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Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, companies, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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Kaaterskill Railroad29
Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad1550Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad
Kalamazoo and White Pigeon Railroad1437
Kalamazoo, Allegan and Grand Rapids Railroad530
Kanawha and Michigan Railway228Kanawha and Michigan Railway
Kanona and Prattsburgh Railway110
Kansas Academy of Science228
Kansas City Athletics2
Kansas City Cowboys1107
Kansas City Gas Co111
Kansas City Gas Light and Coke Co14
Kansas City Journal14
Kansas City MO Times13
Kansas City MO World12
Kansas City Public School system2
Kansas City Royals9
Kansas City Southern Railway5129 🚂Kansas City Southern Railway
Kansas City Stock Yards Co117
Kansas City Stock Yards Co of Missouri25
Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railway111
Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad239
Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad383
Kansas City, Lawrence and Southern Kansas Railroad110
Kansas City, Memphis and Birmingham Railroad219
Kansas City, Springfield and Memphis Railroad17
Kansas City, St Joseph and Council Bluffs Railroad455
Kansas Gas and Electric Co116
Kansas Natural Gas Co218
Kansas Pacific Railway973
Kappa Alpha Society2
Kappa Mu Epsilon1
Kappa Sigma Fraternity1
Katz Underwear Factory1
Keeper of the Jewels to King Henry1
Keith Brothers and Co13
Kellogg Clarke & Co1
Kelloggs Co1
Kenmore Association for Historical Restoration1
Kennebec and Portland Railroad324
Kennebec Journal13
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts1
Keno Mining and Milling Co14
Kensington Water Co12
Kentucky Agricultural Association1
Kentucky and Indiana Bridge and Railroad Co111
Kentucky Central Railroad535
Kentucky Constitutional Convention9
Kentucky Derby1
Kentucky Geological Society1
Kernick Divide Mining Co25
Kerr Lake Mines210
Kerr Lake Mining Co18
Kewanee Light and Power Co141
Keweenaw Central Railroad3131
Keweenaw Copper Co3113
Key West Electric Co7111
Keystone Carbon Paper Manufacturing Co12
Keystone Coal and Coke Co110
Keystone Coal Co16
Keystone Development Co12
Keystone Engineering Co12
Keystone Forging Co11
Keystone Radio Control Society1
Keystone Telephone Co218
Keystone Watch Case Co317Keystone Watch Case Co
Kickapah Divide Mines Co17
Kilburn Mill12
Kimball Union Academy1
King Bridge Co13 🚂
King Broadcasting Co1
King David Mining Co14
King Philip Copper Co59
King Philip Mills110
Kings County Electric Light and Power Co323
Kings County Lighting Co110
Kings County Trust Co229
Kings Weekly11
Kingsboro Realty Co13
Kingston Fire Department5
Kingston Gas and Electric Co151
Kingston National Bank11
Kiwanis Club1
Klots Throwing Co110
Knickerbocker Club4
Knickerbocker group5
Knickerbocker Safe Deposit Co18
Knickerbocker Trust Co228
Knight Investment Co17
Knights of Columbus41
Knights of Malta1
Knights of Pythias20
Knights Templar6
Knox Divide Mining Co18
Knoxville Gas Co17
Koch Oil Co1
Kokomo Gas Co14
Kraft Foods12
K. L. C. E. Journal3
K. P. Magazine2
Kaeser and Blair
Kaffee-Klatsch Co3
Kahoka Savings Bank1
Kaibab Copper Co2
Kalamazoo and Allegan Railroad11
Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids Railroad9
Kalamazoo and Grand River Railroad8
Kalamazoo and Lake Michigan Railroad10
Kalamazoo and Schoolcraft Railroad13
Kalamazoo City and County Railroad5
Kalamazoo Daily Telegraph2
Kalamazoo Gas Co31
Kalamazoo Gas Light Co3
Kalamazoo MI Telegraph6
Kalamazoo National Bank3
Kalamazoo News2
Kalamazoo River Railroad5
Kalamazoo Street Railway7
Kalamazoo, Gull Lake and Northern Railroad7
Kalamazoo, Lake Shore and Chicago Railroad30
Kalamazoo, Lake Shore and Chicago Traction Railroad7
