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Organization: Kansas City, St Joseph and Council Bluffs Railroad

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsGeorgeAdy chief clerk, accountant1869-1880MO, Jackson Co, Kansas City
RailroadsAndrew B.Barnard agent1878IA, Pottawattamie Co, Council Bluffs
RailroadsJohn AlfredBarnard stenographer in supt office1878
RailroadsJohn F.Barnard chief engineer1870-1871
RailroadsCharles RoserBerry night telegraph operator round house1879MO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph
RailroadsGeorge LewisBradbury western agent1869-1878
RailroadsCharles MorlandCarter auditor1893MO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph
RailroadsAndrew J.Cartter supt bridges and buildings1876-1891
RailroadsFrank A.Chase master mechanic1880-1893MO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph
RailroadsSamuel E.Crance supt1893MO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph
RailroadsGeorge H.Crosby freight agent1881-1883MO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph
RailroadsA. C.Dawes general passenger agent1885MO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph
RailroadsGeorge B.Dunbar asst ticket agent1888-1892MO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph
RailroadsWilliam ThomasFitzgerald messenger1872-1873
RailroadsCharles A.Fleming asst train dispatcher1871-1873
RailroadsJoseph S.Ford asst treasurer1868-1878
RailroadsJoseph H.Goodspeed cashier, auditor1870-1876
RailroadsJames R.Hardy secretary to supt1870-1880
RailroadsGeorge M.Hohl supt1887-1893MO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph
RailroadsAmos LawrenceHopkins genera! supt1869-1872
RailroadsHoratio HollisHunnewell Horatio Hollis Hunnewell1871-1881
RailroadsO.Keith general agent1885IA, Pottawattamie Co, Council Bluffs
RailroadsThomas H.Malone station agent1879-1880
RailroadsGeorge WilliamMiller chief clerk freight auditor office1878-1880
RailroadsWalterMorcom freight dept1878-1879
RailroadsGeorge H.Nettleton manager1874-1880
RailroadsGeorgeOlds freight agent1870-1880
RailroadsH.Parkman President1885MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsCourtland S.Prowell laborer1868-1869
RailroadsRobert M., JrRogers chief clerk freight office1883-1884
RailroadsEdward J.Swords freight agent1883-1887
RailroadsJohn M.Turner agent and train dispatcher1870-1873
RailroadsCharles WebsterWagner check clerk1876MO, Jackson Co, Kansas City
RailroadsArthur GeorgeWells machinist1876
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