhilip CarverHyman Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliam IsaacJackson law clerk and assistant chief1914-1917
OthersSydney R.Jacobs Disbursing Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersMcKendrie F.Jacques chief of division of property transfer1918
OthersWilliamJames clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersAlbion B.Jamison 1912DC, Washington
OthersRoyal G.Jenks Accountant1918DC, Washington
OthersAndrewJohnson Div Customs1899DC, Washington
OthersE. C.Johnson Stamp Div1899DC, Washington
OthersFrank E.Johnson special agent1915CA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
OthersA. D.Johnston Asst1894
OthersEdna EarlJohnston clerk1919-1921
OthersGabriel F.Johnston Bookkeeper1918DC, Washington
OthersHenry C.Jones Tobacco Div1899DC, Washington
OthersMarcus EugeneJones special expert1889
OthersThomasJones Clerk1893DC, Washington
OthersThomas G.Jones Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersLewisJordan Miscellaneous Div Chief1894
OthersLlewellynJordan 1912DC, Washington
OthersH. WilliamKage 1912DC, Washington
OthersThomas P.Kane Deputy Comptroller of Currency1899DC, Washington
OthersRobertKearou Claims Div1894
OthersEmil J.Keferstein Revising and Examination Div Chief1894
OthersEdwin WilliamKeightley 1879-1885
OthersT. D.Keleher Disbursing Clerk1894
OthersSamuel HarlanKelley Clerk1882-1885DC, Washington
OthersCharles E.Kemper Asst and Chief Clerk1894
OthersAmosKendall Auditor1829DC, Washington
OthersEllis WebsterKepner Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersFrancis J.Kilkenny 1912DC, Washington
OthersIsraelKimball Division Chief1862-1890DC, Washington
OthersSumner IncreaseKimball chief clerk1861-1870
OthersJohnKingdom 1871-1906DC, Washington
OthersJacksonKirkman Pay and Bounty Div Chief1894
OthersErma ManilaKnemeyer clerk1921-1922
OthersGeorgeKoehler Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersGeorge V.Kohler Revenue Cutter Service1910NY, Richmond Co, Mariners Harbor
OthersFranklin FrederickKorell assistant1931-1943DC, Washington
OthersHermanKretz Appointment Div Chief1894
OthersJohn M.Lackey Clerk1892DC, Washington
OthersEdwinLamasure Accountant, Bureau Engraving1899DC, Washington
OthersF. W.Lantz Bookkeeper Bank Agency1899DC, Washington
OthersA. O.Latham Diplomatic and Consular Div Chief1894
OthersJamesLaurie clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersLeroy MahlerLaw Chemist1918DC, Washington
OthersWinfield PeterLawver Assayer, US Mint1891DC, Washington
OthersHenry K.Leaver Customs Div Chief1894
OthersHenry KnightLeaver Clerk1902DC, Washington
OthersEdward OwenLeech Director, US MInt1900DC, Washington
OthersJ. C.Littlepage Indian Div Chief1894
OthersLemuel W.Livingston 1883-1888
OthersH. A.Lockwood Customs, Deputy1894
OthersHarry C.Long Law Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliam HenryLord clerk1861-1866DC, Washington
OthersJohn N.Lovejoy clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersJames P.Low Engineering and Drafting Div Chief1894
OthersCharlesLyman Div Appointments1899DC, Washington
OthersJudson W.Lyons Register1899DC, Washington
OthersJudson WhitlockeLyons register1898-1906
OthersR. S.Lytle Asst Teller Bank Agency1899DC, Washington
OthersW. F.MacLennan Div of Warrants Estimates and Appropriations1894
OthersW. F.Maclyennan Div Bookkeeping1899DC, Washington
OthersJames S.Maddux Solicitor, Library1923DC, Washington
OthersAlbert L.Magilton Internal Revenue1864PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
