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Organization: Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsAnthony D.Allibone treasurer1884-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsGeorge F.Bidwell supt1889-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsJoseph R.Busk VP, director1884-1892
RailroadsWillard A.Carleton Storekeeper1893WI, Outagamie Co, Kaukauna
RailroadsAlfred L.Cary Solicitor1874-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsC. A.Cole general agent1885IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsAllynCox treasurer1880-1881
RailroadsD. B.Curtis asst supt1883
RailroadsCharlesDana director1875-1885
RailroadsTheodore M.Davis director1886-1892
RailroadsChauncey MitchellDepew director1891-1892
RailroadsJerryDonohue asst to manager1890-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsHerman G.Flieth Commercial agent1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsWilliam H.Guion VP, director1883
RailroadsPatrick M.Halloran station agent1887-1888WI, Iron Co, Hurley
RailroadsHenry B.Hammond VP, director1875
RailroadsWilliam ReedHancock auditor1887WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsBurtonHanson solicitor1879-1883
RailroadsCharles H.Hartley chief dispatcher, supt1885-1893WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsWilliam F.Herman eastern passenger agent1888-1890NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsWilliam K.Hinman director1883-1890
RailroadsSamuel OscarHowe asst treasurer1892-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsMarvinHughitt president1891-1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJames SutphinJones asst supt, div supt1885-1887WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsAlbertKeep director1891-1892
RailroadsDavid PulsiferKimball director1891-1892
RailroadsJoseph E.Langlois asst supt, div supt1885-1886
RailroadsCharlesLuling director1883-1890WI, Manitowoc Co, Manitowoc
RailroadsGeorge S.Marsh chief clerk passenger dept1882-1885WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsCharles V.McKinlay passenger agent, claim agent1885-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsJames H.Mead director1883-1890
RailroadsWilliam H.Newman director1892
RailroadsMacyNicholson clerk1891-1893
RailroadsGordonNorrie treasurer, director1883-1890
RailroadsD.Parish director1884-1890
RailroadsD. M.Philbin charge of ore dock1886-1888WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsRobertQuayle master mechanic1891-1893WI, Outagamie Co, Kaukauna
RailroadsCharles G.Ramsey director1883-1887
RailroadsCharles FrederickRand chief clerk1876-1879
RailroadsCharlesRay director1891-1892
RailroadsJoseph BarlowRedfield director1891-1892
RailroadsHarry C.Reed telegraph operator1877-1880
RailroadsHoratio Gates HowardReed chief engineer1871-1885WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsWilliam H.Reese director1888-1890
RailroadsEdward F.Reynolds supt bridges and buildings1891-1893WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsF. W.Rhinelander President1885NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrederickRhinelander asst to president1887-1889
RailroadsEdward H.Rummele engineer1871-1883WI, Sheboygan Co, Sheboygan
RailroadsCharles L.Ryder station agent1874-1880WI, Manitowoc Co, Manitowoc
RailroadsCharles L.Ryder passenger agent1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsSamuel StevensSands director1883-1891
RailroadsBradley G.Schley asst solicitor1882-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsEdward J.Seymour asst freight agent1885-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsJoseph W.Sherwood div supt1888-1889WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsMartin Luther, JrSykes treasurer, director, VP1891-1892
RailroadsJohn OtisThayer land agent, gen land agent1883-1888
RailroadsFrederick FerrisThompson director1883-1892
RailroadsJames NelsonTittemore station agent1881WI, Langlade Co, Kempster
RailroadsRobertToombs clerk freight office1873-1879
RailroadsHamilton McKownTwombly director1891-1892
RailroadsW. H.Vandegrift supt1887-1893WI, Outagamie Co, Kaukauna
RailroadsJosephVilas president1880-1884
RailroadsJosephVilas 1888WI, Manitowoc Co, Manitowoc
RailroadsErnestVliet gen passenger agent1871-1890
RailroadsGeorge W.Webster clerk1886-1893
RailroadsCharles L.Wellington freight agent1887-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsHenry F.Whitcomb freight agent, manager1873-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsWilliam GeorgeWhitcomb clerk1875-1883WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsJohn MunroWhitman director1891-1892
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