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Organization/Membership Index

Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, companies, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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H. A. Tucker and Bro213H. A. Tucker and Bro
H. C. Frick Coke Co4231
H. J. Heinz Co338
H. K. Mulford Co16H. K. Mulford Co
H. M. Myers Co26
H. R. Squibb and Sons110
H. W. Johns-Manville Co131
Hackensack Water Co515
Hagerstown Agricultural Implement Manufacturing Co1
Hagerstown Herald11
Hagerstown News1
Halcomb Steel Co14
Hall of Fame of Great Americans1
Hall of Great Westerners23
Hamburg Vitrified Brick Co14
Hamden Police Department2
Hamilton County Bible Society1
Hamilton Furnace11
Hamilton Manufacturing Co213
Hamilton National Bank of Chicago16
Hamilton Woolen Co314
Hamlet Textile Co15
Hammond Packing Co15
Hammond Typewriter Co15
Hampton Roads Conference4
Hamtramck and Grosse Pointe Railroad23
Hancock and Calumet Railroad347
Hancock Consolidated Mining Co214
Hanes Hosiery1
Hanes Underwear1
Hannibal and St Joseph Railroad12164 🚂
Hannibal Journal1
Hanover and Gettysburg Railroad12
Hanover Branch Railroad214
Hanover Fire Insurance Co460
Hanover Gas Co of Pennsylvania14
Hanover Junction, Hanover and Gettysburg Railroad13
Hanover National Bank of New York540Hanover National Bank of New York
Hanover Safe Deposit Co16
Harbison-Walker Refractories Co119
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution1
Hargraves Mills114
Harlan and Hollingsworth Co59 🚂
Harlem River and Portchester Railroad141
Harper and Brothers Co219
Harpers Bazaar11
Harpers Magazine114
Harpers Weekly23
Harriman National Bank226
Harris-Corliss Engine and Machine Co18
Harrisburg and Potomac Railroad113
Harrisburg Gas Co310
Harrisburg National Bank12
Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mount Joy and Lancaster Railroad221
Harrison Brothers and Co212
Hartford and Connecticut Valley Railroad4131
Hartford and Connecticut Western Railroad221
Hartford and New Haven Railroad348
Hartford and New York Transportation Co16
Hartford and Springfield Street Railway14
Hartford Carpet Co217
Hartford Co Mutual Fire Insurance Co110
Hartford CT Courant15
Hartford Evening Press11
Hartford Fire Insurance Co238
Hartford Life Insurance Co110
Hartford Life, Accident and Fire Insurance2
Hartford National Bank115
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co125
Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad349
Harvard Alumni Association2
Harvard Club of New York1
Harvard Glee Club1
Harvard Medical School1
Harvard Trust Co113
Hasbrouck Family Association23
Hasty Pudding Club7
Havana Electric Railway112
Havana Post12
Havanna Coal Co11
Haverhill Electric Co16
Havre Branch Railroad436
Hayden, Stone and Co11
Hays National Bank16
Hazel Mining and Milling Co19
Hazelwood Oil Co17
Hebron Manufacturing Co14
Hecla Belt Line Railroad19
Hecla Train Railroad14
Helvetia Copper Co18
Hemlock River Mining Co17
Henderson and Nashville Railroad12
Hennessy Divide Mining Co15
Henriette Coal Mining Co12
Henry Disston and Sons Co211
Henry Disston and Sons File Co16
Henry Disston and Sons Iron and Steel Works15
Henry Doorly Zoo1
Henry Draper Medal1
Henry Winsor and Co11
Hercules Divide Mining Co26
Hernando Insurance Co11
Hiawatha Hunting and Fishing Club1
Hibernia Mine Railroad110
Hicks Locomotive and Car Works212
High Divide Mining Co26
Highland Coal Co23
Highland National Bank1
Highway Patrol1
Hilton Hotels1
Historical Society5
Hoboken Land and Improvement Co18
Hocking Valley Railway373
Holiness Association Church1
Hollidaysburg Iron and Nail Co14
Hollis Cold Storage Co23
Holmes and Coutts Co1Holmes and Coutts Co
Holmes Electric Protective Co223
Home for Aged Men and Aged Couples113
Home Guard11
Home Insurance Co334
Home League4
Home Life Insurance Co of New York227
Home Savings Bank of Los Angeles151Home Savings Bank of Los Angeles
Home Squadron4
Home Telephone and Telegraph Co of Henderson110
Home Telephone Co of Dayton114
Homer Lee Bank Note Co19Homer Lee Bank Note Co
Homer National Bank13
Homestake Divide Mining Co18
Homestead Realty Co111
Homestead Steel Works2101
Honduras Interoceanic Railway15
Hoopes and Townsend Co46Hoopes and Townsend Co
Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Co310
Hope Webbing Co18
Hopkins Place Savings Bank of Baltimore114
Hopkinsville Gas Co14
Horace T. Potts and Co11Horace T. Potts and Co
