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Organization/Membership Index

Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, companies, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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R. D. Nuttall Co281
R. H. Macy and Co1
R. Hoe and Co19
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co1
R. L. Polk and Co12
R. Massey Trucking Co1
R. T. Crane & Bro1
Racine and Mississippi Railroad129
Racine-Sattley Co18Racine-Sattley Co
Radio Corporation of America1
Rahway Gas Light Co111
Rail Joint Co319
Railroad Commission121
Railway Age18
Railway and Light Securities Co715
Railway Steel Spring Co436Railway Steel Spring Co
Rainbow Lode Development Co15
Raleigh and Gaston Railroad327
Raleigh Banking and Trust Co24Raleigh Banking and Trust Co
Raleigh NC North Carolinian11
Ralph Lauren Corporation1
Randsburg Railroad16
Rantoul Railroad23
Rapahannock Garden Club1
Rapid Transit Subway Construction Co518
Raquette Lake Railway14
Rathbun Knitting Co15
Raven Award1
Raven Run Coal Co24
Ray Consolidated Copper Co123
Ray Hercules Copper Co111
Raymond Lead Co13
Raytheon Co1
Reading and Columbia Railroad523
Reading Co6193
Reading Paper Mills12
Reading-Eagle Times1
Real Estate Associates33
Real Estate Exchange and Auction Board727
Real Estate Title Insurance and Trust Co of Philadelphia121Real Estate Title Insurance and Trust Co of Philadelphia
Real Estate Trust Co337
Real Estate Trust Co of New York City125
Real Estate Trust Co of Philadelphia223Real Estate Trust Co of Philadelphia
Realty Associates127
Realty Co of Maine24
Reaney, Neafie and Levy Co1
Reaney, Son and Archbold11 🚂
Rebecca Lodge1
Rebekah lodge3
Record Publishing Co17
Red Cross2
Red Cross Gallon Club1
Red Metal Mining Co161
Reference Handbook of Medical Sciences23
Register of the Treasury3
Reliance Cement Co181
Reliance Co14
Reliance Insurance Co212
Remington Arms Co16
Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad2391 🚂
Rensselaer Society of Engineers1
Reorganized Atlanta Mines Co16
Reorganized Blue Bull Mining Co15
Reorganized Booth Mining Co of Goldfield13
Reorganized Kewanas Gold Mining Co14
Reporter of Decisions of the Supreme Court5
Republic Iron and Steel Co5551Republic Iron and Steel Co
Republic Iron and Steel Co of New Jersey213
Republic Iron Co17
Republican National Committee24
Republican Party9
Retired Officers Association1
Revere House16
Revere Rubber Co4151Revere Rubber Co
Revere Sugar Refining Co16
Reynoldsville and Falls Creek Railroad321
Rhode Island Citizen12
Rhode Island Co19
Rhode Island Coal Co28
Rhode Island Cranberry Co15
Rhode Island Electric Protective Co110
Rhode Island Foundry and Machine Co15
Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame9
Rhode Island Hospital Trust Co735
Rhode Island Insurance Co626
Rhode Island Malleable Iron Works15
Rhode Island Metropolitan Park Commission11
Rhode Island Perkins Horse Shoe Co115
Rhode Island Power Transmission Co13
Rhode Island Processing Co12
Rhode Island Safe Deposit Co425
Rhode Island School of Design13
Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society11
Rhode Island Tool Co14
Rhodes scholar5
Richardson & Wayland Electric1
Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Co112
Richmond and Allegheny Railroad329
Richmond and Danville Railroad15163
Richmond and Manchester Railway13
Richmond and Petersburg Railroad128
Richmond and York River Railroad22
Richmond Christian Advocate12
Richmond Enquirer1
Richmond Hill and Queens County Gas Light Co15
