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Organization: Michigan Midland and Canada Railroad

Chauncey Mitchell Depew

Chauncey Mitchell Depew

23 APR 1834born in Peekskill, Westchester Co, NY
1852/1856CT, New Haven, Yale University
1862-1863NY, State Representative
1864-1865NY, Secretary of State
1889NY, New York City, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, director
1889NY, New York City, Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh Railroad, director
1889NY, New York City, New Jersey Junction Railroad, president
1893MD, Princess Anne, Worlds Columbian Exposition, State Commissioner
1899-1911NY, US Senator
1902CT, New Haven, Yale University, Fellow
5 APR 1928died in Manhattan, New York Co, NY, about age 94.

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsJohn L.Agens director1872-1873
RailroadsSamuel F.Barger director1876-1902
RailroadsA. M.Clarke director1875
RailroadsCharles CameronClarke director1888-1897
RailroadsMiltonCourtright director1872-1875
RailroadsAllynCox secretary1897
RailroadsCharles FinneyCox secretary, treasurer1876-1896
RailroadsKenyonCox treasurer, director1872-1873
RailroadsChauncey MitchellDepew director1885-1905
RailroadsSidneyDillon director1872-1884
RailroadsDavidDows director1874-1875
RailroadsDanielDrew director1872-1873
RailroadsBrooks W.Gossage gen manager, chief engineer1873-1880
RailroadsBenjamin F.Ham director, treasurer1872-1875
RailroadsJosephHarker director1876-1886
RailroadsWilliam H.Hurlburt gen passenger agent1881-1884
RailroadsNicolKingsmill secretary, director1899-1905
RailroadsJohn E.Kitton director1872-1875
RailroadsHenry BrockholstLedyard director, VP1904-1905
RailroadsWilliam KerMuir gen manager1878
RailroadsWilliam H.Newman president, director1905
RailroadsDwight W.Pardee asst secretary1905
RailroadsJohnRoss director1872-1875
RailroadsAugustusSchell director1876-1883
RailroadsWilliam LawrenceScott director1874-1887
RailroadsM. H.Taylor treasurer, cashier1876-1879
RailroadsWilliam PerryTaylor gen manager1881-1883
RailroadsWilliam A.Thomson director1874
RailroadsJamesTillinghast director1877-1897
RailroadsCornelius IiVanderbilt director1878-1897
RailroadsFrederick WilliamVanderbilt director1901-1915
RailroadsWilliam KissamVanderbilt director1884-1905
RailroadsEdward A.Wickes director1874-1905
RailroadsEdwin DeanWorcester director1876-1902
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