Horn Silver Mining Co116
Hotel Titchfield Co13
Houghton and Ontonagon Railroad27
Houghton Copper Co26
Houghton County Electric Light Co10151
Houghton County Street Railway1127
Houghton County Traction Railroad1036
Houghton Lake and Eastern Railroad15
Houghton, Chassell and Southwestern Railroad19
Housatonic Railroad4534
Houston and Texas Central Railroad4203
Houston Astros8
Houston County Street Railway11
Houston East and West Texas Railway131
Houston Electric Co8172
Howard Investment Co17
Howell and Lansing Railroad114
Hudson and Boston Railroad116
Hudson and Manhattan Railroad533
Hudson Companies321
Hudson County Gas Co12
Hudson Divide Mining Co14
Hudson Motor Co2
Hudson Navigation Co120
Hudson River Railroad777
Hudson River School1
Hudson River Telephone Co116
Hudson Safe Deposit Co112
Hudson Trust Co116
Hugh C. Leighton Co1
Hughes Brothers Manufacturing Co245Hughes Brothers Manufacturing Co
Huguenot Historical Society2
Huguenot Society of America11
Hulbert Mining Co13
Hull City Divide Mining Co17
Humboldt Copper Co19
Humboldt County Tungsten Mining and Milling Co12
Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad334
Huntingdon Gas Co12
Huntington and Broad Top Railroad237
Huntington Gas Co14
Huntsman Chemical Corporation1
Huron and Western Railroad19
Huston Manufacturing Co12
Hutchinson Packing Co25
Hyde Park Electric Light Co111
Hyde Park IL Herald12
Hyde Park National Bank13
Hydraulic-Press Brick Co111
H. A. Austin and Co4
H. A. Dickerman and Son
H. A. Grimwood Co2
H. Adler and Co5
H. and B. American Machine Co2
H. and H. Preserving Co2
H. and W. B. Drew Co
H. B. Claflin Co20
H. B. Sackett Screen and Chute Co3
H. C. Fox and Sons3
H. C. Fry Glass Co7
H. C. Huston Lumber Co2
H. C. Leighton Co
H. C. Long Co6
H. C. Speer and Co2
H. C. Voris Printing Co1
H. Channon Co3
H. D. Copeland and Co3
H. D. Moreland Co3
H. E. Bucklen and Co3
H. E. Swift and Co3
H. Elkan and Co3
H. F. Ross Co3
H. G. Rogers and Co1
H. H. Babcook Co8
H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Co9
H. H. Hawley Co11
H. H. Hill and Co
H. H. Hill and N. Iddings
H. H. Kohlsaat and Co2
H. H. Mawhinney Co3
H. H. Parrott Co3
H. H. Tammen Co
H. Halvorsen Co5
H. Herrmann Lumber Co6
H. J. Rein Millinery Co9
H. Jensen Co2
H. K. Porter Co7
H. K. Skinner
H. Koehler and Co3
H. Koppers Co4
H. Kress and Co
H. L. Arnold Co17
H. L. Childs and Co4
H. L. Christiance
H. L. Dixon Co6
H. L. Edwards and Co9
H. L. Gaw and Co2
H. L. Judd Co6
H. L. Woehler Co
H. Lange Wagon Co5
H. M. Caldwell Co3
H. M. Loud and Sons Lumber Co3
H. M. Loud Lumber Co3
H. M. Sawyer and Son3
H. M. Wade Manufacturing Co21
H. O. Co5
H. O. Hornberger Real Estate Co5
H. P. Hood and Sons3
H. P. Nail Co3
H. P. Wasson and Co4
H. Piper Co3
H. R. Boynton Co22
H. R. Page and Co
H. R. Schmidt and Co
H. Rosenhirsch Co3
H. S. Crocker Inc
H. S. Hutchinson and Co
H. S. Mittenthal and Co11
H. Schultz and Co4
H. T. Crane
H. T. Shannon Manufacturing Co2
H. V. Roddin and Co2
H. W. Blake and Co
H. W. Butterworth and Sons Co5
H. W. Caldwell and Son Co3
H. W. Crew and Co
H. W. Dudley and Co4
H. W. Fairbank Publishing Co2
H. W. Gossard Co3
H. W. Huguley Co3
H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co5
H. W. Rankin
H. W. Thornhill Co11
Haas, Baruch and Co23
Haber and Co8
Hachita Copper Development Co6
Hachmeister-Lind Chemical Co4
Hackberry Consolidated Mining Co4
Hackensack and New York Railroad12
Hackensack NJ Evening Record1
Hackensack NJ Republican1
Hackett Cold Storage Co3
Hackettstown NJ Gazette1
Hadden Automatic Sprinkler Co5
Hadden Ice Co3
Haddington Title and Trust Co4
Haddonfield National Bank1
Haddonfield NJ Tribune1
Haegele Ice Co3
Haenlein Brothers
Hafstrom Co
Hagedorn and Co2
Hagerstown and Frederick Railway4
Hagerstown Light and Heat Co8
Hagerstown MD Globe1
Hagerstown MD Mail1
Haggard and Marcusson Co3
Hahnemannian Monthly3
Hahns Peak Gold Mining and Milling Co7
Haines Gas Turbine Co2
Hair Insulator Co2
Hale and Kilburn Manufacturing Co5
Hale and Norcross Mining Co5
Hale Development Co3
Hale-Hardman Drug Co4
Haledon NJ Searchlight1
Half Moon Copper Co3
Halfmoon Light, Heat and Power Co5
Halifax and Yarmouth Railway8
Halifax Gas Light Co3
Halifax Street Railway3
Halifax Tonopah Mining Co6
Hall Adjustment Co5
Hall and Copeland5
Hall and Locke Co3
Hall and Ross Husking Glove Co2
Hall Bascule Bridge Co5
Hall Creek Mining and Milling Co1
Hall Electric and Manufacturing Co5
Hall Rail Joint Co3