Richmond Iron Works14
Richmond Light and Power Co16
Richmond Light and Railroad29
Richmond Light, Heat and Power Co271
Richmond Locomotive Works2131
Richmond Whig1
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad536
Rico-Wellington Mining Co19
Riggs National Bank of Washington619
Rio Grande Junction Railway Co17
Rio Grande Western Railway250
Rittenhouse Trust Co121
River Spinning Co15
Riverdale and Lake Michigan Railroad17
Riverhead Savings Bank1
Riverside & Dan River Mills1
Riverside Mills13
Riverton Savings Bank11
Roanoke News11
Roanoke Tar River Steamboat Co24
Roanoke Times1
Robert Frost Medal3
Robert Grace Contracting Co12
Robins Conveying Belt Co112
Robinson Seed and Plant Co217Robinson Seed and Plant Co
Rochester and Lake Ontario Water Co19
Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Co111
Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad222
Rochester and State Line Railroad311
Rochester and Suburban Railway12
Rochester Broncos120
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle119
Rochester Electric Railroad14
Rochester Nevada Silver Mines Co of Nevada112
Rochester Railway and Light Co2301
Rochester Savings Bank13
Rochester Telephone Co117
Rochester, Syracuse and Utica Telephone Co17
Rock Island Co4161
Rock Island Railroad17
Rockefeller Foundation112
Rockford Electric Co15
Rockford Gas Light and Coke Co181
Rockingham NC Rocket11
Rockingham Power Co16
Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Co1161
Rogers Locomotive Works181Rogers Locomotive Works
Rogers-Brown Iron Co17
Rome Merchant-Iron Mill15
Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg Railroad4761
Rondout and Oswego Railroad1
Rosendale Volunteer Fire Department1
Rotary Club22Rotary Club
Rough Riders2Rough Riders
Roxbury Central Wharf27
Royal Arcanum1
Royal Arch Masons1
Royal Astronomical Society434
Royal Baking Powder Co118
Royal Gem Mills14
Royal Geographic Society311
Royal Justice1
Royal Neighbors1
Royal Scottish Society of Arts1
Royal Society of London8
Royal Weaving Co27
Rubber Goods Manufacturing Co2321
Rubber Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Co19
Rumford Falls and Buckfield Railroad19
Russell Co15
Rutland and Burlington Railroad127
Rutland and Whitehall Railroad151
Rutland Railroad14711
Rutland Transit Co28
Rutland VT News11
R. & R. News Co
R. A. Rowan and Co30
R. and R. Magazine Agency
R. and W. Jenkinson Co3
R. B. Armstrong Co12
R. B. McDanel Co4
R. Beskow Optical Co5
R. C. Cole Co3
R. C. Mitchell Co6
R. C. Pomeroy
R. D. Pope
R. D. Wood and Co4
R. Exploration Co6
R. F. Conway Co4
R. Friedlander and Co3
R. G. Dun and Co39
R. H. Herron Co17
R. H. White Co4
R. Hasselgren and Co3
R. Herbst Co2
R. J. Bonde and Sons
R. J. Ederer Co3
R. J. Kittredge and Co3
R. J. Munhall Lumber Co3
R. Klein News Co
R. L. Bryan Co
R. L. Craig and Co29
R. L. Perry Co3
R. M. Eddy Foundry Co2
R. O. Evans and Co2
R. P. Smith and Son2
R. P. Smith and Sons Co3
R. R. Bowker Co2
R. R. Donnelley and Sons Co3
R. R. Supply Co2
R. Ramsey Mebane
R. S. Bacon Veneer Co2
R. S. Brine Transportation Co6
R. T. Peck and Co
R. T. Van Tine
R. V. Wagner and Co3
R. W. Pridham Co12
R. W. Roseberry Co
R. Wallace and Sons Manufacturing Co2
R. Walter Peterson and Co2
R. Williamson and Co3
Raccoon Mining and Manufacturing Co2
Racine Gas Light Co2
Racine Legion49
Racine Tornadoes24
Radford Water-Power Co4
Radiant Mining and Reduction Co4
Radium Co of Colorado7
Radium Spray Co3
Raffloer, Erbsloh and Co5
Rafu Hardware and Sewing Mach Co3
Ragan NE News2
