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Organization: Houghton County Traction Railroad

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsFrederick J.Bawden director1908-1917
RailroadsWilliam N.Bissell asst treasurer1916-1917
RailroadsHenry G.Bradlee director1908-1917
RailroadsJ. CoolidgeCoffin asst treasurer1909-1917
RailroadsW. W.Dow asst treasurer1908-1909
RailroadsJ. HarryDufresne asst treasurer1908
RailroadsL. E.Eustis asst treasurer1916-1917
RailroadsFred H.Farnham asst treasurer1914-1917
RailroadsHarry H., JrFay asst secretary1909
RailroadsClement R.Ford director1908
RailroadsEnoch HowardGeorge director1908
RailroadsRichard H.Harris director1908
RailroadsArthur M.Jones asst treasurer1914-1915
RailroadsWilliam H.McGrath manager1908
RailroadsJohn M.Nelson chief engineer1909
RailroadsJ. T. G.Nichols asst treasurer1912-1917
RailroadsRussellNoble director1911
RailroadsFrederick T.Noyee VP, director1911
RailroadsThomas NelsonPerkins director1908-1917
RailroadsFrederick S.Pratt director1909-1917
RailroadsJohn, JrRalph supt1908-1917
RailroadsAllen ForsythRees gen counsel, gen solicitor1908-1917
RailroadsJohn C.Rice director1908
RailroadsGuy A.Richardson supt1908-1909MI, Houghton Co, Calumet
RailroadsRussellRobb director1912-1917
RailroadsGardnerRogers local manager1909-1917
RailroadsFrederick P.Royce president, director1912-1917
RailroadsHenry BucklandSawyer treasurer1908-1909
RailroadsWilliam E., JrShaw asst treasurer1910-1915
RailroadsCharles AugustusStone director1908-1917
RailroadsNathaniel H.Stone director1908-1909
RailroadsAlvah K.Todd secretary1908-1917
RailroadsGuy EastmanTripp director1908-1910MA, Plymouth Co, Hingham
RailroadsW. J.Walsh chief engineer1908
RailroadsPhilip L.Warren director1908
RailroadsGuy L.Weymouth VP1912-1914
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