OthersC. C., JrMagruder Bookkeepers Div Chief1894
OthersJohn W.Magruder clerk1874DC, Washington
OthersDavidMalin 1865-1868NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersJohn S.Manning Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJ. O.Manson Asst Bookkeeper1899DC, Washington
OthersCharles H.Mansur Comptroller1894
OthersE. P.Marshall Miscellaneous Div Chief1894
OthersJohn PrestonMarstella Internal Revenue1918DC, Washington
OthersHenry S.Martin special agent1867-1885
OthersRobert H.Martin 1912DC, Washington
OthersRhoda AdaMathews 1922-1923
OthersWilliamMatthews 1912DC, Washington
OthersBenjaminMattice clerk1863-1866DC, Washington
OthersRobert B.Mayes Checking Div Chief1894
OthersCharles AlbertMcAllister Revenue Cutter Service1906DC, Washington
OthersJohn S.McCalmont commissioner of customs1885
OthersJamesMcClery clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersDaniel P.McCormack 1918DC, Washington
OthersJoseph S.McCoy Actuary1912DC, Washington
OthersHarry E.McCullough 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn J.McDonnell 1912DC, Washington
OthersAlexander B.McDowell Clerk1908DC, Washington
OthersF. D.McDowell Quartermasters' Div Chief1894
OthersJohnMcGinniss clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersC. N.McGroarty Appointments, Refunds, Bonds and Records Div1894
OthersSamuel M.McKean clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersEdwardMcKitterick Deputy Auditor1899DC, Washington
OthersMiss M. A.McMakin Bureau of Statistics, Library1894
OthersA. F.McMillan Miscellaneous Division1899DC, Washington
OthersFrank OrlandoMcNew 1883-1924
OthersAmes FurberMedford Law Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJames F.Meline Treasurer, Asst1894
OthersScott B.Mercier Miscellaneous Div1899DC, Washington
OthersWilliam M.Meredith Dir of Bureau Engraving1899DC, Washington
OthersRalphMetcalf clerk1838-1840DC, Washington
OthersRalph IzardMiddleton Clerk1865DC, Washington
OthersCharles H.Miller Chief of Appropriations1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn S.Mills 1897
OthersBernard P.Mimmack Record Div1894
OthersL. P.Mitchell Asst Comptroller1899DC, Washington
OthersRobert JayMitchell 1877-1888DC, Washington
OthersJohnMolloy office of auditor1918DC, Washington
OthersW. H.Moran Chief Clerk Secret Service1899DC, Washington
OthersD. N.Morgan Treasurer1894
OthersJeannette CatherineMorgan war risk insurance1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliam E.Morgan Bureau of the Mint, Examiner1894
OthersRay J.Morman Clerk1903-1911DC, Washington
OthersHenryMorris clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersAndrew BigelowMorse 1864-1866DC, Washington
OthersCharles B.Morton Auditor1894
OthersJosephMountz clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersMaurice LouisMuhleman Cashier1918DC, Washington
OthersC. W.Munroe Captain of Engineers1910CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
OthersMichael J.Murphy 1912DC, Washington
OthersLawrence O.Murray Comptroller of Currency1912DC, Washington
OthersPercy E.Murray 1912DC, Washington
OthersPaul ForestMyers International Revenue Bureau1918DC, Washington
OthersGeorge FrancisNeedham clerk1863-1885DC, Washington
OthersJoseph D.Nevins Secretary's Office1912DC, Washington
OthersJ. W.Nichol Deputy1894
OthersRaymond S.Norris 1912DC, Washington
OthersGuy V.Norwood 1908-1919