Rahway NJ Union Democrat1
Raider Mining Co7
Rail and River Coal Co8
Railroad and Steamship Advertising Co5
Railroad Employee1
Railroad Equipment Corporation3
Railroad Historical Co
Railroad News Co4
Railroad Securities Co15
Railroad Time Advertising Co4
Railroad Wharf and Storage Co5
Railroads and Power Development Co4
Railroads War Board5
Railway Age and Northwestern Railroader2
Railway Appliances Co2
Railway Automatic Sales Co10
Railway Electric Power Co8
Railway List Co3
Railway Materials Co2
Railway Review2
Railway Supply Foundry Co2
Railway Transfer Company of Minneapolis6
Railways Co General12
Railways Company General13
Rainbow Divide Mining Co7
Rainbow Lead and Zinc Co4
Rainbow Mining and Milling Co6
Rainier Bottling Works4
Rainier Mines Co8
Raisin River Railroad7
Raleigh and Augusta Air Line Railroad7
Raleigh and Cape Fear Railway3
Raleigh and Western Railway7
Raleigh Gas Co3
Raleigh Hotel
Raleigh NC Caucasian1
Raleigh NC Christian Advocate3
Raleigh NC Gazette1
Raleigh NC Times4
Raleigh NC Truth1
Raleigh News Agency
Raleigh State Bank1
Raleigh Street Railway3
Ralph C. Watrous Co3
Ralphs Grocery Co19
Ralston Mining Co5
Ralston Printing Co5
Ralston Steel Car Co9
Ramapo Water Co7
Rambler Consolidated Mines Co6
Rambler Copper and Platinum Co5
Rambler-Cariboo Mines9
Rampart Mountain Mining Co3
Rams Horn2
Ramsey IL News-Journal2
Ramsey NJ Journal1
Rancho La Brea Oil Co5
Rand Avery Supply Co7
Rand Divide Mining Co4
Rand, McNally and Co12
Randfontein Central Gold Min. Co3
Randolph Argus1
Randolph Box and Label Co2
Randolph Fruit Co8
Randolph Gold Mining, Milling and Tunnel Co4
Randolph VT Herald and News1
Randolph-Gemmill Development Co3
Rangeley ME Lakes2
Rangeley Water Co5
Ranier Development Co4
Rankin Creek Placer Mines Co2
Rankin IL Independent3
Rankin Improvement Co5
Ransom and Randolph Co2
Ranson Copper Mining Co of Ontario2
Rantoul IL Press4
Raphael Tuck and Sons
Rapid City Gas Light Co8
Rapid City Street Railway3
Rapid River and Eastern Railroad6
Rapid Transit Railway23
Rappahannock Times1
Rare Metals Co4
Rare Metals Ore Co5
Raritan and Delaware Bay Railroad24
Raritan IL Reporter1
Raritan River Railroad5
Rathbone, Sard and Co8
Rathbun Co2
Rathfon Reduction Works1
Raton Water Works Co1
Ratrut Basin Tin Dredging Co3
Raven and Beacon Hill Gold Mining Co3
Raven Coal Co3
Raven Copper Co9
Raven Mining Co3
Ravenna Gas and Electric Light Co10
Ravenswood Exchange Bank6
Ravenswood Safety Deposit Vaults Co5
Ravenswood, Spencer and Glenville Railroad4
Rawley Mining Co5
Ray Auto Co3
Ray Boston Copper Co6
Ray Broken Hill Mining Co5
Ray Central Copper Co4
Ray Central Copper Mining Co11
Ray County Savings Bank2
Ray Printing Co7
Ray Silver Lead Mining Co5
Ray Verde Copper Co3
Ray-Arizona Copper Co3
Ray-Jefferson Mining Co6
Rayfield Nigeria Tin Fields3
Rayland Coal Co2
Raymond and Whitcomb Co3
Raymond Brothers Impact Pulverizer Co6
Raymond Concrete Pile Co4
Raymond Consolidated Silver and Copper Mining Co6
Raymond IL Independent2
Raymond State Bank of Sterling1
Raymond Stone Co5
Raymond-Illinois Mining Co5
Raynham MA Journal1
Read-Miller Co5
Reading Brewing Co9
Reading City Passenger Railway4
Reading Cold Storage and Ice Co12
Reading Cooperative Bank1
Reading Hardware Co9
Reading Iron Works3
Reading PA Times3
Reading Railroad6 🚂
Reading Rubber Manufacturing Co5
Readmore News Co
Real Estate Board of New York10
Real Estate Record and Builders Guide2
Real Estate Savings and Trust Co10
Real Estate Savings Bank of Pittsburgh2
Real Estate Title Insurance and Trust Co
