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Organization: Ohio and Mississippi Railroad

From Cincinnati, Ohio, to Vincennes, Ind., 191 miles. Office, Cincinnati

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsEverett M.Alvord night operator1876IL, Richland Co, Olney
RailroadsCharles NewhouseArmstrong clerk passenger dept1863
RailroadsJames FergusonArmstrong clerk1864
RailroadsG. D.Bacon western passenger agent1877MO, St Louis City
RailroadsH. D.Bacon owner1856
RailroadsH. F.Barker road master1856
RailroadsS. L. M.Barlow VP1856NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsAndrew B.Barnard Claim agent1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn AlfredBarnard purchasing dept1887-1889OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn F.Barnard manager1886-1892OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorge L.Barringer conductor1856
RailroadsCornelius Conway FeltonBent supt1885-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliam FosterBiddle division supt1860-1861
RailroadsGeorge RobertsBlanchard clerk1860-1861OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsR. C.Bland conductor1856
RailroadsF. P.Boatman master mechanic of rolling stock1891IN, Knox Co, Vincennes
RailroadsGustavo Louis FredericBouscaren asst engineer1863-1864
RailroadsCharles W.Boyden rodman1853-1857
RailroadsOliver WolcottBromwell clerk1867-1877MO, St Louis City
RailroadsCharles H.Bronson receiving freight clerk1863OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsThomasBrown secretary and treasurer1856
RailroadsJames M.Buckley locomotive engineer1859-1863
RailroadsB. M.Bush ticket agent1856IN, Dearborn Co, Aurora
RailroadsCharles P.Cassilly director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsOliverChamplin road master1856
RailroadsOctaveChanute chief engineer1860
RailroadsD. H.Christie conductor1856
RailroadsAlfred E.Clark clerk general freight office1863-1864
RailroadsGeorge J.Clark baggage master1866OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliam HenryClement VP1857-1860
RailroadsJohnCobb director1856IN, Dearborn Co, Aurora
RailroadsGeorge W.Coffin director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsW. C.Coffin ticket agent1856IN, Jennings Co, Vernon
RailroadsCyrrill B.Cole division supt1858-1868
RailroadsCharles S.Cone treasurer1866OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsCharles SterlingCone treasurer1858-1885OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsA. W.Dana asst supt1856
RailroadsFrank V.Davis messenger1871IL, Kane Co, Aurora
RailroadsJohn C.Davis master of machinery1863
RailroadsHarvey S.DePew agent1860-1870IL, Marion Co, Odin
RailroadsAndrewDonaldson 1870-1884
RailroadsH. B.Driggs conductor1856
RailroadsWilliamDuncan General Freight Agent1885MO, St Louis City
RailroadsJ. F.Ewing rodman & freight clerk1869-1876OH, Fayette Co, Jeffersonville
RailroadsJ. F.Ewing traveling freight agent1878-1881MO, St Louis City
RailroadsWilliam D.Ewing station agent1869-1872IL, Clinton Co, Trenton
RailroadsDudleyFarlin clerk freight office1859-1862
RailroadsFrancis M.Fay conductor1856
RailroadsThomasFay conductor1856
RailroadsCharles E.Follett ticket agent1866MO, St Louis City
RailroadsJ. J.Frey 1865-1868
RailroadsThomasGaff director1856IN, Dearborn Co, Aurora
RailroadsR. F.Gaggin chief engineer1856
RailroadsEdwardGallup passenger agent1869-1872OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsDixon L.Gill conductor1856
RailroadsWilliamGlenn president1856
RailroadsNicholas J.Goll ticket agent1864-1865MO, St Louis City
RailroadsCharlesGould director1856NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsE. A.Gould telegraph operator1869
RailroadsEdson H.Graves master of transportation1876-1877
RailroadsJotham C.Haggett carpenter1858-1861IN, Dearborn Co, Cochran
RailroadsJohnHarton ticket agent1856IN, Jackson Co, Seymour
RailroadsJames A.Hill freight agent1866MO, St Louis City
RailroadsThomas S.Houston conductor1856
RailroadsSolonHumphreys director1851-1856
RailroadsF. L.Jackson treasurer1892-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorge W.Jenks Lessee1856
RailroadsThomas W.Kennan chief train dispatcher1867-1880
RailroadsThomas W.Kennan telegraph operator1862-1864