Hall Railway Signal Co4
Hall Signal Co16
Hall Steam Pump Co5
Hallam and Vesty
Haller Machine Co3
Hallet and Davis Piano Co4
Halliwell and Baum Co3
Halliwell Co7
Hallowell ME News1
Hallowell ME Register2
Halls Journal of Health1
Halls Safe and Lock Co3
Halpen, Green and Co3
Halsey Brothers Co2
Halstead and Co9
Ham and Carter Co3
Hamburg Electric Light, Heat and Power Co5
Hamburg Mines Co8
Hamburg PA Dispatch2
Hamburg Savings Bank14
Hamburg Undertaking Co2
Hamburg-American Copper Mining and Milling Co7
Hamburg-American Line15
Hamburg-Bremen Fire Insurance Co7
Hamburger Co3
Hamburger Distillery Co2
Hamburgers Department Store279
Hamden Savings Bank of Springfield1
Hamilton and Northwestern Railway9
Hamilton Bank of New York16
Hamilton Cataract Power, Light and Traction Co6
Hamilton County Farmers Telephone Co7
Hamilton County NY Record2
Hamilton Fire Insurance Co14
Hamilton Gas and Electric Co9
Hamilton Gas Light and Coke Co3
Hamilton Gas Light Co4
Hamilton Gas Works4
Hamilton Home Telephone Co10
Hamilton IL Press3
Hamilton Intelligencer2
Hamilton Iron and Steel Co10
Hamilton KS Enterprise1
Hamilton Mining Co2
Hamilton News Co
Hamilton OH Telegraph2
Hamilton Realty Co2
Hamilton Square NJ Journal1
Hamilton Steel and Iron Co9
Hamilton Street Railway3
Hamilton Trust Co64
Hamilton VA Enterprise1
Hamilton Watch Co5
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co14
Hamler OH Independent3
Hamlet Mining and Milling Co3
Hamlet NC Enterprise1
Hamlin and Co6
Hamlin County SD Times2
Hamlin National Bank of Holcomb1
Hammacher, Schlemmer and Co5
Hammon Coupler Co3
Hammon Engineering Co6
Hammon Publishing Co
Hammond Beef Co4
Hammond Glue Co3
Hammond IL Courier2
Hammond IN News1
Hammond Lumber Co118
Hammond Pros86
Hammond WI News1
Hammond, Whiting and East Chicago Electric Railway5
Hammondsport NY Herald2
Hampden-Cloncurry Copper Mines12
Hampshire IL Register2
Hampton and Branchvllle Railroad6
Hampton and St Martins Railway4
Hampton County SC Guardian1
Hampton Properties1
Hampton VA Bulletin1
Hampton VA Monitor1
Hampton, Phoebus and Fort Monroe Gas Co7
Hamtramck Street Railway7
Hanchett Paper Co2
Hancock Goemann Co2
Hancock MD Star1
Hancock Savings Bank of Avoca1
Handy Car Equipment Co3
Handy Things Co2
Hanford CA Sentinel2
Hanford Gas and Power Co3
Hanford Irrigation and Power Co11
Haniman Fish Co8
Hanna City IL Trivoli Index1
Hanna Mining and Milling Co9
Hanna Oil Co4
Hanna Ore Mining Co3
Hannah, Lay and Co3
Hannapah Divide Extension Mines -Co6
Hannibal Gas Co3
Hannibal Light and Fuel Co3
Hannibal MO Morning Journal2
Hannibal News Co
Hannis Distilling Co5
Hanover and McSherrystown Water Co3
Hanover and York Railroad3
Hanover Bessemer Iron and Copper Co10
Hanover Copper Co6
Hanover Gas Co5
Hanover Gas Light Co of New Hampshire2
Hanover Herald2
Hanover NH Gazette1
Hanover Trust Co7
Hanover Water Works Co6
Hanscom and Hough Storage Battery Co3
Hansell Stevens Shoe Co4
Hansen Dairy Co3
Hanson and Parker3
Hanson and Van Winkle Co5
Hanson Manufacturing Co5
Happy Jack Mining and Reduction Co5
Harbor Springs Railroad5
Harcuvar Copper Co9
Hardaway Hecht Co11
Harden Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher Co3
Hardie Brothers Co6
Hardin County IL Independent2
Hardin County OH Republican2
Hardin Independent2
Hardinsburg KY Leader2
Hards, Shields and Harker Realty Co23
Hardware Agency Co3
Hardwick and Magee Co7
Hardwick and Woodbury Railroad9
Hardwick Foundry and Machiine Co38
Hardwick VT Gazette1
Hardwick-Abbot Manufacturing Co6
Hardy and Hayes Co4
Hardy AR Herald2
Hardy Coal Co3
Hardy NE Herald1
Hare Mining and Milling Co4
Harford Bank of Bel Air3
Harford Bank of Darlington1
Harford Times1
Hargadine-McKittrick Dry Goods Co9
Hargrave Silver Mines8
Hargreaves Printing Co28
Harlem Bridge, Morrisania and Fordham Railway3
Harlem Local Reporter2
Harlem Savings Bank17
Harley Gold Mountain Mining and Smelting Co4
Harlows Cafe15
Harmill Divide Mining Co4
Harmon Engineering Co9
Harmony Baptist2
Harmony Creamery Co4
Harmony Mines Co12
Harmony Music Co3
Harney Times2
Harold A. Parker
Harold Hahn Co
Harold L. Bond Co3
Harold R. Smith
Harold R. Stone Lumber Co4
Harper and Kirschten Shoe Co2
Harper and Reynolds Co28
Harper Hospital Bulletin3
Harpeth National Bank of Franklin1
Harqua Hala Ridge Mining and Milling Co6
Harriman and Northeastern Railroad12
Harriman Coal and Iron Railroad7
Harrington and King Perforating Co3
Harrington NJ Advocate1
Harris Amusement Co8