Realizing Mines Co6
Realty Co19
Realty Corporation of Pittsburgh4
Reardon Copper Co4
Rech-Marbaker Co2
Reco Divide Mining Co6
Reco Mining and Milling Co2
Record and Critc2
Record and Union2
Record Lode Mining Co4
Record Mining Co2
Rector System Gas Heating Co4
Red Bank Gas Light Co4
Red Bank NJ Register1
Red Bell Mining Co3
Red Bluff Electric Light and Gas Co2
Red Boy Mining and Development Co3
Red Canyon Copper Co7
Red Cliff Lumber Co6
Red Cloud National Bank4
Red Cross Hygienic Co2
Red Cross Medical Service Co2
Red Gap Gold Mines Co3
Red Hill Florence Mining Co5
Red Horse Mining Co9
Red Jacket Hose No 14
Red Lake Transportation Co4
Red Line Transit Co9
Red Metal Copper Co5
Red Metals Co3
Red Monarch Consolidated Mining Co8
Red Mountain Consolidated Copper Mines Co9
Red Mountain Development Co3
Red Mountain Railroad, Mining and Smelting Co11
Red Oak Gas Light Co8
Red Oak Street Railway4
Red Peaks Copper Co7
Red River National Bank2
Red Run Coal Co2
Red Skin Mining Co5
Red Springs and Bowmore Railroad4
Red Star Line11
Red Stone Gold Mining Co3
Red Streak Copper Mining Co5
Red Warrior Mining Co9
Red Wing Gas and Electric Co4
Red Wing Gas Light and Power Co8
Redding Daily Courier Free Press1
Redemption Copper Mining and Milling Co5
Reder Foundry Co2
Redlands Home Telephone and Telegraph Co4
Redwood City CA Times-Gazette2
Redwood Copper Queen Mining Co2
Reece Button Hole Machine Co9
Reece Folding Machine Co6
Reed Island Iron Co5
Reeds Lake Electric Railway5
Reeds Lake Street Railway5
Reeds Lake, Grand Rapids and Soldiers Home Railroad5
Reeds Peak Mining Co7
Reedy River Power Co4
Reeves and Co8
Reeves, Parvin and Co3
Refiners Gas Co2
Refining and Producing Oil Co5
Reformed Presbyterian2
Reformed Quarterly Review3
Regal Mines Co91
Regal Paint and Oil Co2
Regal Shoe Co7
Regal Theatre6
Regan Safety Devices Co3
Regenerated Cold Air Co3
Regent Manufacturing Co2
Regina Co7
Register and Glenville Railroad2
Register and Holbrook News1
Register Gazette and Morning Star1
Registered Pharmacist2
Registrar and Transfer Co8
Reib Printing Co6
Reichner Brothers
Reid Coal Co6
Reid Newfoundland Co11
Reid Tailoring Co3
Reid, Henderson and Co3
Reid, Murdoch and Co7
Reindeer Copper Mining and Milling Co5
Reindeer Queen Mining Co5
Reineke Wagner Pump and Supply Co3
Reiniger Freeman Mining Co6
Reisterstown Savings Bank1
Reliable Grocery Co3
Reliable Savings and Loan Association9
Reliance Cooperative Bank1
Reliance Distilling and Bottling Co3
Reliance Engraving Co3
Reliance Life Insurance Co25
Reliance Manufacturing Co2
Reliance Mining and Milling Co5
Reliance Steel Casting Co2
Relief Mining Co6
Religious Herald6
Religious Recorder2
Religious Telescope8
Remien and Kuhnert Co2
Remington Gas Light Co2
Remington IN Press2
Remington Printing Co2
Remington Typewriter Co35
Rempe Co2
Remy-Mickley Co3
Renfrew Manufacturing Co12
Reno and Johns4
Reno Divide Mining Co7
Reno Power, Light and Water Co3
Reno Silver Hills Mining Co6
Reno Water, Land and Light Co3
Reno-Yerington Copper Co6
Renshaw, Jones and Sutton Co9
Reorganized Cracker Jack Mining Co5
Reorganized Diamondfield Triangle Mining Co2
Reorganized Pioneer Mines Co4
Reporter and Farmer2
Republic Bank Note Co6
Republic Branch Railroad5
Republic Coal Co2
Republic Construction Co3
Republic Cotton Mills7
Republic Mines Co3
Republic Mining and Manufacturing Co of Georgia2
Republic Mining Co4
Republic of the United States1
Republic Railway and Light Co17
Republic Rubber Co7
Republic State Bank of Minneapolis1
Republic Trust Co3
