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Organization: Springfield Republican

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

JournalistsSamuelBowles editor and proprietor1914
JournalistsCharles HenryChandler Editor1872-1877MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
JournalistsWaldo LincolnCook 1888-1914
JournalistsLouis ArthurCoolidge staff1883-1888
JournalistsCurtis PierceDonnell reporter1930MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
JournalistsFranklin HenryGiddings Editor1878
JournalistsSolomon BulkleyGriffin Managing Editor1886
JournalistsJoseph EdwardHood Editor1854
JournalistsMarionLucas social editor1913-1914
JournalistsHarlan GeorgeMendenhall associate-editor1914
JournalistsJames BeebeSmith staff1884-1889MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
JournalistsWill BertrandSmith Reporter1896-1897
JournalistsJohn HowlandThompson Asst Editor1853-1854
JournalistsFrancis AmasaWalker Editor1868-1869MA, Hampden Co, Springfield

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