Harris and Frank31
Harris Banking Co1
Harris Co2
Harris Copper Co5
Harris Lumber Co3
Harris Millinery Co26
Harris Pump and Supply Co3
Harris Trust and Savings Bank5
Harris Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago1
Harris, Forbes and Co1
Harris-Lipsitz Co37
Harrisburg IL Register3
Harrisburg Light, Heat and Power Co14
Harrisburg PA Missionary Tidings2
Harrisburg PA Telegraph3
Harrisburg Pipe and Pipe Bending Co9
Harrison and Co3
Harrison Electric and Water Co7
Harrison Electric Light and Ice Co3
Harrison Republican4
Harrison Wire Co3
Harrisonburg VA Free Press1
Harrodsburg IN Enterprise2
Harron, Rickard and McCone12
Harry A. Miller Manufacturing Co5
Harry Brothers Manufacturing Co19
Harry H. Hamm
Harry H. Lobdell Co2
Harry N. Martin
Harry P. Cann and Bro Co
Harshbarger Oil and Gas Co9
Hart-Smith Sash and Door Co6
Hartford Blues37
Hartford City Gas Light Co15
Hartford CT Examiner1
Hartford CT Fraternal News1
Hartford CT Journal1
Hartford CT Post4
Hartford Dark Blues37
Hartford Deposit Co5
Hartford Electric Light Co19
Hartford KY Herald2
Hartford Mining Co5
Hartford Printing Co
Hartford Seminary Foundation32
Hartford Times4
Hartje Paper Manufacturing Co4
Hartman Brothers News Agency
Hartman Card and Souvenir Co
Hartman Card Co
Hartman Furniture and Carpet Co6
Hartman Hardware Co5
Hartman Litho Sales Co
Hartmann Trunk Co2
Hartsburg IL Journal2
Hartsville SC Messenger1
Hartwell GA Sun2
Hartwell Harness Pad Co3
Harty Brothers and Harty Co3
Harvard Dental School Association8
Harvard Electric Co3
Harvard IL Herald3
Harvard Mine2
Harvard Odontological Society14
Harvard Shoe Stores13
Harvey and Lyles Print and Art Co2
Harvey and Mose Plumbing Co3
Harvey E. Strong
Harvey IL Tribune2
Harveyville State Bank of Burlingame1
Harwich MA Independent1
Harwood and Quincy Machine Co4
Harwood Electric Co7
Hasbrouck Divide Annex Mining Co5
Hasbrouck Divide Mining Co6
Hasbrouck Heights NJ News-Letter1
Haskell Av Floral Co6
Haskell Printing Co3
Hasterlik Brothers5
Hastings and Mitchell Co5
Hastings Express Co6
Hastings Gas Light Co4
Hastings Improvement Co5
Hastings Independent Telephone Co6
Hastings Industrial Co2
Hastings Light and Heat Co1
Hastings Lumber Co3
Hastings NE Republican2
Hastings, Lowell and Northern Michigan Railroad9
Hat Review2
Hatch Accumulator Co4
Hathaway Manufacturing Co7
Hatters Fur Exchange7
Hattiesburg MS Progress2
Haugen State Bank1
Haugh and Keenan Storage and Transfer Co6
Hauser Packing Co6
Hausler and Lutz Towing and Dock Co3
Haussmann and Dunn Co3
Havana Commercial Co12
Havana Tobacco Co29
Haverhill and Amesbury Street Railway2
Haverhill Gas Light Co8
Haverhill Gas Securities Co6
Haverhill MA Evening Gazette1
Haverhill NH Courier1
Haverhill Savings Bank1
Haverty Furniture Co15
Havre De Grace Electric Co3
Havre De Grace Independent Press1
Havre De Grace Republican2
Havre Electric Co4
Hawahan Commercial and Sugar Co5
Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Co7
Hawkeye Electric Manufacturing Co4
Hawkins and Cook Smoke Consumer Co2
Hawkins Lead and Zinc Co4
Hawkinsville and Florida Southern Railway9
Hawley Down Draft Furnace Co7
Hawley, King and Co21
Hawley-Mills Co3
Hawthorne, Nebaganion and Superior Railway8
Hay Walker Brick Co6
Hayden Automatic Block Machine Co1
Hayden Cigar Co3
Hayden Co5
Hayden Furniture Co1
Hayes Co3
Hayes County NE Times2
Hayes Mining Co5
Haynes Studios
Haystack Mines Co6
Hazard Cotton Co2
Hazard Powder Co3
Hazel Gold Mining Co2
Hazel Pure Food Co3
Hazelhurst and Southeastern Railway6
Hazelton Land Co4
Hazelwood Brewing Co3
Hazelwood Realty Co3
Hazelwood Savings and Trust Co8
Hazen Confectionery Co4
Hazleton Electric Light and Power Co8
Hazleton Gas Co4
Hazleton Railroad14
Hazleton Steam Heating Co6
Headlight Gold Mining and Milling Co7
Headlight Mining Co6
Healdsburg CA Enterprise2
Health Monitor1
Health Record1
Healthy Home1
Healy Ice Machine Co3
Heard National Bank of Jacksonville6
Hearne and Brazos Valley Railroad5
Heath and Milligan Manufacturing Co4
Hebron IL Times3
Hebron Water Co6
Hecker-Jones-Jewell Milling Co8
Hecla and Torch Lake Railroad7
Hecla Consolidated Mining Co2
Hecla Copper-Silver Mining and Milling Co5
Hecla Divide Mining Co8
Hecla Iron and Mining Co3
Hecla Mining Co7
Hecla Mining Co of Idaho9
Hecla Mining Co of New Mexico6
Hecla Oil Co2
Hedley Gold Mining Co10
Heidenkamp Mirror Co2
Heissler and Junge Co2
Helen A. Casterline
Helena Gas and Electric Co3
Helena Gas Co4