Kalamazoo, Lowell and Northern Michigan Railroad24
Kalgurli Gold Mines4
Kalion Chemical Co5
Kalispell Water and Electric Co5
Kalispell-Troy Mining Co8
Kalorama Citizens Association20
Kaministiquia Power Co8
Kamloops Copper Co12
Kampong Kamunting Tin Dredging4
Kanawha and Coal River Railway3
Kanawha and Hocking Coal and Coke Co5
Kanawha and Ohio Railroad5
Kanawha Railway4
Kanawha Valley Bank of Charleston1
Kanawha Valley Coal Co2
Kanawha Water and Light Co5
Kanbauk Wolfram Mines7
Kane PA Leader2
Kankakee and Seneca Railroad3
Kankakee County Trust and Savings Bank1
Kankakee Gas Light Co2
Kankakee IL Progressive Era1
Kankakee IL Republican-News1
Kankakee Mining Co7
Kanouse Mountain Water Co5
Kansas Agitator2
Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station4
Kansas and Southern Railway4
Kansas and Texas Coal Railway4
Kansas City and Independence Air Line2
Kansas City and Independence Rapid Transit Railway6
Kansas City Belt Railway17 🚂
Kansas City Blues25
Kansas City Breweries Co10
Kansas City Cable Railway5
Kansas City Cowboys (NFL)29
Kansas City Daily Drovers Telegram1
Kansas City Electric Light Co2
Kansas City Electrical Works3
Kansas City Home Telephone Co14
Kansas City Long Distance Telephone Co6
Kansas City MO Church Life2
Kansas City MO Life3
Kansas City MO Star3
Kansas City Packers29
Kansas City Railway and Light Co16
Kansas City Suburban Belt Railroad6
Kansas City Terminal Railway12
Kansas City Viaduct and Terminal Railway2
Kansas City, Fort Smith and Southern Railway8
Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railroad66
Kansas City, Nevada and Fort Smith Railroad3
Kansas City, Osceola and Southern Railroad3
Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Gulf Railroad28
Kansas City, Watkins and Gulf Railway12
Kansas City, Wyandotte and Northwestern Railroad19
Kansas City-Nevada Consolidated Mines Co11
Kansas Democrat1
Kansas Educator2
Kansas Electric Co3
Kansas IL Journal3
Kansas Medical Journal5
Kansas Midland Railroad2
Kansas Nevada Mining Co5
Kansas Optimist2
Kansas Southwestern Railway7
Kansas Temperance Monitor2
Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway6
Kaque Copper Development Co6
Karma-Ajax Consolidated Mining Co9
Karrick Mining Co2
Karrick, Gray and Williams Co2
Kaslo and Slocan Railway6
Kato Coffee Co5
Katz and Hamorr Co2
Kauffman-Meyers Co17
Kaufman Brothers
Kaufman County TX News2
Kaufmann and Baer Co8
Kaufmann Department Store5
Kaufmann Realty Co3
Kaukauna Gas, Electric Light and Power Co3
Kawin and Co
Kay Copper Co5
Kay Mine Smelting Co5
Keane Divide Mining Co5
Kearney Gas Co4
Kearney MO Clipper2
Kearney National Bank2
Kearny County KS Advocate2
Kearny Observer1
Kearny Record1
Kearny Republican1
Kearsarge Independent and Times1
Keating and Smethport Railroad2
Keating Implement and Machine Co21
Kee and Chapell Dairy Co4
Keeley Agency
Keeley Brewing Co3
Keen and DeLang Co2
Keenan and Hyland Manufacturing Co3
Keenan Brothers Manufacturing Co3
Keenan News Agency
Keene Brothers Hardware Co3
Keene Electric Railway2
Keene Gas and Electric Co12
Keene Gas Light Co2
Keene Savings Bank2
Keeno Mining Co2
Keeseville National Bank3
Keeseville, Au Sable Chasm and Lake Champlain Railroad6
Kehew-Bradley Co3
Keithsburg IL News2
Kellar-Thomason Co20
Kellbug Institute2
Kelley Lumber Co2
Kelley, Maus and Co6
Kellogg Galena Mining Co5
Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Co10
Kellogg United Mines Co4
Kellogg-Mackay-Cameron Co4
Kelly Axe Manufacturing Co5
Kelly Brothers Co2
Kelly Mining Co3
Kelly Nail and Iron Co3
Kelly News and Stationery Store
Kelly Springfield Motor Truck Co3
Kelly Wood Real Estate Co2
Kelly-Atkinson Construction Co3
Kelly-Springfield Tire Co5
Kellys Creek Railroad4
Kelsey Oriental Bath Co2
Kelton-Bruce Manufacturing Co3
Kemble Coal and Iron Co4
Kemmerer Coal Co3
Kemper Brothers Co3
Kendall Barrows Co3
Kendall County IL News4
