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Organization: Jackson, Lansing and Saginaw Railroad

George Van Ness Lothrop

George Van Ness Lothrop

8 AUG 1817born in Easton, Bristol Co, MA
1838RI, Providence, Brown University
1849-1851MI, Attorney General
1856MI, Detroit, Central Military Tract Railroad, director
1885-1888USA, Ambassador
12 JUL 1897died in Detroit, Wayne Co, MI, about age 80.

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsMilton SanfordBarger treasurer1912-1916
RailroadsNewell OliverBarnard VP, director1872-1876
RailroadsOrlando MackBarnes land Commissioner1866-1899
RailroadsFrank WarrennerBlair director1914-1916
RailroadsWilliam C.Brown president, director1910-1913
RailroadsAdoniramBurt secretary1899-1904
RailroadsC. B.Bush div supt1873MI, Bay Co, Bay City
RailroadsC. B.Bush div supt1874-1875MI, Jackson Co, Jackson
RailroadsDouglass JeraldChase div supt1875-1876MI, Bay Co, Bay City
RailroadsCharles FinneyCox treasurer1910-1911
RailroadsJames F.Foxen supt1866-1867
RailroadsHenry AlansonHayden director1872-1902
RailroadsGeorge C.Hopper div supt1872
RailroadsWilliamHutchinson land Commissioner1915-1916
RailroadsHenry BourneJoy director1896-1913
RailroadsJames FrederickJoy director1872-1897
RailroadsRichard PickeringJoy director1901-1913
RailroadsHenry BrockholstLedyard director1885-1916
RailroadsPeter BurrLoomis director1872-1895
RailroadsGeorge Van NessLothrop attorney1877-1880
RailroadsMinosMcRoberts director1872-1878
RailroadsRobert LutherMyrick operator1868-1869
RailroadsTimothyNester contractor1872
RailroadsDwight W.Pardee secretary1905-1916
RailroadsPhiletus H.Philbrick division engineer1868
RailroadsAshleyPond director1901-1902
RailroadsFrank E.Robson director1915-1916
RailroadsGeorge HowardRussel director1914
RailroadsAugustusSchell director1879-1884
RailroadsNathaniel EllmakerSlaymaker land Commissioner1889-1913
RailroadsAlfred HollandSmith president, director1914-1916
RailroadsHarry G.Snelling asst treasurer1911-1914
RailroadsMosesTaylor director1877-1878
RailroadsMarvin FoxTemple general office1883-1885KS, Shawnee Co, Topeka
RailroadsWilliam DolvilleThompson treasurer, director1872-1897
RailroadsWilliam M.Thompson VP1916
RailroadsCornelius IiVanderbilt director1879-1897
RailroadsFrank OwenWaldo asst secretary, director1911-1916
RailroadsMilford N.Wells asst engineer1871-1874
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