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Organization: Minneapolis and St Louis Railroad

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsWilliam I.Allen train master1883-1886
RailroadsEdward H.Barnes stenographer1881-1883MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsS. F.Boyd ticket and passenger agent1887-1889
RailroadsWilliam H.Bremner president1917-1934
RailroadsHarrison BainbridgeBriggs agent1876-1884MN, Goodhue Co, Red Wing
RailroadsEdward L.Brown president1916-1917
RailroadsRoland G.Brown asst freight agent1893MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsWilliam L.Bull president1894-1897
RailroadsRansom R.Cable president1882-1888
RailroadsA. E.Clarke Solicitor1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsAlbert E.Clarke solicitor and counsel for receiver1881-1893MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsThomas E.Clarke asst supt, supt and supt1883-1893MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsJoel BarberClough chief engineer1870-1871
RailroadsGeorge W.Cooley locating engineer1881-1882
RailroadsA. B.Cutts Passenger & Ticket Agent1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsF. H.Davis Treasurer1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsL. F.Day VP & Manager1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsJohn W.Devins president1954-1956
RailroadsNewmanErb president1912-1916
RailroadsEdwardGagnon Supt Bridges1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsJosephGaskell Secretary & Asst Treasurer1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsFrankGreene local agent1882-1884MN, Goodhue Co, Red Wing
RailroadsJohn A.Hanley freight agent1882-1886
RailroadsJohn P.Harrison southwestern agent1882-1883IA, Polk Co, Des Moines
RailroadsCharles FrederickHatch gen manager1876MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsMarsh P.Hawkins secretary1882
RailroadsEdwinHawley President1897-1912NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsI. C.Hicks machinist1892-1896
RailroadsA. J.Hitt agent1892MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsWilliam B.Hixson supt1893MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsC. H.Holdridge genera! ticket and passenger agent1889-1890
RailroadsW. M.Hopkins Freight Agent1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsWilliam M.Hopkins freight agent1893MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsCharles H.Hudson manager1881
RailroadsGeorge T.Huey ticket clerk auditors office1879-1885
RailroadsThomas J.Hyman auditor1885-1888
RailroadsH. C.Ives auditing dept1879
RailroadsH. G.Kelley Chief Engineer1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsJ. B.Kelly Road Master1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsFrancis WilliamKimball engineer1878
RailroadsL. F.Kimball agent1885MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsW. F.Leach Master Car Painter1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsGeorge J.Lockie roadmaster1879-1881
RailroadsSoren M.Lohren purchasing agent1893MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsFrank H.Manter freight office1885
RailroadsGeorge S.Marsh chief clerk passenger dept1880-1882MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsJamesMcNaughton machinist1880-1882
RailroadsJohn J.Merrill clerk auditor office1878
RailroadsFitzhugh LeeMoeller clerk1880
RailroadsHenry LeightonMorrill supt1877-1878
RailroadsFrankNay Auditor1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsW. T.Noonan Supt1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsElam DeweyParker northwestern agent1886-1888
RailroadsCharles MortonPratt ticket and passenger agent1887-1893MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsW. W.Rich chief engineer1879-1883
RailroadsAlbertSchroeder president1956-1960
RailroadsLemuel GreenScott audit dept, auditor1900-1913
RailroadsLucian C.Sprague president1935-1954
RailroadsJames DallasSpringer solicitor1881-1889
RailroadsAlpheus BeedeStickney VP1882
RailroadsWendell H.Stilwell train dispatcher1885-1886MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsW.Strauss Counsel1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsM.Sweeney Supt1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsHenry WellesTitus president1870-1872
RailroadsJohnTonge Master Mechanic1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsHorace AlonzoTowne supt locomotive and car depts1882-1883
RailroadsWilliam HaynesTruesdale president, Receiver1883-1888MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsWilliam D.Washburn president1872-1882
RailroadsW. H.Whitaker machinist1880-1883
RailroadsThomas A.Whitmore asst freight agent1882-1886
RailroadsGeorge F.Wilson master mechanic1889
RailroadsFrederickWing Purchasing Agent1902MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
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