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Organization: Louisville and Nashville Railroad

Louisville and Nashville Railroad

The Louisville and Nashville Railroad was a railroad that operated freight and passenger services in the southeast United States

The Louisville and Nashville Railroad (reporting mark LN), commonly called the L&N, was a Class I railroad that operated freight and passenger services in the southeast United States. -- Wikipedia

Newport & Cincinnati BridgeOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati — KY, Campbell CoJacob Hayes Linville

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RailroadsEdward PorterAlexander VP1880-1882
RailroadsDonaldAllen supt1887-1890
RailroadsGeorge BallAllen private secretary to asst freight agent1884-1886
RailroadsAndrew JrAnderson secretary to president1879-1881
RailroadsWarwick MillerAnderson Draftsman1894-1896KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsGeorge H.Arms master of machinery1856
RailroadsWilliam GodfreyArn Division Roadmaster1905-6
RailroadsWilliam GodfreyArn connected1897-1900TN, Davidson Co, Nashville
RailroadsBrentArnold supt Terminals and freight agent1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsCharles PawsonAtmore passenger agent1872-1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsChristopher C.Baldwin president1881-1884
RailroadsAlexanderBarber master of machinery1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsHugh G.Barclay clerk in comptroller office1880KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsHugh G.Barclay agent1886-1893AL, Mobile Co, Mobile
RailroadsRush H.Barnes subsequently served as passenger conductor1884
RailroadsAlmeron CorneliusBassett agent1859-1863
RailroadsRichard SmittenBatson clerk1881
RailroadsGeorgeBecker Auditor, Receipts1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsAugustBelmont Chairman Board of Directors1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn H.Bennett Assistant General Freight Agent1886
RailroadsJohn M.Bibb supt bridges1886-1893AL, Jefferson Co, Warrior
RailroadsJohn OsborneBland Apprentice1905-1907KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsLaurel W.Botts director1916
RailroadsJ. A.Boyd asst passenger agent1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJoseph F.Boyd freight and ticket agent1860-1861
RailroadsC. O.Bradford Real Estate Agent1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJefferson DavisBradford rodman1855
RailroadsCharles R.Brent asst Gefieral freight agent1892KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsFrank H.Britton chief train dispatcher1874-1879AL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham
RailroadsFrank H.Britton asst train dispatcher1871-1874TN, Montgomery Co, Clarksville
RailroadsAndrewBroaddus bill clerk, chief freight clerk1866-1869KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJohn C.Brodhead division engineer1856
RailroadsJohn A.Brooks trav freight agent1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsBarnardBrown clerk general freight office1880-1883
RailroadsH. W.Bruce Counsel1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsHoratio WashingtonBruce attorney1880-1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsW. H.Bruce Asst Secretary1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsE. P.Bryan agent1891KY, Franklin Co, Frankfort
RailroadsChas N.Burch Solicitor1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsC. R.Burkhardt supt1885KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsHarry WesleyBurwell supt1915KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJohn L.Cadwalader Attorney1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliamColcamp Division supt1881-1885TN, Shelby Co, Memphis
RailroadsC. B.Compton Traffic Manager1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJoel T.Craik rodman1864
RailroadsJoel T.Craik supervisor1873-1880
RailroadsGeorge L.Cross Northwestern passenger agent1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsGeorge L.Cross southern passenger agent1878-1880LA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans
RailroadsHarley RayCrull inspector1915KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJohn M.Culp freight agent1880-1891
RailroadsWilliam L.Danley clerk to agent1867-1868
RailroadsColin A.Davies roadmaster, supt1881-1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsFrederick HenryDehn machinist1872-1874
RailroadsW. J.Dickinson VP1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsWilliam J.Dickinson auditor of Receipts1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsBarton FlinnDickson division supt1890-1893IN, Vanderburgh Co, Evansville
RailroadsMichael A.Downing livestock agent1868-1875
RailroadsP. T.Downs master trains1885-1886KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsD. J.Duane Asst Auditor Disbursements1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsAnderson EdwardDuckwall asst engineer1915KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsBradfordDunham manager1883-1884
RailroadsOliver MiloDunn agent, operator1872-1874KY, Bullitt Co, Shepherdsville
RailroadsSeelyDunn stenographer to supt1884-1886
RailroadsA. W.Dunning clerk and asst treasurer1882-1889NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsS. H.Edgar VP1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsSamuel HoodEdgar manager New York office and asst treasurer1881-1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJ. H.Ellis Secretary1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJoseph HenryEllis secretary1887-1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsB. C.Epperson supt1889