OthersJohnNourse clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersMichaelNourse chief clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersJ. D.O'Connell Bureau of Statistics, Div Chief1894
OthersMaurice D.O'Connell solictor1897-1910DC, Washington
OthersWilliam HenryO'Hara Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersMaryO'Reilly Bureau of Mint1923DC, Washington
OthersJeremiahO'Rourke Supervising Architect1894
OthersOtto OliverOlsson 1918-1920
OthersC. W.Osenton Mail and Property Div Chief1894
OthersHarrison GrayOtis agent1879-1882AK
OthersHelen ElizabethOyler 1918-1920DC, Washington
OthersJ. Y.Paige Chief Clerk of Currency1899DC, Washington
OthersWilliam ScottParks auditor & accountant1918DC, Washington
OthersAlbion KeithParris Comptroller1836-1850DC, Washington
OthersJohn D.Patten clerk1874DC, Washington
OthersEdgarPatterson clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersSamuelPatterson auditor1921
OthersC. S.Pearce Receiving Teller1899DC, Washington
OthersHenry ClayPearson Bookkeeper1918DC, Washington
OthersHerbert FrederickPearson clerk1919-1920
OthersIsaacPearson Military Div Chief1894
OthersA. McBridePeeples 1912DC, Washington
OthersWalter EarlePelton stenographer1918
OthersRobert S.Person Auditor1897-1909DC, Washington
OthersAugusta M.Pettigrew Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersCharlesPettit messenger1843DC, Washington
OthersShermanPiatt Prin Bookkeeper1894
OthersJames VictorPicken 1921-1923
OthersJames VictorPicken auditing clerk1920
OthersJames H.Pierce Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersBenjamin S.Pike Army Pension Div Chief1894
OthersHorace L.Piper Special Agent1905DC, Washington
OthersJ. C.Plant Computers Division1899DC, Washington
OthersWilmer G.Platt chief clerk1921
OthersEdie StewartPollock First Auditor1871
OthersHerbert W.Porter Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJoseph TorrencePower Treasury Department1869-1882
OthersR. E.Preston Bureau of the Mint, Director1894
OthersRobert E.Preston Examiner, Mint1899DC, Washington
OthersWilliam H.Pugh Customs, Commissioner1894
OthersA. R.Quaiffe Vault Clerk1894
OthersAlfred R.Quaiflfe Vault Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJoseph E.Ralph Custodian of Dies1899DC, Washington
OthersJ. E. R.Ray Loan Div Chief1894
OthersChester E.Rees Div Chief1894
OthersThomas B.Reid 1924-1925
OthersAlbertRelyea Redemption Div Chief1894
OthersWilliam E.Reynolds 1912DC, Washington
OthersWilliam A.Richardson Sec1873-1874DC, Washington
OthersElbert E.Richmond 1912DC, Washington
OthersSamuel, JrRoads Stationery Div Chief1894
OthersLawrence OgdenRobbins Chief of Division1918DC, Washington
OthersEllis H.Roberts Treasurer1899DC, Washington
OthersGeorge E.Roberts Director of the Mint1899DC, Washington
OthersT. O. W.Roberts Army Paymasters Div Chief1894
OthersWilliam HenryRoberts statistician1863-1866DC, Washington
OthersGeorge W.Robertson Redemption Div, Supt1894
OthersWilliam ThompsonRockwood special inspector1865
OthersThomas E.Rogers Redemption Agency, Supt1894
OthersGeorge F.Rollins Internal Revenue1918DC, Washington
OthersHenry SherburneRoome Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersErnest C.Ruebsam Chief Structural Engineer1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles W.Salter clerk to spl agent1915CA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
OthersJames A.Sample Issue Div Chief1894
OthersB. E.Sampson Paymaster, Ordnance, and Medical Div Chief1894
OthersG. W.Sanderlin Deputy Auditor1894
