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Organization: Erie Railroad

Erie Railroad
James Bowen

James Bowen

25 FEB 1808born in New York City, New York Co, NY
29 SEP 1886died in Hastings-on-Hudson, Westchester Co, NY, about age 79.
Portage ViaductNY, Wyoming Co — NY, Livingston CoGeorge Shattuck Morison
Octave Chanute
Kinzua BridgePA, McKean CoOctave Chanute

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RailroadsHarry R.Adams boilermaker helper1896IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJohn WalkerAdams General Northwestern Agent1915MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsVerne M.Alexander yard clerk1902
RailroadsHoratioAllen president1843-1844
RailroadsJames WardAllison chief clerk to asst general freight agent1903-1906IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJames WardAllison 1893-1903OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsA. BenjaminAppler draftsman1901-1903
RailroadsRobert MeredithArnold clerk in the local freight office1870NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsJohnArnot director1866NY, Chemung Co, Elmira
RailroadsIra S.Auch general agent1913-1918PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
RailroadsMilton A.Baird Signal Engineer1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrank M.Baker clerk freight office1864-1872NY, Tioga Co, Owego
RailroadsGeorge F.Baker Director1915
RailroadsGeorge T.Balch 1872-1878
RailroadsHenry FurlongBaldwin engineer maintenance of way1895-1900NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsWilliam AyerBaldwin manager1920-1922OH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown
RailroadsW. B.Bancker Asst Treasurer1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJ. C.Bancroft director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliam H.Bancroft division operator1861-1869
RailroadsGeorge K.Barnes ticket clerk1863-1865NY, Delaware Co, Hancock
RailroadsJacob N.Barr mechanical supt1901-1902PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsWilliam R.Barr ticket agent1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliam H.Barrett supt1899-1901
RailroadsGay lord M.Beach laid branch track1854
RailroadsGaylord M.Beach laid branch track1854
RailroadsJames A.Beahan 1891
RailroadsJ. S.Begs division supt1866NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsGeorge A.Belden rodman1907
RailroadsHenry FrancisBell Foreign freight traffic manager1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsRobert H.Berdell president1864-1867
RailroadsJohn JosephBernet president1927-1929
RailroadsD. W.Bigoney Auditor Disbursements1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliam EdwardBlack freight Claim Adjuster1922OH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown
RailroadsB. W.Blanchard freight agent1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge RobertsBlanchard freight agent1872-1874
RailroadsM. P.Blauvelt Auditor1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsF. L.Blendinger Supt Teleg1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge AnthonyBlistain inspector1915PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsDavidBosman secretary to president, asst secretary1895-1900
RailroadsJamesBowen president1841-1842
RailroadsDaniel McGownBowman 1913
RailroadsGeorge AlbertBowman division freight agent Rochester1895-1901
RailroadsRobert J.Bowman asst to president, asst VP1927-1929
RailroadsRobert HillBoykin supt of Terminals1922NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsC. W.Bradley telegraph operator1853
RailroadsAlbert N.Breland freight Claim Adjuster1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsB. E.Bremner auditor1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsH. G.Brooks master mechanic1866NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsFrank M.Brown dispatcher1883
RailroadsFrederick S.Brown Chief Mechanical Engineer1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsH. L.Brown master mechanic1866NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsM. E.Brown master mechanic1866NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsGeorge F.Brownell Solicitor1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWalter G.Brownson train dispatcher1873-1876
RailroadsC. A.Brunn supt1901NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsC. W.Buchholz Chief Engineer1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCarlBucholtz asst engineer1914-1915OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJamesBuckley asst ticket agent1864-1874
RailroadsEdwin H.Buhlman supt transportation1922NY, Steuben Co, Hornell
RailroadsJoel WakemanBurdick telegraph operator1868
RailroadsLawrence B.Burford general freight and passenger agent1922NY, Steuben Co, Hornell