Helena Gas Light and Coke Co of Montana3
Helena Gas Light Co of Arkansas3
Helena Light and Railway11
Helena Mining Bureau8
Helena Office Supply Co
Helena Street Railway7
Helena Water Works Co5
Heliotype Printing Co3
Hellman Commercial Trust and Savings Bank53
Helman Paint Co3
Helmbacher Forge and Rolling Mills Co4
Hemlock Silver-Lead Mining Co6
Hempfield Railroad22
Hemple Copper Mining Co4
Hempstead Gas Light Co3
Hempstead TX News2
Hender NC Times1
Henderson Bridge Co4
Henderson Coal Co2
Henderson County IL Journal3
Henderson Electric and Gas Light Co2
Henderson Light and Power Co2
Henderson Lighting and Power Co3
Henderson NC Hustler1
Henderson Water Co7
Hendricks-Young Co2
Henius and Co2
Henneberry Co3
Henning IL News1
Henning MN Advocate2
Henrici Hotel and Restaurant Co3
Henrico News1
Henrietta Copper Mining Co2
Henry Bosch Co2
Henry Bulletin1
Henry C. Hunt Co3
Henry Clay Fire Insurance Co1
Henry County MO Republican2
Henry County OH Signal2
Henry Delaney Co3
Henry E. Wright and Sons3
Henry Elias Brewing Co5
Henry H. Tuttle Co3
Henry Hess Brewing Co2
Henry Holt and Co3
Henry IL News-Republican1
Henry National Bank of Abbeville1
Henry O. Shepard Co5
Henry P. Cann and Bro Co
Henry Pollack Trunk Co14
Henry Pratt Boiler and Machine Co7
Henry Price Printing Co3
Henry R. Worthington Co21
Henry Runtz Paper Box and Nevelty Co2
Henry S. Beach
Henry Sanders Co3
Henry W. Cooke Co4
Henry, Bayard and Co3
Hensel-Colladay Co4
Hentig Furniture Co2
Heppenstall Forge and Knife Co5
Heppner Mining Co3
Herald Advertiser1
Herald and Greenville Register1
Herald and Presbyter6
Herald of Health1
Herald of Life and the Coming Kingdom1
Herald of Light1
Herald of Salvation1
Herald of the Coming One1
Herald of Trade and Finance2
Herald of Truth5
Herald Printing Co5
Herald Publishing Co3
Herald Square Realty Co8
Herb Lake Gold Mines7
Herbco Card Co
Hercules Buggy Co5
Hercules Coal and Mining Co2
Hercules Mining Co of Wisconsin3
Hercules Powder Co7
Hercules Woodenware Co3
Hereford Railway3
Herkimer Gas Light Co2
Herkimer, Newport and Poland Railway15
Herman Blumenthal Inc6
Herman Weber Co4
Hermann MO Republican Banner2
Hermann Post Card Co
Hermansville and Western Railroad8
Hermina Mining Co9
Hermit Mining Co4
Hermitage Press
Hermosa SD Pilot2
Hermosillo Copper Co10
Hernandez Quicksilver Co4
Herr Automatic Press Co11
Herreshoff Manufacturing Co6
Herreshofif Manufacturing Co1
Herrick Co3
Herrick IL Bulletin1
Herrin IL Daily Journal3
Herrin National Bank of Vernon1
Herring-Hall-Marves Safe Co10
Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co7
Herringbone Metal Lath Co5
Herscher IL Pilot2
Hersey Manufacturing Co8
Hersher Lubricating Oil Co3
Herzog Lumber and Manufacturing Co3
Herzog-Ratzel Co5
Hess Warming and Ventilating Co3
Hesse Envelope Co7
Hesse Manufacturing Co3
Hetch-Hetchy and Yostmite Valley Railroad3
Heusner Baking Co3
Hewitt Manufacturing Co5
Heyboer Stationery Co
Heyl and Patterson5
Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Co18
Heywood Oil Co6
Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett and Co18
Hibernia Bank of Savannah1
Hibernia Underground Railroad6
Hibernian Banking Association9
Hibernian Savings Bank13
Hick Barksdale Wall Paper Co3
Hickman and Obion Railroad14
Hickory NC Mercury1
Hickory NC Press1
Hickory NC Times1
Hickory Valley Railroad6
Hicks Induction Light and Motor Co4
Hicks Manufacturing Co3
Hicks News Agency
Hidalgo and Northeastern Railroad15
Hidalgo Copper Mining and Smelting Co9
Hidalgo Mining Co7
Hidden Treasure Gold Mining Co2
Hidden Treasure Mining and Leasing Co2
Hide and Leather National Bank12
Hider Nevada Mining Co5
Higgins Brothers and Co3
Higgins Mine3
Higgins Oil and Fuel Co8
Higgins-Rutter Manufacturing Co3
Higginsville MO Jeffersonian2
High Divide Extension Co6
High Five Mining Co2
High Grade Oil Refining Co18
High Grade Silver and Copper Mining Co3
High Street Bank of Providence8
High Street Trust3
High Top Mining Co2
Highland Avenue and Belt Railroad5
Highland Chief Gold Mining Co5
Highland Chief Mining Co2
Highland Consolidated Mining Co5
Highland Cooperative Bank14
Highland Copper Co5
Highland Glass Co3
Highland IL Journal4
Highland IL News Leader4
Highland Mary Mines Co2
Highland Mining and Milling Co2
Highland NY Post3
Highland Park and Royal Oak Railroad5
Highland Park Building Co3
Highland Park IL Press4
Highland Park Mills30
Highland Park Mills No 139
Highland Park Mills No 22
Highland Park Mills No 3232
