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Organization: Texas and New Orleans Railroad

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsRichard SmittenBatson engaged in service1882-1885
RailroadsJohn W.Boyd fireman1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsWalter O.Bruner fireman1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsJoseph G.Bryant conductor1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsWilliam L.Bullock engineer1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsJ. R.Cade Master Car Builder1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsJames D.Connell master mechanic1883-1893LA, Orleans Parish, Algiers
RailroadsJohn S.Cox brakeman1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsWalter L.Cox conductor1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsJosiah F.Crosby receiver1869-1872
RailroadsB. C.Cushman Treasurer1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsJohnDonley section hd1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsE. B.Gushing Engineer Maint. of Way1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsE. H.Harriman President1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsG. J.Hartman Supt1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsJane B.Hay 1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsRichard SomersHayes chief engineer and manager1870
RailroadsEdgar L.Heriot chief engineer1866-1868
RailroadsA. C.Hutchinson president1893LA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans
RailroadsWilbertIrwin chief train dispatcher and supt telegraph1880-1881
RailroadsH. A.Jones height Traffic Manager1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsJ.Kruttschnitt VP1902CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
RailroadsJuliusKruttschnitt VP1893TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsWilliam HowellMasters division engineer1876
RailroadsLockwoodMeggett time keeper and store keeper1870-1875
RailroadsW. W.Monroe ien. Baggage Agent1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsS. F. B.Morse Asst Traffic Manager1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsAlfred HenryOelkers draftsman1915TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsNewton R.Olcott chief engineer1875-1883
RailroadsWilliam L.Oliphant brakeman1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsWilliam FrazerOwen supt1893
RailroadsGeorge C.Packwood 1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsThomas Wentworth JrPeirce general passenger agent1883-1885
RailroadsDaniel F.Price porter1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsA. R.Putnam Road Master1902TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsGeorge AustinQuinlan asst in engineer corps1860
RailroadsM. L.Robbins Uen. Passenger & Ticket Agent1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsJ. J.Ryan Supt Motive Power1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsGeorge LincolnSands road master1877
RailroadsE. D.Scanlon Road Master1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsJohn G.Schriever VP1883-1893LA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans
RailroadsC. B.Seger Secretary & Auditor1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsBernard MooreTemple engineer1873-1875
RailroadsEdward M.Underhill auditor1880-1885
RailroadsA. K.Van Deventer Asst Treasurer & AsstSec1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsW. G.Van Vleck VP & Manager1902TX, Harris Co, Houston
RailroadsJ. WalterWright section hd1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsHenryZabel fireman1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
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