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Organization: US Pension Bureau

Dorsey Mahon McPherson

Dorsey Mahon McPherson

24 MAY 1857born in Baltimore City, MD
1877DC, Howard University
1884DC, George Washington University
1892DC, physician
1918DC, US Department of Interior, solicitors office
2 MAR 1942died in Chevy Chase, Montgomery Co, MD, about age 85.
DC, WashingtonMontgomery Cunningham Meigs

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OthersJohn FrinkAdams clerk1857DC, Washington
OthersLeonAdler 1912DC, Washington
OthersGeorge C.Ames clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersFrank E.Anderson Law Clerk1894
OthersMarshall V.Andrews 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn H.Anthony Asst Chief Clerk1894
OthersJames W.Archer Supt of Building1894
OthersAlgernon A.Aspinwall Board of Revision Chief1894
OthersFrancis B.Baker Asst Chief1912DC, Washington
OthersWilliam H.Baker Admitted Files, Chief1894
OthersClarence F.Barrett Special Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersMatthew C.Baxter Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJohn S.Beach chief, retirement division1921
OthersHenry C.Bell Deputies, second1894
OthersDanielBirtwell Clerk1906DC, Washington
OthersPeter W.Blager Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersCecil LeRoyBlake Asst examiner1905DC, Washington
OthersHoward W.Blanchard Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersLincolnBomberger Principal Examiner1912DC, Washington
OthersSilas L.Brooking examiner1885-1889
OthersDanielBrown clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersEverard C.Brown 1912DC, Washington
OthersThomas J. W.Brown Med Div1918DC, Washington
OthersThomas W.Burke 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn M.Burnett Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersRobert W.Burroughs Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersEmma HelenBushnell clerk1890DC, Washington
OthersFrancis EdwardCamp Prin Examiner1903DC, Washington
OthersWalter N.Campbell Chief of Division1918DC, Washington
OthersLuther S.Cannon Chief Law Division1918DC, Washington
OthersLouis D.Carman Medical Examiner1912DC, Washington
OthersEseck H.Carver Special Examiner1918NY, Albany Co, Albany
OthersWilliam WilderCheshire examiner1889-1909DC, Washington
OthersFrank LeslieChurchill Special Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles RussellCleaves Clerk1912DC, Washington
OthersPeter L.Cole 1912NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersEdwin G.Crabbe Southern Div Chief1894
OthersDickCramer 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn F.Cromelien Special Examiner1896DC, Washington
OthersJoel ToyCurry Mercer University1918DC, Washington
OthersFrederick H.Daiker 1912DC, Washington
OthersN. J. T.Dana Old War and Navy Div Chief1894
OthersCharles SandsDavis Special Examiner1912KS, Sumner Co, Mulvane
OthersGeorge RoscoeDavis Departmental Service1918DC, Washington
OthersThomas FletcherDennis Law Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersLorenzo E.Dickey Principal Examiner1894DC, Washington
OthersRomeo L.DuPuy Eastern Div Chief1894
OthersOtto G.Eckstein Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJames L.Edwards Commissioner of Pensions1843DC, Washington
OthersJulius LafayetteEschew Clerk1902TN, Knox Co, Knoxville
OthersRobert A.Etty 1912
OthersFrench S.Evans clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersJohn GomerEvans clerk1880-1890DC, Washington
OthersWilliam H.Fales clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersThomasFeatherstonhaugh Medical Referee1894
OthersF. L.Fracker clerk1874DC, Washington
OthersJames R.Fritts Special Examinations Div Chief1894
OthersJames RichardFrow US Asst Med Examiner1926DC, Washington
OthersP. J.Gallagher 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn HerbertGalloway Commercial Salesman; Spec Examiner1918NE, Adams Co, Hastings
OthersDaniel C.Gentsch Asst1894
OthersEdgar Y.Gilchrist Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersHerman FrancisGloetzner 1912DC, Washington
OthersWilliamGordon clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersJohn G.Gray Western Div Chief1894
OthersAndrew J.Green Legal Reviewer1912DC, Washington
OthersAndrew JordanGreen Legal Reviewer1918DC, Washington
OthersHarry G.Griswold Clerk1905DC, Washington
OthersHenry M.Gunderson Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersHarris CorbinHamlin Clerk1901DC, Washington
OthersCalvin S.Hardy 1912DC, Washington
OthersRobert HenryHarkness Clerk1915DC, Washington
OthersWalterHarriman clerk1855-1856DC, Washington
OthersCharles SumnerHarrison examiner1890-1900DC, Washington
OthersJohn T.Hart 1912DC, Washington
OthersA. S.Helton 1912DC, Washington
OthersCharles W.Henderson Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersSamuel LinnaeusHoover Clerk1898
OthersLeightonHope clerk1890-1908
OthersLeightonHope special examiner1913-1916
OthersWilliamHosack examiner1917
OthersA. ClintonHoward 1912DC, Washington
OthersCharles GrantJames Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersThomasKane clerk1874DC, Washington
OthersQuincy E. C.Kendall Clerk1888DC, Washington
OthersDenisKerr 1912DC, Washington
OthersDavid B.Klinger 1912DC, Washington
OthersWalter H.Klopfer Principal Examiner1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn D.Kynaston Record Div Chief1894