Republican Banner3
Republican Champion1
Republican Observer2
Requa-Savage Mines Co3
Rescue-Eula Mining Co8
Reservation Hill Mining and Milling Co6
Retner and Kay Fork Railroad4
Revenue Oil Co5
Revere Cooperative Bank2
Revere MA Journal1
Revere Water Co3
Reversible Collar Co7
Revert Divide Mining Co3
Review and Record Co3
Review Atlas1
Review of Reviews Co5
Rex Carbon Coal Co6
Rex Gold Mines and Investment Co3
Rex Heck News Co
Rex Manufacturing Co5
Rex Mining Co2
Reyburn, Hunter and Co2
Reymer and Brothers5
Reynolds IL Press3
Reynolds Johnson Coal Co3
Reynolds-Alaska Developing Co12
Reynoldsville Water Co8
Rhinebeck and Connecticut Railroad6
Rhinebeck Gas Co4
Rhode Island Agricultural Experiment Station5
Rhode Island and Massachusetts Railroad of MA31
Rhode Island and Massachusetts Railroad of RI21
Rhode Island Card Board Co2
Rhode Island Copper Co10
Rhode Island Covering Co2
Rhode Island Dental Society20
Rhode Island Dyeing and Finishing Co3
Rhode Island Fish Co4
Rhode Island Horse Shoe Co3
Rhode Island Investment Co6
Rhode Island Locomotive Works21
Rhode Island Mutual Fire Insurance Co5
Rhode Island News Co
Rhode Island Pendulum1
Rhode Island Roofing Co3
Rhode Island Suburban Railway6
Rhode Island Telephone and Electric Co3
Rhodes and Keese Electric Co3
Rhodes and Ripley Clothing Co4
Rhodes Brothers Co3
Rhodes Manufacturing Co3
Rhodes Watch Tool Co2
Rhodesia Broken Hill Development Co3
Rialto Co10
Rice and Hutchins4
Rice Ranch Oil Co8
Rice State Bank1
Rice Stone Co4
Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co15
Rich and Allen Co2
Rich Hill Coke Co2
Rich Hill Light, Heat and Power Co3
Rich-Holt Co
Richard Borden Manufacturing Co7
Richard Briggs Co4
Richard Heckscher and Sons Co4
Richard Pick Manufacturing Co3
Richards and Co5
Richards Chair-Panel Co2
Richards Coal Mining Co3
Richards Publishing Co3
Richardson and Clark2
Richardson and Co8
Richardson and Foster Co2
Richardson Ball Bearing Skate Co2
Richardson Shoe Machinery Co5
Richardson Silk Co3
Richelieu Wine Co2
Richert-Osborn Coffee Co4
Richfield Copper Co21
Richfield Oil Co9
Richford VT Journal1
Richland Furnace Co2
Richland Mines Co5
Richland State Bank of Rayville1
Richmond and Petersburg and Petersburg Railroad3
Richmond and Smith Co3
Richmond City Railway3
Richmond City Water Works7
Richmond County Gas Light Co3
Richmond County Savings Bank16
Richmond Gas Co4
Richmond Gas Light Co3
Richmond Hill Mining, Milling and Leasing Co5
Richmond Home Telephone Co15
Richmond Insurance Co of New York17
Richmond Iron Co2
Richmond Land Co3
Richmond Manufacturing Co3
Richmond ME Bee1
Richmond Mining, Milling and Reduction Co5
Richmond National Bank14
Richmond Natural Gas Co5
Richmond News Co
Richmond Park Plat Co3
Richmond Spinning Co9
Richmond Times-Dispatch5
Richmond Union Passenger Railway3
Richmond VA North Side News1
Richmond VA Planet1
Richmond VA Reformer1
Richmond VA Times1
Richmond Virginians19
Richmond Water and Light Co3
Richmond, Nicholasville Irvine and Beattyville Railroad5
Richmond-Arnold Publishing Co
Richmond-Eureka Mining Co12
Richmord Planet1
Richter Mfg Co2
Richter Periodical Co
Rick Furniture Co6
Rico Argentine Mining Co7
Rico Exploration Co3
Ridge and Valley Mining Co6
Ridge Ave Bank of Philadelphia4
Ridge Avenue Bank of Philadelphia19
Ridge Avenue Railway3
Ridgefield CT Press1
Ridgewood Gas Co3
Ridgewood National Bank14
Ridgewood NJ News1
Ridgewood NJ Record1
Ridgway IL News3
Ries Mining Co4
Rifle River Electric Lighting Co1
Riggs and Sherman3
Right Good Mining Co4
Right of Way Mines3
