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Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, companies, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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Adams Trust Co118
Ajax Divide Mining Co15
Alaska Mines Co18
Allegheny County Light Co1111
Allegheny Heating Co114
American Coal Products Co141
American District Telegraph Co3431
American District Telegraph Co of New Jersey313
American District Telegraph Co of New York117
American Gas and Electric Co117
American Pipe and Construction Co1322
American Pipe Manufacturing Co214
American Reduction Co12
American Rubber Co15American Rubber Co
American Speaking Telephone Co313
American Telegraph and Cable Co310
American Trust Co177American Trust Co
American Window Glass Co129
American-La France Fire Engine Co116
Associated Charities136
Atlantic City Gas and Water Co215
Atlantic Coast Lumber Co111
Audit Co of New York132
Aurora Consolidated Mines Co16
Baldwin County Water Co361
Bay State Rubber Co13
Benedum-Trees Oil Co16
Booth and Flinn15
Boston Braves1797
Boston Rubber Co15
Boston Rubber Shoe Co112
Bridgeport Electric Light and Power Co13
British Columbia Copper Co117
Brooklyn Dodgers1711
Burlington Sewerage Co281
C. H. Wheeler Condenser and Pump Co18
Cambria Inclined Plane Co14
Cambria Iron Co118
Cambria Steel Co1411 🚂
Cambria Terminal Railroad15
Canada Copper Co112
Cape May Real Estate Co110
Carlisle Mining Co16
Carthage and Adirondack Railway116
Central Foundry Co1332
Central Iron and Coal Co1101
Central National Bank of Philadelphia118Central National Bank of Philadelphia
Central Radiator Co181
Central Union Telephone Co1341
Charleston Light and Water Co18
Chesebrough Manufacturing Co119
Chicago and Mississippi Telegraph Co38
Chicago and St Paul Telegraph Co36
Chicago Cubs1714
Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Railroad120
City insurance Co of Pittsburgh111
Clayton-Glassboro Water Co371
Clover Leaf Farms Co12
Collingswood Sewerage Co191
Colonial Trust Co170Colonial Trust Co
Columbia Chemical Co13
Comstock-Phoenix Mining Co16
Consolidated Cortez Silver Mines Co12
Consolidated Gas Co1113
Consolidated Gas Co of Pittsburgh1101
Consolidated Ice Co113
Consolidated Lake Superior Co112Consolidated Lake Superior Co
Consolidated Mayflower Mines Co15
Consolidated Storage Co19
Consolidated Water Co of Suburban New York2101
Continental Telegraph Co27
Cortlandt Water Co271
Danville Bessemer Co17
Delaware River Telegraph Co29
Detroit River Tunnel Co117
Development Co of Cuba110
Diamond National Bank of Pittsburgh115
Diamond Savings Bank of Pittsburgh111
Divide Charter Mining Co16
Divide City Mining Co17
Dominion Telegraph Co112
Duquesne Light Co115
East Jersey Coast Water Co371
East Wilkinsburg Improvement Co12
Eastern Steel Co126
Eddystone Water Co26
Electric Co of America117
Emerald Coal and Coke Co16
Empire Safe Deposit Co19
Empire Trust Co132
Equitable Trust Co134
Equitable Trust Co of New York141
Eureka Divide Mining Co16
Fagan Consolidated Silver Mines Co16
Florence Divide Mining Co16
Franklin Telegraph Co38
Freehold Bank17
Freehold Oil and Gas Co12
Freehold Real Estate Co17
General Rubber Co1131
Geneva, Ithaca and Sayre Railroad115
Georgetown and Western Railroad112
German American Title and Trust Co121
Girard Trust Co126Girard Trust Co
Gold and Stock Telegraph Co316
Greenville Gas and Electric Light and Power Co361
Greenville Traction Co361
Henry Disston and Sons Co211
Henry Disston and Sons File Co16
Henry Disston and Sons Iron and Steel Works15
Indianapolis Hoosiers177
Indo-Egyptian Compress Co113
Industrial Mutual Insurance Co18
International Ocean Telegraph Co312
La Grange Water Co361
Lawyers Surety Co of New York128
Leader Publishing Co15
Leadville Divide Mining Co15
Leadville Mines Co15
Lee S. Smith and Son Co12
Lehigh Valley Railroad1306Lehigh Valley Railroad
Lehigh Zinc and Iron Co Ltd14
Long Island Motor Parkway125
Loyal Hanna Coal and Coke Co27
Lynchburg and Abingdon Telegraph Co27
Mahoning Ore and Steel Co15
Maine Telegraph Co38
Manhattan Consolidated Mines Development Co18
Manufacturers Water Co18
Metropolitan Street Railway141
Michigan Chemical Co13
Mizpah Divide Mining Co16
Monongahela Water Co119
Mt Pleasant and Bradford Railroad13
Natural Gas Co17
New Empire Goldfield Mines Co14
New Haven Iron and Steel Co110
New Jersey Zinc Co152
New York Giants2685
New York Interurban Water Co3101
New York Mutual Telegraph Co313
New York Yankees1494
Nipissing Mines Co117
Norfolk County Water Co371
North American Trust Co128
North Springfield Water Co25
Northern Central Railroad11571
Ohio and Mississippi Telegraph Co311
Ohio Valley Electric Co of Bellevue171
Oil Fields of Mexico Co112
Opelika Water Works Co361
Owosso Sugar Co13
Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph Co of the US29
Paris Mountain Water Co361
Pelham Trust Co15
Penn Iron Mining Co113
Penn Mex Fuel Co111
Pennsylvania and New York Canal and Railroad115
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad13402Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Philadelphia Co2274
Philadelphia Local Telegraph Co110
Philadelphia Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Co112
Pittsburgh and Allegheny Telephone Co111
Pittsburgh Butler Telephone Co13
Pittsburgh Johnstown Long Distance Telephone Co13
Pittsburgh Pirates2788
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co112
Pittsburgh Railways Co112
Pittsburgh Silver Peak Gold Mining Co18
Pittsburgh Silver Peak Mining Co113
Pittsburgh Valve and Fittings Co12
Pope Manufacturing Co115
Quapaw Gas Co115
Ray Hercules Copper Co111
Republic Iron Co17
Revere Rubber Co1151Revere Rubber Co
Rochester Broncos120
Rochester Nevada Silver Mines Co of Nevada112
Rubber Goods Manufacturing Co1321
Second National Bank of Boston129Second National Bank of Boston
Selma Lighting Co281
Selma Street and Suburban Co251
South Side Gas Co1131
Southern and Atlantic Telegraph Co319
Springfield Consolidated Water Co371
Springfield Water Co214Springfield Water Co
St Louis Cardinals1863
Standard Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Co210
State National Bank of Boston115
Tacony Trust Co112
Texarkana Water Co371
Texas and Pacific Railway16771Texas and Pacific Railway
Third National Bank of Philadelphia116
Treadwell Divide Mining Co17
Union Bag and Paper Co141
Union Switch And Signal Co144
United Railways Investment Co129
US Department of Treasury1582
US Navy Department11303 🚂
US Rubber Co1793US Rubber Co
Vermont and Boston Telegraph Co311
Vermont Power and Manufacturing Co281
Wabash Railroad1343 🚂Wabash Railroad
Washington and New Orleans Telegraph Co310
Washington Nationals1721
Washington Statesmen120
Wayne Sewerage Co351
West End Trust Co125West End Trust Co
Western Union Co33632
Western Union Telegraph Co365
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co12866Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
Westinghouse Machine Co122
Westville and Newbold Water Co371
Wildwood Water Works Co381
Worlds Columbian Exposition11456