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Organization: US Department of Commerce

Isaac Quackenbush Lord

Isaac Quackenbush Lord

5 AUG 1898born in Washington, DC
1917DC, Central High School
1940DC, US Department of Commerce, Economics Analyst
4 JUL 1986died in Washington, DC, about age 88.

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WashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashington, Constitution Ave

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OthersRalph HenryAckerman Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce1914-1923
OthersRonald H.Allen Assistant Commercial Attache1925Poland, Masovian, Warsaw
OthersNorman LeonardAnderson Commercial Agent1916-1917
OthersJuleanArnold Commercial Attache1914
OthersWesley OwenAsh 1919-1920DC, Washington
OthersEzekiel JarmanAyers Administrative Assistant1923-1924
OthersHenry DunsterBaker Commercial Attache1914
OthersElbertBaldwin Assistant Trade Commissioner1922Poland, Masovian, Warsaw
OthersCornelia BruenBassel 1919-1920
OthersWilliamBoaz Commercial Attache1925Colombia, Bogota
OthersBlancheBowers clerk1918-1922DC, Washington
OthersHugh D.Butler special agent1919-1920
OthersHugh D.Butler Trade Commissioner1920England, Middlesex, London
OthersHalleck A.Butts Trade Commissioner1920Japan, Tokyo
OthersMitchell BenedictCarroll International Law1926DC, Washington
OthersLew B.Clark Commercial Attache1925Uruguay, Montevideo
OthersHerbert B.Collins clerk1914-1918DC, Washington
OthersJohn SebastianConway deputy commissioner of lighthouses1921
OthersAnna G.Cross Librarian1923DC, Washington
OthersCharles HenryCunningham Trade Commissioner1920Mexico
OthersCharles HenryCunningham Commercial Attache1920Spain, Madrid, Madrid
OthersJames R.Daly special agent1914
OthersRuth AlmiraDavis cataloger1930-1933DC, Washington
OthersHooker AustinDoolittle commercial agent1916NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersWilliam C.Downs Commercial Attache1914
OthersAlexander VincentDye Trade Commissioner1921England, Middlesex, London
OthersAlexander VincentDye Commercial Attache1923Mexico, Mexico State, Mexico City
OthersArthur H.Evans Assistant Commercial Attache1923China, Peking
OthersErnest EdwinEvans stenographer1913-1914
OthersMeta EichholzFerguson 1924
OthersAugustin WilliamFerrin Trade Commissioner1917
OthersAugustin WilliamFerrin Trade Commissioner1921-1924
OthersJohn RaymondFitzpatrick secretary to a commercial attache1919-1920Denmark, Kobenhavn, Copenhagen
OthersDanielFolkmar Special Agent and Editor1908
OthersWalter SchellGilchrist Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersMyra L.Goodwin 1924-1925
OthersKoyne VirgilGram commercial agent1923-1924
OthersWilliam Augustus, JrGwyer Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersAlbertHale Commercial Attache1914
OthersRay OvidHall division chief1921-1922
OthersVerne L.Havens Commercial Attache1914
OthersWilliam BennettHenderson Clerk1918DC, Washington
OthersCharles E.Herring Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce1914
OthersDickerson Naylor, JrHoover Deputy Inspector General of Steam Vessels1918DC, Washington
OthersHerbert ClarkHoover 1926DC, Washington
OthersWilliam ChapinHuntington Commercial Attache1916
OthersGeorgeJohannes Disbursing Clerk of Commerce1918DC, Washington
OthersPhilip B.Kennedy Commercial Attache1916
OthersThormod O.Klath Trade Commissioner1919Denmark, Kobenhavn, Copenhagen
OthersThormod O.Klath clerk1916-1919DC, Washington
OthersBurton HartLamore 1918-1921
OthersBurton HartLamore clerk and translator1915-1917
OthersE. W.Libbey chief clerk and superintendent1921
OthersH. BentleyMacKenzie clerk1920-1921
OthersElwyn JewellMatre editor1925
OthersCarl J.Mayer Trade Commissioner1921Russia, Far Eastern District, Vladivostok
OthersHenry CoitMcLean commercial agent1918NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersDouglas P.Miller special agent1921-1923
OthersDouglas P.Miller Trade Commissioner1924Germany, Berlin, Berlin
OthersRaymond C.Miller 1921-1924
OthersRaymond C.Miller assistant chief of division1924-1925
OthersRaymond C.Miller Trade Commissioner1925France, Ile-de-France, Paris
OthersWilliam FrederickMontavon Commercial Attache1916
OthersF. P.Noel Traveling Inspector1922DC, Washington
OthersCalvin C. J.Norris Steamboat Inspection Service1897-1909DC, Washington
OthersJ. J.O'Hara Solicitor, Library1923DC, Washington
OthersWilliam McCallyPollock 1917DC, Washington
OthersLeighton W.Rogers Commercial Attache1925Poland, Masovian, Warsaw
OthersFrank R.Rutter statistical advisor1921
OthersHarry GabrielSeltzer editorial clerk1912-1914
OthersFrancis MarionShore 1918DC, Washington
OthersHenry B.Smith Assistant Commercial Attache1925England, Middlesex, London
OthersJames, JrSomerville European Division1926DC, Washington
OthersHarrySorenson 1921-1922
OthersGeorge BinghamStambaugh clerk1904DC, Washington
OthersErwin W.Thompson Commercial Attache1914
OthersAlbert LeeThurman Solicitor1913-1919
OthersWalter S.Tower Special Trade Commissioner1921
OthersLouis E.Van Norman Trade Commissioner1919Romania, Bucharest
OthersDan C.Vaughan editorial clerk1905
OthersCharles W. A.Veditz Commercial Attache1914
OthersCharles William AugustusVeditz commercial attache1914-1918
OthersWilliam HenryWelch 1924-1924
OthersMarvin WilburWill 1912-1913
OthersPierce CecilWilliams Commercial Attache1916
OthersBayardWyman law clerk to Solicitor1903
OthersGeorgeWythe Assistant Commercial Attache1925Mexico
OthersArthur NicholsYoung Trade Commissioner1919
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