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Organization: Maine Central Railroad

Arthur Sewall

Arthur Sewall

25 NOV 1835born in Bath, Sagadahoc Co, ME
1889ME, Portland, New York and New England Railroad, director
1889ME, Bath, Portland and Rochester Railroad, director
5 SEP 1900died in Sagadahoc Co, ME, about age 65.
bank president
Carlton Lift BridgeME, Sagadahoc CoJohn Alexander Low Waddell

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RailroadsHenry GilbertAdams Agent1915ME, Cumberland Co, Cumberland Center
RailroadsGuy EdwinAlbee Fireman1915ME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
RailroadsGeorgeAlden brakeman1870-1874
RailroadsGeorge A.Alden eastern agent1870-1893ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsDariusAlen director1889ME, Kennebec Co, Augusta
RailroadsWilliam A.Allen asst engineer1875
RailroadsPilsburyAmos general master mechanic1885-1894
RailroadsThomas LorraineArbuckle Motive Dept1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsT. W.Baldwin director1866ME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
RailroadsWilliam DuncanBarclay asst engineer1870-1871
RailroadsCharles D.Barrows Purchasing & Fuel Agent1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsGeorge WillisBass Inspector1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsChester HoweBean 1914
RailroadsSamuel P.Benson secretary1866ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsGeorge FullerBlack engineer1914ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsCharles HudsonBlackwell chief clerk1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsLouis P.Blanchard supt car service1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsCharles H.Blatchford general Solicitor1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsWilliamBodge road master1866ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsF. E.Boothby Passenger & Ticket Agent1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsF. E.Boothby ticket agent1866ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsFrederic E.Boothby passenger and ticket agent1874-1893ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsFrederic E.Boothby carrying mail, ticket agent1861-1871ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsHollisBowman president1866ME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
RailroadsFloyd FrancisBrean Civil engr1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsJoseph HenryBrooks Roadmaster1915ME, Cumberland Co, Brunswick
RailroadsArthurBrown division supt1871-1875
RailroadsWilliamConnor director1866ME, Somerset Co, Fairfield
RailroadsHerbert R.Cornforth laborer1880
RailroadsFranklin W.Cram freight clerk1860-1870ME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
RailroadsIraCrocker director1866ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsDaniel W.Davis foreman roundhouse1896-1899
RailroadsWilliam G.Davis director1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsDana CarrollDouglass VP and general manager1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsW. B.Drew Car Accountant1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsJosiah H.Drummond Clerk1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsTheodore L.Dunn Chief Engineer1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsWoodman S.Eaton freight agent1882-1893ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsCharles ThayerEldridge Master mechanic1915ME, Oxford Co, Rumford
RailroadsG. F.Evans VP & Manager1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsArthur PercivalFoss Comptroller1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsRaymond GuilfordFoster Draftsman1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsStanley JacobGeath chief clerk1914ME
RailroadsWilliamGoodenow director1866ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsMichael CharlesGrady cashier1915ME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
RailroadsHarry HuntGroves 1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsElton A.Hall supt Portland division1897-1901
RailroadsJonasHamilton supt mountain division1888-1893ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsP. M.Hammett Supt Motive Power1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsPhilip MelancthonHammett Superintendent of Motive Power1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsMortimer L.Harris general passenger agent1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsEdwinHartshorne master1901
RailroadsJohn S.Heald Claim Agent1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsAlfred J.Heath ticket agent1877-1879ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsAlbionHersey General Freight Agent1871-1874
RailroadsFrancis W.Hill director1889ME, Penobscot Co, Exeter
RailroadsHorace AldenHilton asst1914ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsGeorge S.Hobbs Auditor1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsClifford Edward AugustineHollywood Clerk1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsFred EugeneHolmes road master1914ME
RailroadsHarryHomans asst roadmaster1914ME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston
RailroadsWilliam G.Hunton Industrial agent1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsT. W.Hyde director1889ME, Sagadahoc Co, Bath
RailroadsGeorge E. B.Jackson President1878-1885