OthersThomas B.Sanders Deputy Commissioner Navigation1899DC, Washington
OthersLeonardSargeant clerk1874-1894
OthersThornton WilliamSargent clerk1882-1885DC, Washington
OthersE. E.Schremer Redemption Div Supt1899DC, Washington
OthersBlanche BeatriceSchwartz clerk1923
OthersW. W.Scott Judiciary Div Chief1894
OthersHenry H.Seltzer Bookkeeper1918DC, Washington
OthersA. R.Serven Organization Div Chief1894
OthersAbram B.Serven division chief1893-1896
OthersL. G.Shepard Revenue Marine Div Chief1894
OthersHenrySherman 1861-1868DC, Washington
OthersJames R.Shields Miscellaneous Div Chief1894
OthersJames W.Shields messenger1843DC, Washington
OthersC. F.Shoemaker Div Revenue-Cutter Service1899DC, Washington
OthersFrederick L.Siddons 1879-1885
OthersGeorgeSimmons Chief of Division1918DC, Washington
OthersMichael E.Slindee asst National Bank Redemption Agency1921
OthersWilliamSmall Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersAndrewSmith clerk, Treasury Office1843DC, Washington
OthersHenry H.Smith Asst1894
OthersJohn DerbySmith clerk1866-1867DC, Washington
OthersThomas L.Smith register, Register of the Treasury1843DC, Washington
OthersArthur VeederSnell Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersMoses PorterSnell clerk1873-1876
OthersMurray F.Snider 1912DC, Washington
OthersArchibald LoudonSnowden Superintendent, US Mint1879-1885
OthersJuliusSolger Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersO. L.Spaulding Asst Secretary1899DC, Washington
OthersE. P.Speer Foreign Intercourse and Public Debt Div Chief1894
OthersLuther t.Speer 1918DC, Washington
OthersFrank AustinSpencer Law Clerk1865-1868DC, Washington
OthersJohn C.Spencer Secretary of the Treasury1843DC, Washington
OthersWilliam E.Spencer Clerk1898DC, Washington
OthersAllen D.Sprowls 1912DC, Washington
OthersJames M.Sprowls Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersBenjamin U.Steele Law Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersSamuel L.Stephenson Internal Revenue1918DC, Washington
OthersValentine NelsonStiles Clerk1902DC, Washington
OthersCharles HenryStocking clerk1864-1870DC, Washington
OthersCharles J.Stoddard Comptroller, Chief Clerk1894
OthersGeorge WinchesterStone Asst Supt1915DC, Washington
OthersArthur T.Stoutenburgh Clerk1884-1890DC, Washington
OthersEugeneStraight watchman1920-1921
OthersHoward WilliamStull division chief1905-1908DC, Washington
OthersWilliam H.Sturgeon US Mint1853-1861PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
OthersFrancis HolmesStyles clerk1919
OthersThomas J.Sullivan Asst Dir Engraving1899DC, Washington
OthersJ. A.Sutherland Inspection & Material Division1899DC, Washington
OthersW. D.Swan Bond Clerk1894
OthersTheo. F.Swayze Chief Clerk1899DC, Washington
OthersScott AugustusSwearingen Clerk1892
OthersViolaTasker Office of the Comptroller of the Currency1918-1919
OthersH. A.Taylor Asst Secretary1899DC, Washington
OthersHorace AdolphusTaylor assistant secretary1899
OthersJames K.Taylor Supervising Architect1899DC, Washington
OthersJames KnoxTaylor supervising architect1897
OthersRobert H.Terrell division chief1889-1893
OthersWilliamTerrell 1898DC, Washington
OthersJared D.Terrill Chief Law Clerk1916DC, Washington
OthersCora De La MatyrThomas 1912DC, Washington
OthersRichard W.Thomas 1912DC, Washington
OthersWilliam AugustusThompson clerk1863-1866DC, Washington
OthersJoseph M.Tighe Customs1912DC, Washington
OthersJ. FountTillman Register1894