RailroadsGeorge WeckmanBurgess asst engineer1905-1906NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsThomas JamesBurke Supervisor of Terminals1910NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsHenry L.Burnett counsel1873-1875
RailroadsE. B.Byington northwestern passenger agent1850-1861WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsEdwin B.Byington northwestern passenger agent1858-1861WI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
RailroadsRobert B.Cable freight clerk and in yard service1863-1865
RailroadsArthur BlaineCaldwell Division supt1922NY, Monroe Co, Rochester
RailroadsJames ClintonCalhoun auditor1869-1870
RailroadsJames ClintonCalhoun secretary & treasurer1870-1875
RailroadsE. T.Campbell Purchasing Agent1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsEdward P.Campbell 1873
RailroadsJohn JosephCampion fast freight lines1889-1893
RailroadsJames S.Cark chief clerk Chambers St freight station1865-1873NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn ThomasCarroll draftsman1896PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsWilliam E.Carroll messenger1867-1868NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsH. B.Chamberlain East. Freight Traffic Manager1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsHoward DorranceChamberlain clerk master car builders office and bill clerk1901-1903PA, Lackawanna Co, Dunmore
RailroadsRhuel HamptonChamberlain brakeman, conductor1859-1873
RailroadsClarence LovernChapman 1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsEdwin GeorgeChenoweth mechanical engineer1906-1912PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsJohn M.Chesbrough clerk in auditor office1869-1870NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsF. A.Clark Auditor of Traffic1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliam M.Clark 1861-1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharles W.Clarke division freight agent1901
RailroadsJames C.Clarke VP, manager1872-1874
RailroadsG. G.Cochran West. Freight Traffic Manager1902OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsG. G.Cochran Asst to Pres1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsDarwin F.Coe local freight office1874-1881NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsGeorge A.Coe supt transportation1900-1901
RailroadsJohn M.Condon general yardmaster1914-1916OH, Marion Co, Marion
RailroadsJohn M.Condon asst supt1917-1918OH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown
RailroadsJohn M.Condon yard service1901-1903OH, Crawford Co, Galion
RailroadsJohn M.Condon Division supt1922NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsD. W.Cooke Passenger Agent1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWallace SpencerCookson 1887
RailroadsC. D.Cooper master of car repairs1866NY, Orange Co, Port Jervis
RailroadsHenry A.Cooper telegraph operator1861
RailroadsW. E.Cooper master of car repairs1866NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsWilliam M.Corbett section laborer, telegraph operator1874-1878
RailroadsPhilip W.Coyle station laborer1865
RailroadsThomas EdwardCoyle telegraph operator1893
RailroadsArthurCrable asst engineer1903-1905OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsCharles P.Craig telegraph operator1854
RailroadsFrank JohnCraigie agent1867-1887
RailroadsH. B.Crandall Coal. Freight & Fuel Agent1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharles ParkerCrawford Comptroller1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsW. L.Crawford freight clerk1860-1870NY, Cattaraugus Co, Salamanca
RailroadsWilliam L.Crawford freight clerk1870NY, Cattaraugus Co, Salamanca
RailroadsPatrick E.Crowley telegraph operator, dispatcher1885-1889
RailroadsGeorge M.Cumming VP1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliam G.Curren trainmasters clerk and secretary to division supt1902-1903
RailroadsTheodore H.Curtis mechanical engineer1899-1901
RailroadsD. A.Cushman director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharles AugustineDaley asst engineer1915NY, Steuben Co, Hornell
RailroadsClayton M.Daniels Surgeon1890NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsFrank TenneyDarrow 1894
RailroadsJ. R. W.Davis Engineer Maint. of Way1902NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsJohn MarcusDavis supt1902NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsC. W.Dearworth Division Storekeeper1922IN, Huntington Co, Huntington
RailroadsCharles EugeneDenney president1929-1939
RailroadsHarvey S.DePew asst yard-master1856NY, Steuben Co, Hornellsville
RailroadsGeorge GordonDerby office, train and yard service1895-1906
RailroadsWilliam L.Derr supt Susquehanna division1899-1901NY, Chemung Co, Elmira
RailroadsJosephDeuel division freight agent1893-1901NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsJoseph DaleDewees 1888-1906
RailroadsAlexander S.Diven VP1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn A.Dix president1872