Riker and Hegeman Co17
Riley Darnell Co2
Riley-Moore Engraging Co3
Rilla Mining Co6
Rincon Mines Co7
Rindge Land and Navigation Co4
Ringgold State Bank1
Rio Bonito Co5
Rio Bravo Oil Co6
Rio Grande and Eagle Pass Railway8
Rio Grande and Pagosa Springs Railroad6
Rio Grande and Pecos Railway6
Rio Grande Railroad9
Rio Grande Southern Railway181
Rio Grande, Sierra Madre and Pacific Railway10
Rio Hondo Copper Co14
Rio Plata Mining Co16
Rio Tinto Co4
Rio Tinto Copper Co6
Ripley and Co5
Ripley Gas Light and Coke Co8
Ripley Howland Manufacturing Co3
Ripley MS Standard3
Ripon Light and Water Co5
Ripon Lighting Co3
Ripon National Bank1
Ripple Consolidated Mining Co3
Risdon Iron and Locomotive Works4
Rising Sun Deposit Bank1
Ristine Co5
Ritchie Standard2
Riter-Conley Manufacturing Co14
Rittenhouse and Embree Co2
Rival Mining Co9
River and Rail Electric Co9
River Forest IL Leaves2
River Raisin and Grand River Railroad9
River Raisin and Lake Erie Railroad7
Riverbank Court Hotel Co5
Riverdale Cotton Mills4
Riverhead NY Courier2
Rivers Brothers Co29
Riverside and Arlington Railway5
Riverside Bank of New York13
Riverside Brick Co3
Riverside Horse and Mule Co4
Riverside IL News1
Riverside Iron and Steel Works4
Riverside Iron Works3
Riverside Oil Co5
Riverside Paper Co
Riverside Portland Cement Co20
Riverside Publishing Co3
Riverside Water Co13
Riverside Western Oil Co4
Riverton Coal Co2
Riverton IA Independent2
Riverton NE Review2
Riverton NJ New Era2
Roachdale IN News2
Roane Iron Co3
Roanoke Baptist Union2
Roanoke Beacon1
Roanoke Gas and Water Co7
Roanoke IL Post2
Roanoke Machine Works2
Roanoke Mining and Milling Co3
Roanoke Street Railway3
Roanoke Traction and Light Co6
Roanoke VA Evening World1
Roanoke Valley Orchards2
Roanoke Valley Railroad8
Roaring Creek and Charleston Railroad5
Roaring Creek Water Co3
Robb Engineering Co9
Robbins and Son
Robbins Electric Co3
Robbins Publishing Co1
Robbins Spring Water Co4
Robbins-Tillquist Co
Robert Aitchison Perforated Metal Co2
Robert Ashdon Printing Co3
Robert Burns Mining Co3
Robert Clarke and Co
Robert Emmet Copper Co2
Robert Gair Co12
Robert Glendenning and Co2
Robert Graves Co6
Robert H. Lord
Robert Kashower
Robert L. Ware Co15
Robert Marsh and Co35
Robert Morris Trust Co3
Robert O. Law Co3
Robert Rau Manufacturing Co3
Robert Rossman Co3
Robert Sharp and Son Co3
Robert Sherer and Co4
Robert Smith Ale Brewing Co7
Robert Stevenson and Co5
Roberta Mining and Milling Co6
Roberts IL Herald2
Roberts Iron Works Co3
Roberts, Johnson and Rand Shoe Co11
Roberts-Boice Paper Co
Roberts-Brevoort Electric Co5
Robertson County KY Tribune Democrat2
Robeson Mills7
Robins Dry Dock and Repair Co4
Robinson Deep2
Robinson Furnace Co3
Robinson IL Argus3
Robinson IL Constitution4
Robinson IL News2
Robinson Iron Co2
Robinson Manufacturing Co6
Robinson Oil Co2
Robson and Adee Publishers
Rochelle IL Leader2
Rochelle IL News4
Rocher De Boule Copper Co3
Rochester Academy of Science8
Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad17
Rochester and Lake Ontario Railway31
Rochester and Ontario Belt Railroad3
Rochester and Romeo Railroad5
Rochester and St Clair Railroad5
Rochester Bridge and Iron Works21
Rochester Buck and Charley Mines Co of Nevada7
Rochester Building Co3
Rochester City and Brighton Railroad5
Rochester Cobalt Mines9
Rochester Cut Glass Co4
Rochester Gas Light Co5
Rochester Home Trail Mines Co of Nevada3
Rochester Improvement Co2
Rochester Jeffersons92
Rochester Light, Heat and Power Co1
Rochester National Bank1