OthersAmory K.Tingle Special Agent1913DC, Washington
OthersEarl G.Torrey 1912DC, Washington
OthersRobert J.Tracewell Comptroller1899DC, Washington
OthersHelen FultonTreat 1919-1920DC, Washington
OthersEinma M. V.Triepel Librarian1920DC, Washington
OthersEmma Matthews VaughanTriepel Librarian1918DC, Washington
OthersFred PearsonTrott 1912DC, Washington
OthersE. R.True Treasurer, Cashier1894
OthersEdwin MortimerTruell Clerk1907DC, Washington
OthersOliver P.Tucker Comptroller, Deputy1894
OthersJ. B. T.Tupper Law Div1899DC, Washington
OthersLevi CrosbyTurner 1851-1852DC, Washington
OthersCadwell C.Tyler Internal Revenue Division1899DC, Washington
OthersPeter, JrValaer Bureau of Internal Revenue1918DC, Washington
OthersJosiah M.Vale division chief1885
OthersJosiah ModeVale Attorney1918DC, Washington
OthersFrank A.Vanderlip Asst Secretary1899DC, Washington
OthersFrancis W., JrVaughn Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJames HenryVawter inspector1915VA, Arlington Co, Arlington
OthersMary GreenVeeder 1920-1921
OthersBenjamin LeslieVipond auditor1919-1920
OthersAllenWall Register Office1871DC, Washington
OthersWalker MichaelWalsh 1916-1924
OthersGeorge WilliamWalter Clerk1870DC, Washington
OthersJohn Q.Walton Revenue Cutter Service1910DC, Washington
OthersLouis H.Warner attorney1921
OthersWillard F.Warner chief clerk, office of Treasurer1921
OthersWalter W.Warwick chief law clerk1893-1898
OthersWalter WinterWarwick chief law clerk1893-1898DC, Washington
OthersRichardWashington Cleric1918DC, Washington
OthersHarry O.Weaver do to Secy1907-1909DC, Washington
OthersE. P.Webber Captain of Engineers1910WA, Jefferson Co, Port Townsend
OthersB. H.Weeks Indian Div, Chief1894
OthersFerdWeiler Loan Div Chief1894
OthersJ. A. Nowell Bookkeepers Div Chief1894
OthersJames A.Wetmore Chief of Law and Records1912DC, Washington
OthersHillWheeler Supt, US Mint1836-1841NC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte
OthersI. C.Wheeler Deputy Internal Revenue1899DC, Washington
OthersAndrew J.Whitaker Expert Accountant1918DC, Washington
OthersJames R.White 1912DC, Washington
OthersWilliam W.White Clerk1915DC, Washington
OthersCabellWhitehead Assayer, Mint1899DC, Washington
OthersJoseph N.Whitney Bureau of Statistics, Chief Clerk1894
OthersCabellWhitthead Bureau of the Mint, Assayer1894
OthersScottWike Asst1894
OthersCharles SmithWilbur special agent1889-1893
OthersJohn E.Wilkie Chief Secret Service1899DC, Washington
OthersAlexander DrummondWillard Clerk1910DC, Washington
OthersRobert, JrWilliams Deputy Internal Revenue1899DC, Washington
OthersJames I.Willie Deputy1894
OthersJames L.Wilmeth chief clerk1910-1917
OthersCharles AugustusWilson clerk1867-1876DC, Washington
OthersE. W.Wilson Teller Bank Agency1899DC, Washington
OthersGeorge W.Wilson Commissioner Internal Revenue1899DC, Washington
OthersIsaac RandolphWilson clerk1856DC, Washington
OthersJames W.Wisner Clerk1913DC, Washington
OthersGeorgeWood 1822-1845
OthersBenjamin F.Worrell Note, Coupon and Currency Div Chief1894
OthersRobert J.Wynne private secretary to Secretary1892-1896
OthersDalton HugerYancey 1893-1895DC, Washington
OthersDalton HugerYancey 1895-1898FL, Hillsborough Co, Tampa
OthersD. H.Yaney Interest and Expenses on Loans Div Chief1894
OthersEdwin M. S.Young Bookkeeping Div Chief1894
OthersMcClintockYoung chief clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersWilliam C.Young 1918-1919France
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