Highland Park Railroad4
Highland Park Railway3
Highland Recorder1
Highland Surprise Consolidated Mining Co6
Highland Valley Mining and Development Co8
Highlander Mill and Mining Co6
Highlandtown and Point Breeze Railway4
Highmore SD Herald2
Highpoint NC Enterprise1
Hightstown NJ Gazette2
Hightstown NJ Independent1
Higman Lumber Co4
Hiland Automobile Co6
Hilarity Mining Co2
Hilda Gold Mining Co5
Hilf Mercantile Co6
Hill and Lacross Co2
Hill City Mining and Development Co4
Hill County National Bank2
Hill Directory Co
Hill Manufacturing Co5
Hill Mines Co3
Hill Top Bank of Pittsburgh2
Hill Top Savings and Trust Co9
Hillcrest Mining Co4
Hillebrand-Stern Co7
Hills Brothers Co6
Hillsboro Electric and Gas Co7
Hillsboro Electric Light and Power Co9
Hillsboro Gas and Electric Light Co3
Hillsboro IL Journal4
Hillsboro Light and Fuel Co3
Hillsboro News Co
Hillsboro OH Dispatch1
Hillsboro OH News-Herald3
Hillsdale Gas Co2
Hillsdale Gas Light Co3
Hillside Bank7
Hillside Cooperative Bank of Medford1
Hillsville VA Peoples Advocate1
Hillsville VA Times1
Hilltop Extension Mines Co4
Hilltop Metals Mining Co10
Hilltop Milling and Reduction Co3
Hillyer Trust Co2
Hilton and Aldrich Co4
Hilton and Dodge Lumber Co8
Hilton Lumber Co4
Himalaya Mining Co4
Himrod Furnace Co3
Hinckley Fibre Co5
Hinckley Manufacturing Co4
Hinckley Rendering Co4
Hinckley Review And Waterman Leader1
Hindman-Henderson Co3
Hindsboro IL News2
Hine-Watt Manufacturing Co3
Hingham Cooperative Bank2
Hingham MA Journal1
Hingham Water Co7
Hinman Mining Co2
Hinsdale IL Doings3
Hinsdale State Bank1
Hinsdale Tunnel and Reduction Co3
Hipolito Screen and Sash Co7
Hipwell Manufacturing Co4
Hires-Turner Glass Co4
Hirsch Lumber Co7
Hirsch News Agency
Historical Calendar Advertising Co2
Historical Publishing Co1
Hitchings and Coulthurst Co3
Hoagland State Bank1
Hobart and Manistee River Railroad6
Hobart IN Gazette2
Hobart Iron Mining Co31
Hobart M. Cable Co4
Hobson Elec Co16
Hobson Silver Lead Co7
Hochelaga Bank2
Hockanum Mills Co10
Hockensmith Wheel and Mine Car Co5
Hocking Valley Manufacturing Co2
Hodge and Homer Co3
Hodge Boiler Works3
Hodgman Rubber Co5
Hoffman and Troy Railroad5
Hoffman-Marks Co17
Hoffman-Richardson Co4
Hoffmann Schulz Co4
Hofmann Brothers Brewing Co2
Hoisington State Bank1
Holabird-Reynolds Electric Co13
Holbrook MA Times1
Holbrook, Cabot and Rollins Co5
Holbrook, Merrill and Stetson25
Holden Gold and Copper Mining Co4
Holden Mining and Milling Co2
Holder Lumber Co5
Holdrege Lighting Co4
Holdrege NE Citizen2
Holiday Magazine1
Holland and Lake Michigan Railroad3
Holland City Gas Co5
Holland Co2
Holland Linseed Oil Co3
Holland NY Review2
Holland South Shore Railroad7
Holland Trust Co24
Holland-Worley Rug Co4
Hollander and Funke Co22
Hollenbeck Hotel69
Hollidaysburg and Gap Iron Co2
Hollidaysburg PA Register2
Hollidaysburg Water and Gas Co4
Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mines13
Hollingshead and Blei Co2
Hollingsworth and Vose Co3
Hollingsworth and Whitney Co14
Hollins, Helflin and Sylacauga Railroad5
Hollister Brothers4
Hollister Gas Co4
Holliston Water Co3
Holly Branch1
Holly River and Addison Railway7
Holly Springs MS South2
Holly, Wayne and Monroe Railroad10
Hollywood Decorating Co3
Hollywood National Bank5
Hollywood Transfer and Storage Co4
Holmes Bed Manufacturing Co16
Holmes Book Co4
Holmes Co4
Holmes Mining and Milling Co7
Holmes Music Co9
Holmes Supply Co10
Holmes, Booth and Haydens4
Holmes-Stockard-Danforth Co3
Holmesburg Trust Co3
Holstein-Friesian Register1
Holston Methodist2
Holston Valley Railway5
Holt County MO Democrat2
Holt Lumber Co2
Holt Manufacturing Co6
Holt State Bank, Thief River Falls1
Holton Power Co5
Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co13
Holyoke and Westfield Railroad41
Holyoke Card and Paper Co1
Holyoke MA Democrat1
Holyoke MA Free Press1
Holyoke MA Times1
Holyoke MA Transcript1
Holyoke National Bank2
Holyoke Street Railway3
Holyoke Water Power Co12
Home Acetylene Light Co4
Home and Mart1
Home Bank of Knox City1
Home Bleach and Dye Works2
Home Copper Co3
Home for Aged Men4
Home for Little Wanderers8
Home Friend1
Home Furniture Co4
Home Gas Co3
Home Improvement Co2
Home Journal and News2
Home Land Co2
Home Life Insurance Co8
Home Life Publishing Co3
Home Light and Power Co7
Home Light and Water Co of Bloomfield2
Home Market Bulletin1
Home Mission Echoes1
Home National Bank of Brockton1
Home National Bank of Chicago2
