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Organization: Oregon Railway and Navigation Co

Steel BridgeOR, Multnomah Co, PortlandGeorge Shattuck Morison
Riparia BridgeWA, Whitman Co — WA, Columbia CoGeorge Shattuck Morison

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsGeorge K.Barnes general ticket agent1883-1884
RailroadsE. S.Benson Auditor1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsW.Bollons Road Master1902OR, Umatilla Co, Pendleton
RailroadsJames M.Buckley supt1881
RailroadsJohn J.Byrne passenger agent1885-1887
RailroadsAllanCameron gen traffic agent, supt of Lands1905-1913
RailroadsC. A.Cameron Supt Bridges & Buildings1902OR, Umatilla Co, Pendleton
RailroadsB.Campbell freight agent1887
RailroadsS.Collins Car Foreman1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsGeorgeConway Supt Water Lines1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsW. W.Cotton Secretary & Attorney1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsA. L.Craig Passenger Agent1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsF. V. S.Crosby Treasurer1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsA. H.Cunningham Storekeeper1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsJ. MillardFillmore supt1880-1882
RailroadsGeorge B.Francis asst engineer1881-1883
RailroadsJohnGates chief engineer1885
RailroadsJ. F.Graham Master Mechanic1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsE. H.Harriman Chairman Board of Directors1902NY, Orange Co, Arden
RailroadsCharles F.Hobart machinist, locomotive engineer1882-1884OR, Wasco Co, The Dalles
RailroadsWilliam H.Holcomb manager1887-1888
RailroadsWilliam H.Hurlburt gen passenger agent1894-1901
RailroadsPhilip ThomasKeene secretary1880-1882
RailroadsW. H.Kennedy Chief Engineer1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsE. A.Klippel Supt Telegraph1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsJ.Langley Loco. Foreman1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsJ. B.Livingston Freight Auditor1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsGeorge O.Manchester asst to president1883
RailroadsJ. F.Meyer Car Service Agent1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsAlexanderMillar Asst Secretary1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsR. B.Miller Freight Agent1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsA. . L.Mohler President1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsJohnMuir General Freight Agent1880-1881
RailroadsJohnMuir supt1881-1882
RailroadsJohn W.Newkirk Asst Treasurer1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsJ. P.O'Brien Supt1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsThomas FletcherOakes VP, manager1880-1881
RailroadsIrvin La VernePease Chief Clerk to Auditor1911-1913
RailroadsO. H.Prescott comptroller1880-1881
RailroadsWatkin RobertPrice chief clerk1881-1882
RailroadsHenry S.Rowe agent1880-1883OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsHenry S.Rowe supt1883-1885OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsCharles J.Smith asst comptroller, comptroller1880-1888
RailroadsAlfred L.Stokes General Freight Agent1884-1885OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsJ. C.Stubbs Traffic Dir1902IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJames N.Sutton agent1880-1881
RailroadsEdward Henry CourteneyTaylor clerk comptroller office1880-1881OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsGeorge S.Taylor chief clerk to passenger and ticket agent1879-1885
RailroadsH. B.Thielsen engineer1885OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsHenryVillard president1879-1884
RailroadsA. S.Watt Land & Tax Agent1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsF. G.Wheeler Purchasing Agent1902OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
RailroadsJ. G.Woodworth traveling freight agent1886-1888
RailroadsErastusYoung Auditor1902NE, Douglas Co, Omaha
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