OthersTolbertLanston 1913DC, Washington
OthersDaniel F.Leahy 1912DC, Washington
OthersF. D.Lee 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn McLLipscomb Certificate Div Chief1894
OthersWilliamLochren Commissioner1894
OthersHorace MandelLowe Medical Examiner1890DC, Washington
OthersNathaniel A.Lowry Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles BeamerMarine 1913DC, Washington
OthersJames P.Matthews special examiner1884-1893
OthersRobert E.Mattingly Stenographer and law clerk1886-1897
OthersLouis WilliamMaxson Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles A.McKevitte Chief Clerk1894
OthersFrank OrlandoMcNew clerk1882-1883
OthersCharles D.McSorley Special Examiner1912MA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester
OthersTheodoreMead Medical Examiner1912DC, Washington
OthersWilliamMehn Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersClarence A.Miller clerk1903-1904
OthersEdmund H.Mitchell examiner1917
OthersThomasMitchell Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersGeorge M.Moore Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersDominic I.Murphy clerk1871
OthersWilliam MartinNewell med examiner1895-1915
OthersJared ChamblinNichols Special Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersHoward D.Norris Clerk1905DC, Washington
OthersThomasO'reilly Medical Examiner1917DC, Washington
OthersHerbert WatsonOlmstead 1912DC, Washington
OthersEdwin B.Olmsted Special Examiner1912DC, Washington
OthersFrank W.Pagenhoff Special Examiner1892DC, Washington
OthersRoyalParkinson clerk1872-1882DC, Washington
OthersAlbert H.Parr Stationery and Accounts Div Chief1894
OthersWilliam H.Pearcc Clerk1909DC, Washington
OthersEdward E.Perley Special Examiner1918
OthersDavid B.Perry 1912DC, Washington
OthersFrank W.Peterson Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersIvan O.Powers clerk1897-1911
OthersArthur T.Randall Accountant1918DC, Washington
OthersGreen Berry, JrRaum. Asst Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersGeorge T.Ribble Middle Div Chief1894
OthersCharles S.Rice Medical Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersSterling W.Roberts Mail Div Chief1894
OthersGeorge MarshallRobinson Examining Surgeon1918PA, Fulton Co, McConnellsburg
OthersNathaniel E.Robinson Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersEdward BartlettRuss copyist1890
OthersThomas C.Rye Array and Navy Siuvivors Div Chief1894
OthersMorris E.Sabin Law Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersJohn H. W.Schmidt Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersW. B., JrShaw Finance Div Chief1894
OthersS. A.Shipman Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersWilliam ThomasShockley Special Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersCharlesSiegel messenger boy1913-1915
OthersWilliam D.Slaughter 1912DC, Washington
OthersCharles DavidSloan Special Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersSydney YostSmith clerk1880
OthersCalvin OthelloSones Examiner1897
OthersF. D.Stephenson Clerk1906DC, Washington
OthersWilliam M.Stewart clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersMyron LawrenceStory Clerk1911DC, Washington
OthersNewton A.Strait Librarian1923DC, Washington
OthersWelby LeslieSullivan Special Examiner1912TN, Shelby Co, Memphis
OthersJason ClarkeSwayze 1908DC, Washington
OthersFred. K.Swett Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersEdward MauriceTaber board of review1921
OthersTheodoreTalmadge Special Examiner1912PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
OthersAdelbert A.Taylor Medical Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersJohn G.Teicher Special Examiner1912DC, Washington
OthersArthurTemple clerk1870-1873WI, Dane Co, Madison
OthersGeorge D.Thomas examiner1892-1897
OthersGains E.Triplett 1912ME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
OthersFrederick WellsTuckerman 1890DC, Washington
OthersEmmettTurner 1912KS, Shawnee Co, Topeka
OthersGeorge W.Uline special examniner1915CA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
OthersJacob R.VanMater Board of Review Chief1894
OthersWilliam RichardsonVosburgh 1883-1886
OthersWilliam F.Waite Chief of Division1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles MalloryWalker clerk1892DC, Washington
OthersWilliam U.Watson Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersTheophilusWeaver Solicitor of Patent1864
OthersWilliam HolcombeWebster Chief Division1876-1886DC, Washington
OthersAloysiusWenger clerk1900
OthersFrancis P.White 1912DC, Washington
OthersMortimerWhitehead Chief Division1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles F.Whitney Medical Referee1912DC, Washington
OthersA. D.Wilkinson 1912DC, Washington
OthersJohn D.Wilson clerk1843DC, Washington
OthersHarold P.Woertendyke 1912DC, Washington
OthersBertha FrancesWolfe Pension Exam1918DC, Washington
OthersFrancis JosephWoodman Med Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersFrancis D.Yates Principal Examiner1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles MarionYeates Asst Chief Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersErnest W.Young Special Examiner1918MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
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