Home National Bank of Lexington1
Home National Bank of Meriden1
Home Office Southern Publishing Co1
Home Pastime Mine2
Home Publishing Co3
Home Queen2
Home Run Copper Co6
Home Run Copper Mining Co4
Home Savings and State Bank of Peoria1
Home Savings Bank17
Home Savings Bank of Albany16
Home Savings Bank of Boston49
Home Savings Bank of Chicago6
Home Savings Bank of Des Moines1
Home Savings Bank of Toledo4
Home Savings Bank of Vicksburg1
Home Savings Bank of Washington6
Home Security Life Insurance Co6
Home Telephone and Telegraph Co26
Home Telephone and Telegraph Co of Fort Wayne10
Home Telephone and Telegraph Co of Los Angeles10
Home Telephone and Telegraph Co of Pasadena5
Home Telephone and Telegraph Co of San Diego5
Home Telephone Co4
Home Telephone Co of Chillicothe4
Home Telephone Co of Detroit16
Home Telephone Co of Elkhart County10
Home Telephone Co of Joplin5
Home Telephone Co of Mobile6
Home Telephone Co of San Francisco3
Home Telephone Co of Smithfield10
Home Telephone Co of St Joseph4
Home Times1
Home Title Insurance Co of New York21
Home Topics2
Homeland Realty Co3
Homelode Mining and Milling Co2
Homeopathic Eve and Ear and Throat Journal4
Homeopathic News1
Homeopathic Physician2
Homeopathic Recorder2
Homeopathic Reporter1
Homer and Cortland Gas Light Co81
Homer City National Bank1
Homer Electric Light and Power Co1
Homer Laughlin China Co4
Homer Laughlin Engineers Corporation7
Homer Motors Co7
Homer State Bank1
Homestake Mining and Tunnel Co2
Homestake Mining Co11
Homestake Mining Co of South Dakota12
Homestake Tin and Copper Co3
Homestead and Mifflin Street Railway3
Homestead Bank of Brooklyn15
Homestead Cooperative Bank of Boston17
Homestead Copper Co5
Homestead National Bank11
Homestead Savings Bank and Trust Co11
Homestead Valve Manufacturing Co5
Homestead-Iron Dyke Mines Co3
Homewood Peoples Bank8
Homiletic Review2
Honea Path SC Chronicle1
Honesdale Consolidated Light, Heat and Power Co5
Honesdale Consolidated Water Co5
Honesdale Gas Co4
Honesdale Telephone Co7
Honest Dollar Mining and Milling Co5
Honolulu Gas Co5
Honolulu Sugar Plantation Co7
Hood River Electric Light, Power and Water Co4
Hood Rubber Co11
Hook and Ladder Co12
Hook and Ladder Co No 148
Hooker Electrochemical Co8
Hooper Medicine Co8
Hooper Telephone Co7
Hoopeston IL Chronicle-Herald3
Hoops Tea Co2
Hoosac Tunnel6
Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad13
Hoosac Tunnel Fast Freight Line4
Hoosac Valley News1
Hoosac Valley Street Railway3
Hoosick Falls Gas Light Co4
Hooven, Owens, Rentschler Co9
Hop Canon Mining and Smelting Co4
Hop Canyon Mining and Smelting Co7
Hope Engineering and Supply Co6
Hope Mills Manufacturing Co7
Hope Mills NC Chronicle1
Hope Mines Development Co9
Hope Mining and Milling Co4
Hope Mining, Milling and Leasing Co4
Hope Natural Gas Co4
Hope of Israel Mining Co2
Hope Publishing Co2
Hope Valley RI Advertiser1
Hope Valley RI Free Press1
Hope Worsted Yarn Co7
Hopedale IL Times-Review2
Hopkins News Agency
Hopkinton MA Light1
Hopper-MacFarland-Duncan Co6
Hopperstead Barber Supply Co5
Horace K. Turner Co3
Horace S. Johnson and Co3
Horicon State Bank1
Horn and Brannen Manufacturing Co5
Horn Brothers Manufacturing Co3
Horn Silver Mines Co13
Hornell Electric Co8
Hornell Gas Light Co61
Hornellsville NY Times1
Horse Mountain Copper Co3
Horse Shoe Mining Co14
Horseshoe Divide Mining Co6
Horton Water and Light Co5
Hose Co No 156
Hose Co No 229
Hose Co No 327
Hose Co No 431
Hose Co No 55
Hoskins Drug Co3
Hoskins Mills78
Hosmer Codding Co4
Hoster-Columbus Associated Breweries Co10
Hostler Coal and Coke Co3
Hot Springs Railroad8
Hot Springs Street Railroad3
Hot Springs Water Co4
Hotel Alexandria4
Hotel Alvarado4
Hotel and Railroad News Co5
Hotel Antler Co3
Hotel Bismarck Co3
Hotel Clark21
Hotel Clark Auto and Taxi Co4
Hotel Cordova4
Hotel Darby10
Hotel de Paris5
Hotel Figueroa3
Hotel Hayward12
Hotel Hollywood30
Hotel Huntington4
Hotel Ingraham4
Hotel La Salle Co12
Hotel Lankershim3
Hotel Lee6
Hotel Melrose6
Hotel Netherland Co5
Hotel Rosslyn10
Hotel Selwyn69
Hotel Sherman Co14
Hotel Sherman of Chicago7
Hotel Snow3
Hotel Somerset Co5
Hotel Stowell3
Hotel Van Nuys26
Hotel Westminster6
Hotel Williams6
Hotel Woodward7
Houghton and L'Anse Railroad7
Houghton and Rockland Railroad7
Houghton County Gas and Coke Co6
Houghton Railroad6
Houghton, Mifflin and Co4
Houghton, Osgood and Co
Houlton ME Hornet1
House Furnishing Review2
House of Refuge8
