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Organization: New York and Erie Railroad

From Jersey City, NJ, to Dunkirk, NY, 460 miles. Office, New York

Genessee River BridgeNY, Wyoming CoGeorge Shattuck Morison

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsJohn N.Abbott 1851-1886
RailroadsCalvin H.Allen clerk and student in office of chief engineer1849NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohnArnot director1856
RailroadsIsaac DeWittBaldwin brakeman1868
RailroadsTheodore W.Becker chief clerk1871
RailroadsCharles W.Boyden rear flagman1850
RailroadsJ.Brandt locomotive engineer1846-1849
RailroadsR. E.Bremner auditor1856
RailroadsEdwin J.Brown director1856
RailroadsJohn JacksonCaffrey machinist1858
RailroadsJamesCampbell brakeman1849
RailroadsThomas J.Charlesworth telegraph operator1856-1857
RailroadsD. A.Cushman director1856
RailroadsGeorge W.Demarest journeyman car builder1852NY, Rockland Co, Piermont
RailroadsWilliam E.Dodge director1856
RailroadsCharles W.Douglas telegraph operator1852-1855
RailroadsDanielDrew treasurer1856
RailroadsC. D.Gibson division supt1856NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsDudley S.Gregory director1856
RailroadsJ. A.Hart division supt1856NY, Tioga Co, Owego
RailroadsLucienHills tallyman1853-1856NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsLouis VonHoffman director1856
RailroadsWilliam JayHolmes telegraph operator1856-1866
RailroadsBrooks P.Humphrey telegraph operator1856-1859
RailroadsGrovenerKnapp division foreman1873-1876NY, Livingston Co, Avon
RailroadsRichardLathers director1856
RailroadsCharles M.Lawler checker, caller1853-1855NY, Rockland Co, Piermont
RailroadsNathanielMarsh secretary1856
RailroadsSamuelMarsh VP1856
RailroadsThomasMaxwell VP1841
RailroadsD. C.McCallum supt1856
RailroadsThomas D.Messier auditor office1853-1856
RailroadsThomas DoremusMessler clerk1853-1856
RailroadsCharlesMoran director1856
RailroadsAmbrose S.Murray director1856
RailroadsJames W.Musson clerk1852-1853
RailroadsFrank B.Ogden night ticket agent1858-1862NY, Steuben Co, Corning
RailroadsSimeon S.Post consulting engineer1856NY
RailroadsHomerRamsdell president1856
RailroadsRalphRead director1856
RailroadsHughRiddle division supt1856NY, Orange Co, Port Jervis
RailroadsMarshall O.Roberts director1856
RailroadsEdwin H.Shoemaker water carrier on construction1857
RailroadsWilliam B.Skidmore director1856
RailroadsCorneliusSmith director1856
RailroadsH. B.Smith division supt1856NY, Steuben Co, Hornellsville
RailroadsStephenSmith conductor1855-1865
RailroadsM. B.Spaulding freight agent1856NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJames ClintonSpencer rodman1849
RailroadsA. A.Talmage freight clerk1852
RailroadsCharles S.Tappen agent1846-1855NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn A.Tracy contractor1849
RailroadsBenjamin K.Verbryck apprentice1846NY, Rockland Co, Piermont
RailroadsPeterWard division supt1856NY, Orange Co, Newburgh
RailroadsTalman J.Waters asst treasurer1856
RailroadsHenry SpaldingWelles contractor1852-1853
RailroadsA. S.Whiton division supt1856NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsThomasWilson 1866NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsJohn CoxWinder rodman and asst engineer1850-1851
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