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Organization: US Public Health Service

Francis Edward Harrington

Francis Edward Harrington

19 JUN 1879born in Norfolk, VA
1904DC, George Washington University
1918DC, US Public Health Service, Asst Epidermologist
9 MAY 1947died in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Co, FL, about age 68.

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OthersJohn JacobBloomfield sanitary engineer1930CT, New Haven Co, New Haven
OthersCharles FrederickBolduan bacteriologist1921
OthersStephen D.Brooks surgeon in charge1915CA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
OthersWalter EmersonBrown bacteriology1915DC, Washington
OthersHugh MortonCampbell Chemistry1915OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
OthersClaude C.Cannon 1910
OthersWilliam MansfieldClark Chief Div Chemistry1926DC, Washington
OthersFrederick HenryCleaves Acting Asst Surg1918
OthersHenry Clifford, JrColson 1915DC, Washington
OthersCharles GeorgeCrane Hygienic Laboratory1907-1910
OthersRichard HenryCreel asst surgeon general1921
OthersHarry RounsevilleCrohurst sanitary engineer1915DC, Washington
OthersHugh S.Cumming Washington1921DC, Washington
OthersRichard LaurensDeSaussure 1918DC, Washington
OthersMargaretDoonan Librarian1923DC, Washington
OthersEliasElvove Chemist1918DC, Washington
OthersPhilip EugeneGarrison Zoological Laboratory1901-1906
OthersJames MorsellGassaway Senior Surg1918NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersLorenzo F.Gibson asst surgeon1882
OthersJosephGoldberger Washington1921DC, Washington
OthersMarion FlintHaralson Pathology1926DC, Washington
OthersFrancis EdwardHarrington Asst Epidermologist1918DC, Washington
OthersReidHunt Division of Pharmacology1901
OthersJoseph HoeingKastle chief of the division of chemistry1905-1914
OthersCarlisle P.Knight Surgeon1918DC, Washington
OthersHenry GustaveKrausse 1917TX, Cameron Co, Brownsville
OthersEmilKrulish Passed Asst Surg1918WA, King Co, Seattle
OthersBurton HartLamore 1905-1915
OthersAnthony J.Lanza Passed Asst Surg1918MT, Silver Bow Co, Butte
OthersClaude H.Lavinder asst surgeon general1921
OthersHarry PikeLetton sanitary engineer1915DC, Washington
OthersWilliam RobertLockett asst surgeon1911-1912NM, Lincoln Co, Lincoln, Fort Stanton
OthersLeslie LeonLumsden Washington1921DC, Washington
OthersHerbert MillerManning Surg1918DC, Washington
OthersKenneth FullerMaxcy Asst Surgeon1926DC, Washington
OthersAllan JosephMcLaughlin asst surgeon general1921
OthersHarry H.Moore health education expert1921
OthersMurray GaitMotter director of library service1921DC, Washington
OthersRobert BradleyNichols Hydrographer1915NM, Lincoln Co, Lincoln, Fort Stanton
OthersArthur ElliottPaterson 1906DC, Washington
OthersEarle BernardPhelps Chief Division of Chemistry1915DC, Washington
OthersClaude ConnorPierce asst surgeon general1921
OthersPaulPreble 1926DC, Washington
OthersWilliam CareyPurdy Plankton Expert1915DC, Washington
OthersJohn DavisReichard 1926DC, Washington
OthersFritz AugustRenter Department of Rural Hygiene1918DC, Washington
OthersGeorge GeraldRiddiford stenographer1920-1923
OthersGeorge B.Roth pharmacologist1921
OthersAdolph SylvesterRumreich Asst Surgeon1926DC, Washington
OthersJoseph W.Scherechewsky asst surgeon general1921
OthersRaymond BrownScofield 1907-1908
OthersClarence McKinlaySherwood Chemist1914-1915OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
OthersHyman LouisShoub Hygienic Laboratoy1915DC, Washington
OthersEdward EphraimSmith bacteriology1915OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
OthersAlbert FletcherStevenson Hygienic Laboratoy1915DC, Washington
OthersWilliam GordonStimpson Asst Surgeon General1918DC, Washington
OthersMichael XavierSullivan biochemist, hygienic laboratory1921
OthersEdgarSydenstricker Chief Statistical Investigations1926
OthersCharles Hatfield, JrTaft bacteriologist1917-1918
OthersRalph EdwinTarbett sanitary engineer1915OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
OthersLaurence MathewsTaylor surgeon1915-1917
OthersMilton VictorVeldee 1926DC, Washington
OthersCarlVoegtlin chief, division of pharmacology1921
OthersHarry JacksonWarner Surgeon1918NY, New York Co, Ellis Island
OthersBenjamin S.Warren asst surgeon general1921
OthersJasonWaterman Asst Editor1918DC, Washington
OthersNewton Edward WashingtonWayson 1926DC, Washington
OthersWilliam FirthWells Hygienic Laboratoy1915DC, Washington
OthersJoseph H.White asst surgeon general1921
OthersDavid GiffordWillets epidemiologist1903-1907DC, Washington
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