Household Remedies Co3
Household Storage Co2
Household Supply Co3
Houston and Great Northern Railroad3
Houston Brothers Co5
Houston City Street Railway4
Houston Gas Co7
Houston Gas Light Co2
Houston Land Co2
Houston Lighting and Power Co8
Houston MO Herald1
Houston Oil Co of Texas15
Houston Rolling Mills and Iron Co3
Houston TX Herald1
Houston, Stanwood and Gamble Co5
Houston, West Street and Pavonia Ferry Railroad3
Howard Auto Co17
Howard County IA Times3
Howard Hager Co3
Howard IL News1
Howard Severance Co3
Howard Steam Fire Engine Co7
Howe Brothers10
Howe Sound Co13
Howe TX Messenger2
Howell Mining Co5
Howland and Dewey Co6
Hoxie KS Sentinel2
Huanchaca De Bolivia8
Hub Clothing Co10
Hub Gore Makers3
Hub Mining Investment Co5
Hubbard and Co4
Hubbard Steel Foundry Co8
Hubbard, Smith and Co3
Hubbard-Elliott Copper Co6
Huchang Mining Co21
Huckins Hotel and Office Building Co5
Hudson and Jackson Railroad5
Hudson and Middlesex Telephone and Telegraph Co10
Hudson Bay Mines8
Hudson Counties Gas and Electric Co7
Hudson County Gas Light Co3
Hudson County National Bank of Jersey City1
Hudson County NJ Dispatch1
Hudson County Post1
Hudson County Water Co5
Hudson IA Record1
Hudson Iron Co2
Hudson Light and Power Co3
Hudson National Bank1
Hudson National Bank of Gleasondale1
Hudson NY Record1
Hudson Printing and Lithographing Co
Hudson River Day Line8
Hudson River Electric Co11
Hudson River Electric Power Co106
Hudson River Power Transmission Co81
Hudson River Water Power Co91
Hudson savings Bank2
Huebner-Toledo Breweries Co8
Huelva Copper and Sulphur Mines11
Huey and Philp Hardware Co29
Huff, Barnes and Opie3
Hugh Kelly and Co4
Hughes Arizona Copper Co3
Hughes Electric Co3
Hughes Electric Light Co4
Hughes Springs TX Courier2
Hughesville Savings Bank1
Hughson and Merton Inc5
Hugo Du Brock and Co2
Hugo Gold and Copper Mining Co5
Hukill Hunter Co5
Hulburd, Warren and Co4
Hull Copper Co6
Hull IL Enterprise2
Humane Animal Commission8
Humboldt Consolidated Copper Co5
Humboldt Consolidated Mines Co5
Humboldt Copper Mining Co2
Humboldt County IA Independent3
Humboldt County IA Republican3
Humboldt Fire Insurance Co16
Humboldt Gas and Electric Light Co6
Humboldt Mines Co5
Humboldt-Arizona Gold-Copper Co7
Hume IL Record3
Humeston and Shenandoah Railroad6
Hummel Brothers and Co4
Humphrey Advertising Co2
Humphrey County Bank of Denver1
Hunt City Commercial Bank1
Hunt Furniture Co9
Hunt Grocery Co10
Hunt Spiller Manufacturing Co6
Hunt-Harlan Co16
Hunter Publishing Co2
Hunter W. Finch and Co4
Hunterdon Democrat1
Hunterdon Gazette1
Hunterdon Independent1
Hunterdon Republican1
Hunters Run and Slate Belt Railroad6
Huntingburg IN Independent2
Huntington and Big Sandy Railroad3
Huntington AR Herald1
Huntington Beach Co4
Huntington Chambers Trust3
Huntington Electric Light and Street Railway3
Huntington IN Tribune2
Huntington Land and Implement Co10
Huntington Light and Fuel Co3
Huntington Mutual Telephone Co5
Huntington News Agency
Huntington WV Argus2
Huntington WV Herald2
Huntoon and Gorham Co2
Hunts Lyman Iron Co4
Huntsville Gas Light and Coke Co2
Huntsville Gas Light and Heating Co2
Huron and Michigan Railroad5
Huron National Bank of Chicago1
Huron Press1
Huronian Belt Co4
Hurson Electric Co3
Hussey-Binns Shovel Co3
Hussey-Howe Mining Co5
Hustburg TN Issue2
Hustead-Semans Coal and Coke Co6
Hutchings Votey Organ Co3
Hutchinson and Huestis2
Hutchinson Gas and Fuel Co4
Hutchinson KS Clipper2
Hutchinson KS Kansan2
Hutchinson KS News1
Hutchinson National Bank4
Hutchinson Street Railway3
Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Co8
Hutchison and Huestis2
Hutchison Manufacturing Co2
Hutchison, Seaborn and Hipps3
Hutsonville IL Herald2
Hutton Plumbing Co3
Huylers Co5
Hy-Jen Chemical Co3
Hyannis MA Patriot2
Hyatt Roller Bearing Co7
Hyde Paper Co
Hyde Park Candy Co3
Hyde Park Gas Co3
Hyde Park Hotel Co5
Hyde Park MA Favorite2
Hyde Park MA Times1
Hyde Park Savings Bank3
Hyde Park Savings Bank of Boston15
Hyde Park Steam Heating Co3
Hyde Park Trust Co2
Hyde Park Water Co4
Hyde Wheeler Co4
Hyde Windlass Co5
Hydraulic Banks of Buffalo17
Hydraulic Engineering Works3
Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Co3
Hydraulic Race Co6
Hydraulic Vacuum Cleaner Co8
Hydraulic White Brick Co3
Hydro Carbon Fixed Gas Co3
Hydro Sixes Mines Co3
Hygienic Filter and Cooler Co4
Hygienic Food Co7
Hyman-Quinn Co2
Hymera Coal Mining Co3
Hypotheek Mining and Milling Co6