RailroadsAndrewDonaldson VP1901
RailroadsHenry N.Donaldson supt Mahoning division1901
RailroadsGeorgeDonohue Asst Mech. Supt1902PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsC. W.Douglas division supt1866NY, Orange Co, Port Jervis
RailroadsGeorge W.Dowe conductor1870-1882
RailroadsDanielDrew director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharles SumnerDuBelle freight office1890NY, Steuben Co, Corning
RailroadsAndy L.Dunbar telegraph operator1857-1860NY, Columbia Co, Stockport
RailroadsHen O.Dunkie keneral manager and asst to president1914-1918IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsHen O.Dunkie general manager1913-1914OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsGeorge L.Dunlap gen ticket agent1852-1856
RailroadsWilliam B.Dunning construction1840
RailroadsJ. N.Durell division supt1866NY, Steuben Co, Hornellsville
RailroadsJ. M.Earned division engineer1901
RailroadsEdmund J.Edmunds clerk1894-1913NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsAlva C.Eiston supt transportation1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn S.Eldridge president1867-1868
RailroadsWilliam HenryElliott locomotive test dept1887-1890
RailroadsWilliam JohnEnglish Division supt1922PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsWilliam C.Ennis machinist1868-1871
RailroadsE. C.Ensign Baggage Agent1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsR. C.Esson machinist1871-1872
RailroadsLouis HydeEvans 1873-1875
RailroadsWilliamEvans director1866England, Middlesex, London
RailroadsRobert ClemonsFalconer asst to President and chief engineer1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn W.Fawcett division engineer1889-1901OH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown
RailroadsA.Fenwick journeyman machinist in shops1864-1870
RailroadsA. H.Fetters chief draftsman1899-1901
RailroadsHenry J.Fillman clerk passenger dept1869
RailroadsH. C.Fisk division supt1866NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsC. R.Fitch general supt1892-1900
RailroadsWilliam ThomasFitzgerald passenger agent1876-1878CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
RailroadsJ. W.Flatten Treasurer1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsThomas, JrFlesher message boy1853-1855NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsM. D.Follansbee Director1915
RailroadsLeo P.Forbes 1905
RailroadsJames BuchananFord freight traffic manager1920-1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsHenry W.Forward asst general freight agent1896-1908IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsFrancis BreakeyFreeman asst engineer bridge dept1894-1900
RailroadsA. L.Fulenwider city passenger agent1886-1890NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharles E.Fuller asst mechanical supt1902-1903PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsCharles E.Fuller master mechanic1900-1902PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsHenry W.Fuller southern agent1872-1874OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsLuther D.Fuller Chief Agricultural agent1922NY, Chautauqua Co, Jamestown
RailroadsNicholas L.Furman flagman freight train1862-1863
RailroadsAndrew A.Gaddis New England Agent1879
RailroadsFrederic F.Gaines freight, ticket clerk1888
RailroadsThomas W.Gale director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrank S.Gannon telegraph operator1868-1870
RailroadsAlbert L.Gardner station telegraph operator and station agent1865-1869
RailroadsFred H.Garfield division passenger agent1901
RailroadsElbert H.Gary Director1914
RailroadsHenry W.Gays telegraph operator1863-1864NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsGeorge F.Geagan supt stock yards1870NY, Broome Co, Deposit
RailroadsClayton E.Gill clerk local freight office1868-1869NY, Wyoming Co, Warsaw
RailroadsH. E.Gilpin Supt1902OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsC. S.Goldsborough supt1901
RailroadsGeorge HaskellGoodell mechanical engineer1895-1899
RailroadsJames JuniusGoodwin director1914
RailroadsJayGould president1868-1872
RailroadsDavid L.Gray division freight agent1904-1905NY, Chemung Co, Elmira
RailroadsJacob L.Greatsinger fireman, machinist, engineer1869
RailroadsJ. B.Gregg master mechanic1866PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsDudley S.Gregory director1866NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsE. P.Griffith supt of telegraph1922NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsRobertGunn Master Car Builder1902PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsJ. W.Guppy asst supt1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge G.Hadley telegraph operator1863
RailroadsAbram M.Hager brakeman1858-1859
RailroadsJotham C.Haggett fireman1863-1864
RailroadsJotham C.Haggett machinist1861-1863
RailroadsFranklin KintzleHain supt motive power1874-1876
