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Organization: Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad, Role: director

Francis Fessenden

Francis Fessenden

18 MAR 1839born in Portland, Cumberland Co, ME
1876ME, Portland, Mayor
1889ME, Portland, Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad, director
2 JAN 1906died in Portland, Cumberland Co, ME, about age 67.

Postcards About Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad

Carroll Co, Frankenstein Trestle

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RailroadsJohn FarwellAnderson chief engineer1869-1885
RailroadsSamuel JamesonAnderson president1869ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsPhilip H.Brown trustee1889
RailroadsC. J.Chapman director1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsJ. W.Dana treasurer1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsF. N.Dow director1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsFrankEllmaker rodman1875
RailroadsFrancisFessenden director1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsCharles H.Foye treasurer's clerk1869-1871
RailroadsGeorge CurrierGilfillan chainman, road dept1876-1879
RailroadsJonasHamilton supt1870-1888
RailroadsRussellHarding office boy1870-1873
RailroadsThomas H.Haskell trustee1889
RailroadsGeorge E.Howe master machinist1872-1885
RailroadsAlbert BurtonJewett director1869
RailroadsFrankJones director1889NH, Rockingham Co, Portsmouth
RailroadsH. N.Jose director1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsDaniel C.Linsley chief engineer1865-1866
RailroadsWeston F.Milliken trustee1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsJoseph OtisOsgood engineer1870-1871
RailroadsT. P.Shaw director1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsArthurSmall director1889ME, Sagadahoc Co, Bath
RailroadsStephen R.Small director1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsCharles F.Spaulding agent1872-1873
RailroadsCharles H.Stevens clerk1871-1872
RailroadsWalterTolman agent1872-1881
RailroadsC. O.Vandeventer rodman on construction1870
(over the course of history)
Organization is a...Of...
Maine Central Railroad
Parent Org Parent OrgPortland and Ogdensburg Railroad
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