Rochester News Co
Rochester NH Leader1
Rochester NH Record1
Rochester NY Democrat2
Rochester NY Evening Times5
Rochester NY Herald16
Rochester NY Morning Herald3
Rochester NY Post Express9
Rochester NY Union1
Rochester Octopus Mines Co of Nevada3
Rochester Optical and Camera Co8
Rochester Pathological Society9
Rochester Raven Mines Co of Nevada6
Rochester Treasure Mining Co5
Rochester Tribune2
Rochester Trust Co13
Rochester Water Works7
Rochester, Almont and Northern Railroad9
Rochester, Hornellsville and Lackawanna Railroad3
Rochester, New York and Pennsylvania Railroad2
Rock County Bank of Luverne1
Rock County WI Banner3
Rock Hill Herald1
Rock Hill SC Herald1
Rock Hill SC Messenger1
Rock Island and Milan Street Railway3
Rock Island and Peoria Railroad22
Rock Island Gas Co2
Rock Island IL Argus4
Rock Island Independents93
Rock Island Post Card Co
Rock Island Tri-City Labor Review1
Rock Islander3
Rock Plaster Manufacturing Co8
Rock Port, Langdon and Northern Railway6
Rock Rose Mining and Milling Co5
Rock Tunneling Machine Co7
Rockaway NJ Church and Home1
Rockaway NJ Record1
Rockaway Valley Railway5
Rockbridge Alum and Goshen Railroad1
Rockbridge County News1
Rockefeller Institute22
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research10
Rocker Spring Co2
Rockford and Interurban Railway13
Rockford City Railway4
Rockford Forest Citys11
Rockford Home Telephone Co12
Rockford IA Register1
Rockford IL Daily Journal2
Rockford IL Labor News1
Rockford IL Morning Star10
Rockford Life Insurance Co2
Rockford MI Register2
Rockford National Bank1
Rockford Safety Deposit Co2
Rockford, Rock Island and St Louis Railway22
Rockhill Iron and Coal Co16
Rockingham Brick Co4
Rockingham NC Index1
Rockland and Thomaston Gas Light Co4
Rockland Electric Co3
Rockland Light and Power Co3
Rockland MA Independent1
Rockland ME Opinion1
Rockland-Rockport Lime Co12
Rockport Granite Co of Massachusetts6
Rockport MA Review1
Rockport Railroad4
Rockport TX New Era3
Rockton IL Herald3
Rockville CT Journal1
Rockville Gas and Electric Co3
Rockville Railroad81
Rockville State Bank of Boelus1
Rockville Water and Aqueduct Co18
Rockville, Broad Brook and East Windsor Street Railway1
Rockville-Willimantic Lighting Co8
Rockwell and Churchill
Rockwell and Churchill Press3
Rockwell and Rupel Co3
Rockwood and Tennessee River Railroad10
Rockwood Brothers Co4
Rocky Mount NC Argonaut1
Rocky Mount NC Phoenix1
Rocky Mountain Christian Advocate2
Rocky Mountain Mines Co3
Rocky Mountain News3
Rocky Mountain World2
Rocky Point Oyster Co2
Rockymount VA Times-Democrat1
Rodeo Land and Water Co6
Rodgers Sand Co3
Rodman Manufacturing Co5
Roebling Construction Co4
Roeding and Wood Nursery Co4
Roessler and Hasslacher Chemical Co8
Rogers and Hall Co3
Rogers and McCoy Brothers4
Rogers and Smith Co3
Rogers Park Water Co3
Rogers, Bacon and Co5
Rogers-Arizona Mining Co6
Rogersville and Jefferson Railroad3
Rogersville TN Journal1
Rogersville TN Review2
Rogue River Electric Co3
Rogue River Expedition10
Rogue River Valley Railway7
Rohe, Heitmann Co5
Rohrerstown, Landisville and Mount Joy Street Railway3
Romance Divide Mining Co5
Rome and Clinton Railroad2
Rome City Street Railway4
Rome Gas Light Co6
Rome Gas, Electric Light and Power Co91
Rome Iron Works Co2
Rome Locomotive and Machine Works7
Rome Railroad24
Rome Street Railroad4
Rome Wire Co10
Romeo and Almont Railroad8
Romeo and Mt Clemens Railroad16
Romeo and Western Railroad7
Rondout and Kingston Gas Light Co2
Rood Magic Scale Co3
Roodhouse IL Record1