Kendall County IL Record5
Kendall Divide Mining Co4
Kendall Gold Mining Co5
Kendall Lumber Co4
Kendall State Bank1
Kenmore Pulp and Paper Co3
Kennan Mining Co3
Kennard and Sons Carpet Co7
Kennebec Banner1
Kennebec Central Railroad10
Kennebec Consolidated Mining Co5
Kennebec Daily Journal1
Kennebec Light and Heat Co4
Kennebunk and Kennebunkport Railroad2
Kennecott Copper Co14
Kennedy Furniture Co3
Kennedy Mining and Milling Co2
Kennesaw Paper Co8
Kenneth Divide Mining Co5
Kenney IL Gazette-Herald1
Kennicott Brothers Co2
Kennicott Water Softener Co3
Kennon Coal and Mining Co2
Kennywood Racing Coaster Co2
Kenosha Gas and Electric Co6
Kenosha Gas Electric Light and Fuel Co2
Kenosha Home Telephone Co10
Kenosha Maroons21
Kensington Engine Works3
Kensington National Bank17
Kensington Trust Co26
Kent County Savings Bank3
Kent County Street Railway3
Kent Iron Co3
Kent News1
Kent Northern Railway1
Kent Placer Gold Mining Co3
Kenton Gas and Electric Co5
Kenton OH Press2
Kenton Savings Bank1
Kentuck Mining Co of Nevada3
Kentucky Agriculture Experiment Station5
Kentucky and Indiana Bridge Co
Kentucky and Indiana Terminal Railroad5
Kentucky and South Atlantic Railway4
Kentucky Distilleries and Warehouse Co7
Kentucky Electric Co13
Kentucky Law Reporter2
Kentucky National Bank of Louisville2
Kentucky State Journal1
Kentucky Title Co2
Kentucky Union Co7
Kentucky Union Railway6
Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Co13
Kentucky-Douglas Mining Co4
Kenwood Bridge Co3
Kenwood Hotel Co4
Kenwood Storage and Transfer Co2
Keokee Consolidated Coke Co9
Keokuk and Des Moines Railroad8
Keokuk and Western Railroad10
Keokuk Electric Street Railway and Power Co3
Keokuk Gas and Electric Co2
Keokuk Gas Light and Coke Co2
Keokuk Westerns11
Keokuk, Fort Des Moines and Minnesota Railroad14
Keokuk, Mount Pleasant and Muscatine Railroad26
Keowee Courier3
Kepler Warehouse Co2
Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill and Lumber Co13
Kerr Steamship Co3
Kerr Thread Co5
Kershaw Mining Co2
Kershaw SC Era1
Kester Electric Co5
Ketterlinus Lithographic Manufacturing Co5
Kewanee Boiler Co2
Kewanee Gas Light and Coke Co3
Kewanee IL Star-Courier4
Kewanee National Bank1
Kewanee Rolling and Pipe Mill Co2
Kewaunee, Green Bay and Western Railroad10
Keweenaw Land Association4
Key City Gas Co10
Key West Gas and Electric Light Co3
Keyport NJ Enterprise1
Keyport NJ Weekly1
Keyser Electric Light Co9
Keystone Amusement Co2
Keystone Bank of Pittsburgh2
Keystone Bridge Co41 🚂
Keystone Bronze Co4
Keystone Commercial Co4
Keystone Consolidated Mining and Milling Co3
Keystone Consolidated Mining Co7
Keystone Copper Mining Co6
Keystone Divide Mining Co7
Keystone Driller Co5
Keystone Drop Forge Works4
Keystone Film Co25
Keystone Furnace Co3
Keystone Furnace Construction Co2
Keystone Hair Insulator Co3
Keystone Horse Shoe Co3
Keystone Iron and Steel Co2
Keystone Iron Works12
Keystone Laundry Co5
Keystone Mining Co of Utah10
Keystone Mutual Fire Insurance Co9
Keystone National Bank of Pittsburgh12
Keystone Oil and Manufacturing Co3
Keystone Post Card Co
Keystone Ptyhian2
Keystone Saw, Tool, Steel, and File Works2
Keystone State Telephone and Telegraph Co4
Keystone Telephone Co of Philadelphia13
Keystone Type Foundry4
Keystone Wire Matting Co3
Khedivial Co5
Kidder Lumber Co4
Kier Fire Brick Co5
Kilbourne and Jacobs Manufacturing Co9
Killeen TX Herald2
Killefer Manufacturing Co6
Killingly Electric Light Co3
Killmaster Railroad5
Kilts and Jackson Co5
Kimball and Chappell Co3
Kimball Mining Co3
Kimberly Consolidated Mines Co7
Kimberly Shipper Mining Co5
Kimble Glass Co3
Kindergarten Magazine1
Kindergarten Review3
Kinderhook and Hudson Railroad4
Kindl Car Truck Co5
King and Andrews Co3
King and Queen Copper Co4
King and Queen Mining Co4
King Brothers
King Copper Co3
King David Co6
King Edward Silver Mines5
King Island Scheelite Co3