RailroadsG. E.Evans Manager1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsWilliam ElbertEvans draftsman1915KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsEdward J.Fallon freight clerk1876AL, Montgomery Co, Montgomery
RailroadsAlbertFink asst engineer1857-1859
RailroadsRudolphFink went1857
RailroadsArthur RudolphFugina Signal Engineer1910KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsFrederick deFuniack senera! manager1879-1880
RailroadsFrederick deFuniack supt1871-1874
RailroadsWilliamGarvin director1856
RailroadsJamesGeddes division engineer1856
RailroadsJamesGeddis supt1872-1893TN, Davidson Co, Nashville
RailroadsThomas WilliamGlasier 1883TN, Shelby Co, Memphis
RailroadsWilliam JohnGoodwin in transportation dept1879
RailroadsD. M.Goodwyn Freight Agent1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJohn A.Greenhoe car builder1879-1880
RailroadsCharles R.Griffith chief clerk1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJoseph C.Guild director1866TN, Davidson Co, Nashville
RailroadsJamesGuthrie president1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsFerdinand WilliamHahn 1904-1906KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsW. B.Hamilton director1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJ. T.Harahan conductor Clarksville division1868-1869
RailroadsWilliam P.Harris supt1884-1885KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsAlbert OwenHastings civil engineer1915TN, Williamson Co, Brentwood
RailroadsCharlesHayden Comptroller1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsW. J.Haylow trainmaster1889AL, Montgomery Co, Montgomery
RailroadsLeviHege supt1884-1885AL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham
RailroadsJohn L.Helm president1856
RailroadsE. L.Hill Car Accountant1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsW. P.Hinef Baggage Agent1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsWalker D.Hines VP1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsHermanHolmes traveling passenger agent1873-1893OH, Medina Co, Medina
RailroadsLewisHood supt Kentucky Central division1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorge B.Horner city passenger agent1881-1891OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorge B.Horner division passenger agent1893MO, St Louis City
RailroadsRussellHouston chief Attorney1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsLeeHowell freight agent1893IN, Vanderburgh Co, Evansville
RailroadsP. P.Huston Purchasing Agent1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsPhillip P.Huston purchasing agent1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsRobert H.Ingram asst to president1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsSamuel B.Jones eastern agent1870-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohnJoyse director1856
RailroadsWilliam E.Keepers clerk1872-1874KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJohnKilkeny asst general passenger agent1885LA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans
RailroadsThomas H.Kingsley trav pass agent1909TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
RailroadsAlexander JamesKnapp auditor1872-1873TN, Shelby Co, Memphis
RailroadsWarren B.Kniskern passenger dept1876-1878
RailroadsS. R.Knott VP1891-1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsT. L.Lee division freight agent1885TN, Shelby Co, Memphis
RailroadsPulaskiLeeds Supt Mach1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsEugene C.Lewis asst engineer1867-1871
RailroadsJohn Brown JrLindsey Supt1917MS, Jackson Co, Gautier
RailroadsJohn WilliamLogsdon supt1893KY, Bell Co, Middlesboro
RailroadsJ. C.Loomis asst supt1888
RailroadsGeorgeLowry purchasing agent1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsCharles A.Lutz Asst Comptroller1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsGeorgeMacLeod chief engineer1856
RailroadsJohnMacLeod construction1855-1865
RailroadsRobertMacLeod division engineer1856
RailroadsE. H.Mann asst supt1888-1893IN, Vanderburgh Co, Evansville
RailroadsWilliam SebaMartin train master1889
RailroadsJohn W.Mass asst general passenger agent1882-1885MO, St Louis City
RailroadsF. M.Mast machinist1869-1875KY, Warren Co, Bowling Green
RailroadsWilliam HenryMcClintock asst engineer main1881-1882KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsP. J.McGovern division freight agent1887KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJames IsaacMcKinney agent, operator1886KY, Nelson Co, Bardstown
RailroadsJames IsaacMcKinney supt1889-1893AL, Montgomery Co, Montgomery
RailroadsJames IsaacMcKinney clerk1873KY, Lincoln Co, Stanford
RailroadsJohnMcLeod location, construction1855-1865
RailroadsGeorge C.McMichael flagman1866
RailroadsGeorge C.McMichael supt1881-1883
RailroadsRobertMeek division supt1870-1873
RailroadsJ. G.Metcalfe manager1889-1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJames GarrisonMetcalfe Master of Trains1915KY, Bourbon Co, Paris
RailroadsHarveyMiddleton supt machinery1884-1889KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsEli A.Miller apprentice, machinist, foreman1866-1873KY, Warren Co, Bowling Green
RailroadsHaidenMiller local freight office1883KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJohn HiseMilliken District passenger and City ticket agent1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsH. M.Minto master mechanic1893AL, Mobile Co, Mobile
RailroadsBenjamin F.Mitchell asst freight and passenger1880-1883
RailroadsR.Montfort Chief Engineer1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsRobertMoran master mechanic1893KY, Warren Co, Bowling Green