RailroadsElbridge AugustusJohnson supt bridges1914ME
RailroadsFrankJones director1889NH, Rockingham Co, Portsmouth
RailroadsHoratio N.Jose director1889ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsW. H.Keating Auditor Freight Accountant1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsSamuel C.Lawrence director1906MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsJoseph MetcalfLibbey Clerk1915ME, Penobscot Co, Mattawamkeag
RailroadsFrank WilliamLibby asst Solicitor1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsLevi L.Lincoln division asst, general supt1875
RailroadsJoseph A.Linscott auditor1871-1883
RailroadsPhilip HenryLittlefield Draftsman1914
RailroadsGeorge C.Lord director1889MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsHenry C.Manchester asst supt motive power1907-1910ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsMorrisMcDonald Supt1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsThomas M.McLaughlin Division supt1922ME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
RailroadsThomas M.McLaughlin asst division supt1913-1918ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsNathanielMeader freight agent1866ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsShirley MaynneMoore Brakeman1915ME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
RailroadsAnson PeasleeMorrill president1871-1887
RailroadsAsa HallMorrill Engineer of Construction and Valuation Engineer1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsC. M.Morse purchasing agent1866ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsCharles M.Morse ticket agent1850-1865
RailroadsJames B.Norcross supt of telegraph1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsWalter HenryNorris bridge engineer1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsEdwinNoyes supt1862-1872ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsHerman FrankNoyes Gen. motive power inspector1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsJoshuaNye treasurer1866ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsRichardOlney director1889MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsJoseph OtisOsgood asst to chief engineer1871-1873
RailroadsLouis M.Patterson treasurer1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsAmosPaul director1889MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsJ. W.Philbrick master of machinery1866ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsWilliam EdwinPhipps Instrumentman1915NH, Coos Co, Whitefield
RailroadsClinton AlleyPlumly asst1914
RailroadsCharles H.Priest dispatcher and chief dispatcher1903-1907
RailroadsJames WilliamRandall asst1914ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsAlbert JosephRaynes freight clerk and telegraph operator1888
RailroadsJames S.Ricker director1889ME, Cumberland Co, Deering
RailroadsArthur H.Robinson 1907
RailroadsChauncey StephenRobinson asst1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsHerbert CaldwellRobinson asst engineer1893ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsW. K.Sanderson Freight Agent1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsWesley ChelseaSeavey Trainman1915ME, Penobscot Co, Brewer
RailroadsArthurSewall president1889ME, Sagadahoc Co, Bath
RailroadsScott ParkerShaw Clerk1915
RailroadsThomas P.Shaw Paymaster1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsFranklinSmith director1866ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsGeorge FrederickSnow chief clerk to general eastern agent1882-1885ME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
RailroadsGuy HerbertStevens valuation1915ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsMurdochSutherland Signal Engineer1922ME, Cumberland Co, Brunswick
RailroadsWalterTolman freight agent1884
RailroadsH. H.Towle Baggage Agent1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsPaysonTucker VP, manager1885-1893ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsLuciusTuttle President1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsHolman D.Waldron Auditor Passenger Accountant1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsJohnWare director1889MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsP. N.Watson Supt Bridges & Buildings1902ME, Cumberland Co, Brunswick
RailroadsBertrand ThroopWheeler chief engineer1922ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsAlfred A.White supt1901
RailroadsWilliam L.White supt1891-1893ME, Sagadahoc Co, Bath
RailroadsBenjamin BurbankWhitney civil engr1914ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsHenry M.Whitney director1906MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsEugene McLellanWhitten Conductor1915NH, Carroll Co, Bartlett
RailroadsAbel PercivalWyman asst1914
RailroadsGeorge W.York Treasurer1902ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsGeorge WilliamYork treasurer1892-1893ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
(over the course of history)
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Maine Central Railroad
Parent Org Parent OrgBelfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad
Parent Org Parent OrgDexter and Newport Railroad
Parent Org Parent OrgDexter and Piscataquis Railroad
Parent Org Parent OrgEastern Maine Railroad
Parent Org Parent OrgEuropean and North American Railroad
Parent Org Parent OrgPortland and Ogdensburg Railroad
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