King James and Co9
King Mining Co2
King Printing Co
King Solomon Copper Mining Co7
King Solomon Tunnel and Development Co9
King William Mining Co4
King, Collie and Co9
King-Brand Mining Co10
King-Crowther Co10
Kingdon Mining, Smelting and Manufacturing Co3
Kingman Brothers
Kingman City Street Railway4
Kingman Texas Implement Co14
Kings County Bank of Brooklyn11
Kings County Elevated Railway13
Kings County Fire Insurance Co14
Kings County Mortgage Co19
Kings County Refrigerating Co8
Kings County Savings Institution16
Kings Model Laundry Co4
Kings Mountain Railroad8
Kings NC Mountain Reformer2
Kings Quicksilver Mining Co3
Kingsbaker Brothers Co11
Kingsbury Power Co3
Kingsley, Mason and Collins Co14
Kingston and Pembroke Iron Mining Co7
Kingston and Pembroke Railway21
Kingston City Railroad5
Kingston News Service
Kingston Savings Bank2
Kingston Street Railroad3
Kingston Trust Co6
Kingstree County SC Record1
Kinley Manufacturing Co2
Kinloch Long Distance Telephone Co18
Kinloch-Bloomington Telephone Co8
Kinmundy IL Express3
Kinney-Rodier Co2
Kinsella Co3
Kinsella Glass Co3
Kinsella Hat Co8
Kinsley Bank of Kinsley1
Kinsley Development Co6
Kinsman National Bank1
Kinston and Carolina Railroad6
Kinston NC Free Press1
Kinzua and Tiona Railroad4
Kiowa and Camanche Expedition9
Kiowa County KS Signal2
Kirby Carpenter Co2
Kirby Instrument Co4
Kirchner Supply Co7
Kirkelig Samler2
Kirkland IL Enterprise3
Kirkland Iron Co2
Kirkland Lake Exploration4
Kirkland Lake Gold Mining Co5
Kirkland Lake Proprietary5
Kirkland Realty Co3
Kirkland-Porphyry Gold Mines6
Kirwan Electrical Station Indicator Co4
Kirwin KS Independent2
Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad12
Kissena Park Co7
Kitchener Gold Mining Co5
Kitchigami Gold Development Co4
Kitsalis Mountain Copper Co5
Kittanning Brewing Co2
Kittanning Brick and Fire Clay Co4
Kittanning Clay Manufacturing Co3
Kittanning Clay Products Co5
Kittanning Coal and Coke Co3
Kittanning Gas Co2
Kittanning Iron and Steel Manufacturing Co3
Kittanning Telephone Co8
Kittie Lane Gold Mining Co3
Kittimac Mines Co5
Klein Brothers Co9
Klein Realty Co3
Klein-Norton and Co21
Klein-Simpson Fruit Co25
Klink, Bean and Co10
Klondike Imperial Divide Mining Co3
Klondyke-Portland Mines Co5
Klutz Furniture Co5
Knega Co5
Knickerbocker Ice Co29
Knickerbocker Insurance Co of New York12
Knickerbocker Mutual Liability Insurance Co of New York16
Knickerbocker Press7
Knight and Leonard
Knight Copper Co7
Knight Tire and Rubber Co5
Knights Deep2
Knights of Honor Reporter1
Knitted Fabrics Co3
Knob Hill Mining Co8
Knott and Harker Co4
Knotwell Iron Co2
Knowlton Danderine Co3
Knox and Lincoln Railroad14
Knox Automobile Co11
Knox County ME Historical and Genealogical Magazine1
Knox Electric Co2
Knox Hat Manufacturing Co10
Knox Motors Co3
Knox Pressed and Welded Steel Co9
Knoxville and Augusta Railroad2
Knoxville and Bristol Railway9
Knoxville and Kentucky Railroad12
Knoxville Car-wheel Co4
Knoxville Gas Light Co3
Knoxville IA Journal1
Knoxville Land Improvement Co3
Knoxville Railway and Light Co11
Knoxville Street Railroad4
Knoxville TN Evening Sentinel2
Knoxville TN Journal1
Knoxville TN Tribune2
Knoxville Water Co4
Knudtson Manufacturing Co5
Kodak Co9
Koenig and Gamer Furniture Co2
Kohinoor Zinc Co4
Kokomo Gas Light and Coke Co2
Kokomo IN Dispatch2
Kokomo Steel and Wire Co9
Kolb Brothers and Hulsman Co3
Kolts Ice and Cold Storage Co5
Kootenail Power Co4
Kootenay Bonanza Mines5
Kops Brothers Co2
Kostakos Brothers Ice Cream and Candy Co2
Kraemer Art Co
Krause Safe Deposit Co3
Kroeschell Brothers Co3
Kroeschell Brothers Ice Machine Co5
Kroger Grocery and Baking Co9
Kromona Mining and Smelting Co5
Krueger-Mills Mining Co2
Krug Gold and Copper Mining Co3
Krug Sand Co4
Kuh, Nathan and Fischer Co3
Kuhn and Brother Co6
Kuntz Remmler Co2
Kyle Co
Kymulga and Coosa River Railroad5
Kyshtim Co6