RailroadsRobertMoran locomotive fireman and bridge watchman1875-1876TN, Davidson Co, Nashville
RailroadsThomasMorgan secretary and treasurer1856
RailroadsA. W.Morris Asst Secretary1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsArthur WarrenMorriss asst secretary and asst treasurer1886-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsSamuel Finley BreezeMorse division passenger agent1892-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsRoger MerrickNewbold Electrician1902-1903AL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham
RailroadsRoger MerrickNewbold Fuel Inspector1898AL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham
RailroadsWarner M.Newbold supt1889-1893AL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham
RailroadsH. D.Newcomb VP1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsIsaacOwen master of car repairs1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsGeorge ArthurPark timekeeper and supply agent1882-1886KY, Warren Co, Bowling Green
RailroadsCharles OlmsteadParker supt1882-1885
RailroadsS. S.Parker asst general passenger agent1881-1885OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsThomas W.Parker rate clerk division agent office1890TN, Shelby Co, Memphis
RailroadsJohn HowardPearson same position1870
RailroadsC. B.Phelps Supt Transportation1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsCurranPope director1856
RailroadsG. W.Proctor Asst Treasurer1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsArchie MonroeQuarrier Second VP1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsCushmanQuarrier comptroller1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsThomasQuigley director1856
RailroadsE. E.Ranney Cashier1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsWillisRanney secretary and auditor1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJames E.Reeves dispatcher1872-1873AL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham
RailroadsJames E.Reeves agent1873-1874AL, Morgan Co, Decatur
RailroadsWilliamRiddle VP1856
RailroadsL. S.Robertson supt1889-1890KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsL. S.Robertson supt Memphis Line division1892-1893TN, Shelby Co, Memphis
RailroadsR. A.Robinson director1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsD. W. C.Rowland asst supt1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsDe Witt ClintonRowland asst supt1865-1869
RailroadsEdwardRowland auditor, Receipts1871-1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsErnest O.Saltmarsh division supt1881-1893FL, Escambia Co, Pensacola
RailroadsErnest OlmstedSaltmarsh Superintendent1915FL, Escambia Co, Pensacola
RailroadsJoseph AugustineSams Southern agent1893GA, Fulton Co, Atlanta
RailroadsGoldsborough M.Serpen engineer1866-1868
RailroadsR. E.Sewell Auditor, Disbursements1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJames RiddleShaler asst manager1880-1881KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsF. C.Shepard agent1885-1893LA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans
RailroadsClaiborne EllisSmith Assistant Engineer's office1903IN, Vanderburgh Co, Evansville
RailroadsMilton H.Smith President1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsSidneySmith attorney1926KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsW. HiramSmith director1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJamesSpeed attorney1856
RailroadsClifford L.Sprague traveling passenger agent1889-1893MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsEdward B.Stahlman 1870-1882
RailroadsElisha DavidStandiford president1875-1879
RailroadsP. O.Stewart Asst Auditor, Receipts1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsC. L.Stone Passenger Agent1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJohn P.Suvercrop rodman1870
RailroadsHarryTaylor division engineer1856
RailroadsRobert H.Temple resident engineer1854-1858
RailroadsWilliam H.Thomas master mechanic1880-1883TN, Davidson Co, Nashville
RailroadsGeorge WilliamThompson yard watchman, agent1871-1893KY, Warren Co, Bowling Green
RailroadsW. W.Thompson Treasurer1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsEugeneUnderwood director1856
RailroadsF. S.Van Alstine freight agent1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsFranklin JamesVan Hook 1915AL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham
RailroadsWilliam L.Van Nest general agent1867-1874
RailroadsBergVanden traffic manager1891-1893KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsF. W.Vaughan Consulting Engineer1885KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsThomasWalsh machinist1869-1893IN, Vanderburgh Co, Evansville
RailroadsGeorge KetchumWarner storekeeper1883
RailroadsRobert KellarWarren secretary1880-1887
RailroadsJ. H.Watters master mechanic1892-1893AL, Calhoun Co, Anniston
RailroadsThomas H.Watterson Travelhig passenger agent1893AR, Pulaski Co, Little Rock
RailroadsTheodoreWelch clerk freight office1873KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsReubenWells supt1885KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsR. J.Wemyss Immigration Agent1902KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsGeorge CliffordWendling draftsman1915KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsThomas H.Wigglesworth axeman, rodman1854-1867
RailroadsJames B.Wilder director1866KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJ. P.Willoughby Land Agent1902AL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham
RailroadsEdward P.Wilson freight dept1863-1869
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