Rooiberg Minerals Development Co4
Roosevelt Divide Mining Co4
Roosevelt Lake Copper Co6
Root Electric Gas Lighting Co3
Roper Group Mining Co11
Rosalind Divide Mining Co5
Rosario Mining Co7
Roscoe Exchange Bank1
Roscoe SD Herald2
Roscoe-Rockland NY Review2
Rose and Carter Co2
Rose Co
Rose Consolidated Mining Co7
Rose Manufacturing Co7
Rose Nicol Gold Mining Co7
Rose Nursery Co3
Rose-Rogers Co5
Rosebery Surprise Mining Co4
Roseland Safety Deposit Co4
Roselle and South Plainfield Railway3
Roselle IL Register1
Rosemont Dyeing Co4
Rosenbaum Brothers and Co8
Rosenbaum Co5
Rosetta Divide Mining Co5
Roseville IL Times-Citizen1
Rosiclare IL News2
Rosin and Co
Roslindale Cooperative Bank1
Ross and Penrose Co2
Ross County National Bank of Chillicothe1
Ross Mining and Milling Co11
Ross, Flowers and Co2
Rossia Insurance Co5
Rossland Kootenay Mining Co4
Rossville IL Press5
Roswell Gas Co7
Roswell NM Record2
Rotary Air Brake Co8
Rotary Manufacturing Co5
Rotary Ring Spinning Co8
Roth Brothers and Co3
Roths State Bank of Pittsburgh1
Rothsay MN Record2
Rothschild Brothers
Rotograph Co
Roulette Gas Co5
Round Mountain Mining Co8
Roundabout Prints
Roundy Regalia Co3
Routt County Anthracite Coal Co7
Rowell-Potter Safety Stop Co4
Rowins Printing Co2
Rowland and Pfaff Co3
Rowley Copper Mines Co5
Roxbury Carpet Co3
Roxbury Cooperative Bank14
Roxbury Gas Light Co4
Roxbury Gazette1
Roxbury Storage Warehouse3
Roy C. Seeley Co5
Royal Arcanum Courier2
Royal Arcanum Guide2
Royal Bank of Canada19
Royal Brick Co5
Royal Chemical Co3
Royal Chemical Works4
Royal Consolidated Copper Co6
Royal Consolidated Mines3
Royal Craftsman1
Royal Divide Mining Co9
Royal Dutch Gasoline Co5
Royal Electric Co14
Royal Electrical Specialty Co4
Royal Gem Mining Co2
Royal Guarantee and Investment Co3
Royal Gum Co3
Royal Indemnity Co15
Royal Insurance Co7
Royal Laundry Co6
Royal Mining Co5
Royal Packing Co3
Royal Safety Deposit Vaults3
Royal Tea Co3
Royal Tiger Mining Co2
Royal Trust Co8
Royal Typewriter Co19
Royce-Franklin Co4
Roydhouse, Arey and Co2
Royersford PA Tribune2
Royston State Bank1
Rubber Paint Co5
Rubber Tire Co of America5
Rubel-Lilienfeld Co5
Ruben Publishing Co
Rubio Savings Bank1
Ruby Copper Co9
Ruby Hill Development Co2
Ruby Mining Co5
Ruby Silver Co4
Ruby Silver Mining Co3
Ruddock, Bonnet Carre and Northern Railroad4
Ruddy Brothers2
Rudolph Brothers
Rudolph Wurlitzer Co8
Rudy Brothers Co3
Ruebush-Elkins Co
Rueckert Manufacturing Co3
Ruehl Brothers Brewing Co3
Rueter and Co4
Rufus Merrill and Son
Ruhstrat-Cowley Co4
Rumford Chemical Co1
Rumford Chemical Works6
Rumford Falls and Rangeley Lakes Railroad4
Rural Canadian3
Rural New Yorker4
Rural Retreat VA Times1
Rural Valley National Bank2
Rural Valley Railroad2
Rushville Gas Light Co3
Rushville IL Times5
Russell Electric Lamp Co3
Russell KS Record2
Russell Manufacturing Co2
Russell Motor Sales Co4
Russell Realty Co3
Russell, Pratt and Co3
Russell-Greene-Foell Co5
Russell-Lane Piano Co2
Russian Mining Co8
Rustler Mining and Milling Co6
Ruth Consolidated Mining and Milling Co7
Ruth Murray Miller
Ruth St Denis School of Dancing3
Rutherford NJ American1
Rutherford NJ News1
Rutherford Paper Co3
Ruthven Machinery Co4
Rutland and Washington Railroad12
Rutland IL Record3
Rutland Railway Light and Power Co8
Rutland Savings Bank of Rutland1
Rutland Street Railway4
Rutland VT Herald5
Rutland VT Sstar1
Rutland VT Times1
Ruud Manufacturing Co3
Ryan Davis Divide Mining Co5
Rye and Port Chester Gas Light Co2
Rye Patch Mines Co7
Ryland-Robinson Co3
Ryrie Brothers5