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Organization: New York World

Joseph Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer

10 APR 1847born in Hungary
1885-1886NY, US Representative
29 OCT 1911died in Charleston, Charleston Co, SC, about age 65.
journalist, philanthropist
We will always fight for progress and reform, never tolerate injustice or corruption, always fight demagogues of all parties, always oppose privileged classes and public plunderers,...

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JournalistsCharles SumnerAlbert correspondent1921DC, Washington
JournalistsWilliam LivingstonAlden leader-writer1885
JournalistsAliceBohe Journalist1905NY, New York Co, New York City
JournalistsHenry Edward CowanBryant correspondent1921DC, Washington
JournalistsIvoryChamberlain 1860-1874
JournalistsNelson SimmonsCobleigh editorial staff1890
JournalistsJohn AlvarezDillon Journalist1901-1902NY, New York Co, New York City
JournalistsBenjaminFolsom reporter1871-1872
JournalistsF. C.Foster Librarian1923NY, New York Co, Manhattan
JournalistsMorrillGoddard Journalist1885-1894NY, New York Co, New York City
JournalistsDavidGray Editor1896NY, New York Co, New York City
JournalistsMargaret S.Green staff1905NY, New York Co, New York City
JournalistsWilliam HenryHurlbert Editor1876-1888
JournalistsGeorge HessLedlie Editor1891
JournalistsRobert LouisManson Journalist1885-1895NY, New York Co, New York City
JournalistsMantonMarble 1860-1862
JournalistsCharlesMichelson correspondent1921NY, New York Co, New York City
JournalistsJosephO'Connor Editorial writer1875-1878
JournalistsGeorge MontfortSimonson newspaper reporter1884-1911NY, New York Co, New York City
JournalistsJames ReedSpalding editor1859
JournalistsCharles SpelmanStanton Journalist1886-1889NY
JournalistsCharles RichardWilliams Editorial writer1883
JournalistsTalcottWilliams staff1873-1877
JournalistsCharles TapleyWinchester Journalist1900NY, New York Co, New York City

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