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Organization: Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway

Chauncey Mitchell Depew

Chauncey Mitchell Depew

23 APR 1834born in Peekskill, Westchester Co, NY
1852/1856CT, New Haven, Yale University
1862-1863NY, State Representative
1864-1865NY, Secretary of State
1889NY, New York City, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, director
1889NY, New York City, Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh Railroad, director
1889NY, New York City, New Jersey Junction Railroad, president
1893MD, Princess Anne, Worlds Columbian Exposition, State Commissioner
1899-1911NY, US Senator
1902CT, New Haven, Yale University, Fellow
5 APR 1928died in Manhattan, New York Co, NY, about age 94.

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsAnthony D.Allibone treasurer1884-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsJohn O.Bell train dispatcher1890-1893
RailroadsGeorge F.Bidwell supt1889-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsJoseph R.Busk VP, director1884-1892
RailroadsWilliamCambier 1887-1893
RailroadsWillard A.Carleton Storekeeper1893WI, Outagamie Co, Kaukauna
RailroadsAlfred L.Cary Solicitor1874-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsC. A.Cole general agent1885IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsAllynCox treasurer1880-1881
RailroadsD. B.Curtis asst supt1883
RailroadsCharlesDana director1875-1885
RailroadsTheodore M.Davis director1886-1892
RailroadsChauncey MitchellDepew director1891-1892
RailroadsJerryDonohue asst to manager1890-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsHerman G.Flieth Commercial agent1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsFrank MonroeGates car record clerk1888
RailroadsBert C.Gowen 1888-1891
RailroadsFrederickGrossman water boy1888
RailroadsWilliam H.Guion VP, director1883
RailroadsPatrick M.Halloran station agent1887-1888WI, Iron Co, Hurley
RailroadsHenry B.Hammond VP, director1875
RailroadsWilliam ReedHancock auditor1887WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsBurtonHanson solicitor1879-1883
RailroadsEverett MonroeHarter chief clerk to general supt1886WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsCharles H.Hartley chief dispatcher, supt1885-1893WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsWilliam F.Herman eastern passenger agent1888-1890NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsGeorge L.Hickey chief clerk to general supt1890-1891
RailroadsJohnHickey general master mechanic1882-1891
RailroadsWilliam K.Hinman director1883-1890
RailroadsSamuel OscarHowe asst treasurer1892-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsMarvinHughitt president1891-1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJames SutphinJones asst supt, div supt1885-1887WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsAlbertKeep director1891-1892
RailroadsEdward J.Kelly chief rate, tariff clerk general freight office1887-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsEdward S.Kempton clerk, ticket accountant1874-1877
RailroadsDavid PulsiferKimball director1891-1892
RailroadsJoseph E.Langlois asst supt, div supt1885-1886
RailroadsJ. E.Leith car accountant1882-1883WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsCharlesLuling director1883-1890WI, Manitowoc Co, Manitowoc
RailroadsGeorge S.Marsh chief clerk passenger dept1882-1885WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsCharles V.McKinlay passenger agent, claim agent1885-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsJames H.Mead director1883-1890
RailroadsWilliam H.Newman director1892
RailroadsMacyNicholson clerk1891-1893
RailroadsKenneth M.Nicoles dispatcher1887-1888WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsGordonNorrie treasurer, director1883-1890
RailroadsD.Parish director1884-1890
RailroadsD. M.Philbin charge of ore dock1886-1888WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsRobertQuayle master mechanic1891-1893WI, Outagamie Co, Kaukauna
RailroadsCharles G.Ramsey director1883-1887
RailroadsCharles FrederickRand chief clerk1876-1879
RailroadsDan C.Raqunseville chainman on location1879
RailroadsCharlesRay director1891-1892
RailroadsJoseph BarlowRedfield director1891-1892
RailroadsHarry C.Reed telegraph operator1877-1880
RailroadsHoratio Gates HowardReed chief engineer1871-1885WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsH. H.Reels resident engineer1886-1888
RailroadsWilliam H.Reese director1888-1890
RailroadsEdward F.Reynolds supt bridges and buildings1891-1893WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsF. W.Rhinelander President1885NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrederickRhinelander asst to president1887-1889
RailroadsDaniel C.Rounseville rodman1879
RailroadsEdward H.Rummele engineer1871-1883WI, Sheboygan Co, Sheboygan
RailroadsCharles L.Ryder station agent1874-1880WI, Manitowoc Co, Manitowoc
RailroadsCharles L.Ryder passenger agent1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsSamuel StevensSands director1883-1891
RailroadsBradley G.Schley asst solicitor1882-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsEdward J.Seymour asst freight agent1885-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsJoseph W.Sherwood div supt1888-1889WI, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsHiram J.Slifer principal asst engineer1891-1893
RailroadsMartin Luther, JrSykes treasurer, director, VP1891-1892
RailroadsJohn OtisThayer land agent, gen land agent1883-1888
RailroadsFrederick FerrisThompson director1883-1892
RailroadsJames NelsonTittemore station agent1881WI, Langlade Co, Kempster
RailroadsRobertToombs clerk freight office1873-1879
RailroadsHamilton McKownTwombly director1891-1892
RailroadsDavidVan Hecke chief clerk to supt and to general supt1890-1893
RailroadsW. H.Vandegrift supt1887-1893WI, Outagamie Co, Kaukauna
RailroadsJosephVilas president1880-1884
RailroadsJosephVilas 1888WI, Manitowoc Co, Manitowoc
RailroadsErnestVliet gen passenger agent1871-1890
RailroadsGeorge W.Webster clerk1886-1893
RailroadsCharles L.Wellington freight agent1887-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsHenry F.Whitcomb freight agent, manager1873-1893WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsWilliam GeorgeWhitcomb clerk1875-1883WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsJohn MunroWhitman director1891-1892
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