RailroadsSamuel B.Keys director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJamesKiely machinist1882-1886
RailroadsI. O.Lensabaugh conductor1856
RailroadsAlexander H.Lewis asst supt1866OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsFranckLinck director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsE.Lippincott paymaster1856
RailroadsGeorge W.Lishawa newsboy1865
RailroadsHenry C.Lord director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn C.Macey director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsHarvey H.Marley agent1860-1861
RailroadsM. M.Martin master car builder1865-1872
RailroadsHarry WilliamMatters clerk in machinery dept1881IN, Knox Co, Vincennes
RailroadsJohn JamesMcCook Counsel1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn E.Melick agent1877IL, Sangamon Co, Richland
RailroadsFrederick EarlMichaels brakeman1878-1881IL, Cass Co, Beardstown
RailroadsW. R.Miles conductor1856
RailroadsJethroMitchell director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsThomas G.Mitchell director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJesseMoore conductor1856
RailroadsPeter J.Nichols conductor1870
RailroadsJonathan S.Niles director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsI. R.Orcott conductor1856
RailroadsLewis B., JrParsons director1856MO, St Louis City
RailroadsJ. H.Pauley road master1856
RailroadsSeargent PrentissPeabody telegraph operator1859-1862
RailroadsW. W.Peabody supt, manager1877-1880
RailroadsWilliam W., JrPeabody clerk1884
RailroadsA. B.Pendleton freight agent1856
RailroadsWilliam H.Pettibone train master1868-1869
RailroadsThomasPhillips director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn E.Price conductor1856
RailroadsWarren G.Purdy cleric1863-1863MO, St Louis City
RailroadsWilson H.Reilly division master mechanic1880-1881
RailroadsEdward CurtisRice chief engineer1864-1867
RailroadsJohnRoss director1856IN, Knox Co, Vincennes
RailroadsWilliam BurroughsRuggles asst engineer1875
RailroadsFrank D.Russell clerk local freight office1868-1870IL, St Clair Co, East St Louis
RailroadsGeorge W.Saul passenger and train depts1879-1880
RailroadsEdward J.Seymour clerk to freight agent and supt1875-1876
RailroadsSmith M.Shattuc Colorado and Pacific Coast and passenger agent1883-1893CO, Denver Co, Denver
RailroadsWilliam B.Shattuc passenger agent1882-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsAaronShaw attorney1856
RailroadsT. M.Sheppard master of machinery1856
RailroadsMeedy W.Shields director1856IN, Jackson Co, Seymour
RailroadsE.Sprague ticket agent1856IN, Ripley Co, Osgood
RailroadsC. M.Stanton asst supt1875-1893IL, Sangamon Co, Springfield
RailroadsCullen M.Stanton supt1875-1876
RailroadsM.Stanton conductor1856
RailroadsGeorge W.Stevens purchasing agent1889-1892
RailroadsW. J.Stevens supt1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsFrankStilwell conductor1872-1880
RailroadsM.Stilwell brakeman1872
RailroadsN. D.Strong attorney1856
RailroadsJohnSwasey director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsThomas Mann RandolphTalcott asst chief engineer1857
RailroadsC. W.Temple ticket agent1856IN, Marion Co, Lawrence
RailroadsCharles W.Temple supt of telegraph1866IN, Knox Co, Vincennes
RailroadsH.Tilton conductor1856
RailroadsSamuelTrevor secretary1856
RailroadsSamuelTrevor director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn D.Tripp road master1856
RailroadsE.Tuttle conductor1856
RailroadsP.Van Deursen auditor1866OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsFrankVan Dusen passenger agent1872-1873
RailroadsJacob B.Van Dyne conductor1856-1857
RailroadsFrederick StephenWallace surveys1865-1869
RailroadsJames M.Ward supt1856
RailroadsBeriahWarren mechanic1857-1859MO, St Louis City
RailroadsDaniel L.Weaver foreman1856-1869IN, Dearborn Co, Cochran
RailroadsThomas J.Weaver land agent1856
RailroadsCharles W.West director1856OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliam RobertWoodard operator and train dispatcher1857OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsE.Woodman conductor1856
RailroadsEzekiel W.Woodward engineer1859-1860
RailroadsSamuelWoodward rodman1859-1861
RailroadsIsaacWyman ticket agent1856
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