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Organization: US Senate, Role: President Pro Tempore

Edward Everett Hale

Edward Everett Hale

3 APR 1822born in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA
1846-1856MA, Worcester, Church of the Unity, Minister
1856-1899MA, Boston, South Congregational Church, Minister
10 JUN 1909died in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA, about age 87.
author, historian, abolitionist
I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
DC, WashingtonEdward Clark

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Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

OthersWalter DulaneyAddison Chaplain1810DC, Washington
OthersDavid S.Barry Sergeant-At-Arms1921DC, Washington
OthersFrank N.Bauskett private secretary1901-1904DC, Washington
OthersRobertBeale asst doorkeeper1843DC, Washington
OthersCharles GoodwinBennett secretary1900-1914
OthersThomas HoratioBevan private secretary1908-1910DC, Washington
OthersThomasBowman Chaplain1864DC, Washington
OthersJohnBrackenridge Chaplain1811DC, Washington
OthersObadiah BruenBrown Chaplain1809DC, Washington
OthersJoseph J.Bullock Chaplain1879DC, Washington
OthersClement MooreButler Chaplain1850DC, Washington
OthersJohn GeorgeButler Chaplain1886DC, Washington
OthersThomas JohnClaggett Chaplain1800DC, Washington
OthersJohnClark Chaplain1818DC, Washington
OthersGeorge GrimstonCookman Chaplain1839DC, Washington
OthersHermon WilsonCraven chief clerk1921DC, Washington
OthersHenry ClayDean Chaplain1855DC, Washington
OthersJohn PriceDurbin Chaplain1831DC, Washington
OthersSereno EdwardsDwight Chaplain1816DC, Washington
OthersRobertElliott Chaplain1808DC, Washington
OthersEdward L. R.Elson Chaplain1969DC, Washington
OthersEdwardGantt Chaplain, & 051801DC, Washington
OthersJohnGlendy Chaplain1815DC, Washington
OthersJohn ReinhardGoodman Chaplain1836DC, Washington
OthersEdward C.Goodwin librarian1921DC, Washington
OthersEdwin C.Goodwin Librarian1923DC, Washington
OthersEdgar HarknessGray Chaplain1865DC, Washington
OthersPhineas DensmoreGurley Chaplain1859DC, Washington
OthersEdward EverettHale Chaplain1903DC, Washington
OthersRichard C.Halverson Chaplain1981DC, Washington
OthersFrederick BrownHarris Chaplain, & 491942DC, Washington
OthersFrederick WinslowHatch Chaplain1833DC, Washington
OthersWilliam DickinsonHawley Chaplain1817DC, Washington
OthersEdward YoungHigbee Chaplain1835DC, Washington
OthersStephen P.Hill Chaplain1856DC, Washington
OthersElias DeWittHuntley Chaplain1883DC, Washington
OthersHenry Van DykeJohns Chaplain1829DC, Washington
OthersPaulJones assistant financial clerk1880-1884
OthersJesseLee Chaplain1814DC, Washington
OthersDaniel BooneLloyd official shorthand reporter1921DC, Washington
OthersPeterMarshall Chaplain1947DC, Washington
OthersAnson GeorgeMcCook secretary1884-1893
OthersA. T.McCormick Chaplain, & 071804DC, Washington
OthersWilliam J.McDonald clerk, office of the Secretary1843DC, Washington
OthersCharles PettitMcIlvaine Chaplain, & 241822DC, Washington
OthersWilliam HenryMilburn Chaplain1893DC, Washington
OthersJoseph J.Muir chaplain1921DC, Washington
OthersJoseph JohnstonMuir Chaplain1921DC, Washington
OthersJohn PhilipNewman Chaplain1869DC, Washington
OthersLloyd JohnOgilvie Chaplain1995DC, Washington
OthersZeBarney ThornePhillips Chaplain1927DC, Washington
OthersUlysses Grant BakerPierce Chaplain1909DC, Washington
OthersCharles ConstantinePise Chaplain1832DC, Washington
OthersReubenPost Chaplain1819DC, Washington
OthersF. J.Prettyman Chaplain, & 131903DC, Washington
OthersSamuelProvoost Chaplain1789DC, Washington
OthersWilliamRyland Chaplain, & 261820DC, Washington
OthersThomasSammons private secretary1898-1905DC, Washington
OthersJohn JohnsonSayrs Chaplain1806DC, Washington
OthersHenrySlicer Chaplain, & 46, 531837DC, Washington
OthersWilliamStaughton Chaplain, & 251823DC, Washington
OthersByronSunderland Chaplain1861DC, Washington
OthersByronSunderland Chaplain1873DC, Washington
OthersSeptimusTustin Chaplain1841DC, Washington
OthersWilliamWhite Chaplain1790DC, Washington
OthersJames JonesWilmer Chaplain1809DC, Washington
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