RailroadsCharles DariusHammond 1865-1872
RailroadsWilliam J.Harahan asst to president1907-1911
RailroadsRussellHarding VP1905-1905
RailroadsLouis JeremiahHarrigan Civil Engineer1915NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsEdward HenryHarriman director1903-1909
RailroadsFrankHarriott general freight traffic manager1896-1900
RailroadsBenjamin HoseaHarris chief clerk claim dept1896
RailroadsJohn CarlHassett clerk in mechanical engineers office1898
RailroadsJames BartlettHatch instrumentman1873
RailroadsEdwinHawley clerk1867
RailroadsRichard SomersHayes asst engineer1867
RailroadsMartin V.Heller clerk freight office1856-1866NY, Orange Co, Port Jervis
RailroadsI. L.Hibbard warehouseman1876
RailroadsT. L.Hibbard warehouseman1876
RailroadsFrank NeyHibbits Trainmaster1896-1899NY, Orange Co, Port Jervis
RailroadsFrank NeyHibbits Engineering Department1892PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsFrank NeyHibbits Mechanical Engineer1893-1896PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsFrank E.Higbee clerk transportation dept1879-1882
RailroadsClayton EdwardHildum clerk in office of auditor traffic1898
RailroadsEdward B.Hill freight clerk1862-1876
RailroadsErastus O.Hill master mechanic1869-1872
RailroadsJames W.Hill machinist1867
RailroadsAddisonHills agent1852-1855NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsA. C.Hilton general Eastern passenger agent1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohnHilton treasurer1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWalter J.Hilton clerk1856-1871
RailroadsH.Hobbs division supt1866NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsSilas WrightHolcomb attorney1881
RailroadsMary K.Holloran Librarian1923NY, New York Co, Manhattan
RailroadsFrank W.Holt asst to manager of Purchases1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsAlbert James, JrHorth asst engineer1915OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJohn M.Horton agent1879NY, Tioga Co, Campville
RailroadsFrank E.House Division supt1922OH, Marion Co, Marion
RailroadsJohnHouston asst engineer1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrank AlienHoward Engineer of Structures1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrank AllenHoward Bridges & Buildings1915NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCarlHowe VP-traffic1927-1930IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsCharles Z.Hughes chief clerk local freight office1889OH, Ashland Co, Ashland
RailroadsBrooks P.Humphrey telegraph operator1860-1864
RailroadsWilliamHumphrey roadmaster1888-1900
RailroadsHarry EdwardHuntington general agent passenger dept1907-1908NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsHarry EdwardHuntington general agent passenger dept1905-1907OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsHarry EdwardHuntington chief clerk to asst general passenger agent1901-1902OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsThomas A.Hynes telegraph operator1901
RailroadsW. S.Jackson Mechanical supt1922NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsH. T.Jaeger general agent passenger dept1893-1901
RailroadsW. M.Jaekle transitman and asst engineer1903-1905
RailroadsCharlesJames master mechanie1906NY, Livingston Co, Avon
RailroadsJohn R.James asst ticket agent1892-1896NY, Chemung Co, Elmira
RailroadsWaiter H.Janke 1907-1912PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsHugh J.Jewett president1874-1884
RailroadsA. B.Johnson Land and Tax agent1922OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJeremiahJolls telegraph operator1854-1861
RailroadsJeremiahJolls telegraph operator1865-1867
RailroadsJames H.Jones passenger conductor1868-1873
RailroadsOliver W.Jordan New England traveling agent1870-1880
RailroadsJesse G.June supt1915-1918NY, Cattaraugus Co, Salamanca
RailroadsJesse G.June Division supt1922IN, Huntington Co, Huntington
RailroadsJesse G.June asst division engineer1909-1910NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsJacob JrKarcher office boy1881MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsWillardKelis master mechanic1896-1898OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsEdward A.Kellogg operator1882-1883
RailroadsWilliam V.Kennedy general freight and passenger agent1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsSoren MunchKielland asst engineer1881-1885
RailroadsWillis P.Kimble division engineer Cincinnati division1894-1901
RailroadsJames GoreKing president1835-1839
RailroadsJohnKing president1884-1894
RailroadsHarry T.Kinney asst division engineer1917-1918NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsWilliam HenryKneeland contract work1872
RailroadsEdward F.Knibloe station helper1869
RailroadsHaroldKnight Regional Engineer1922OH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown
RailroadsHaroldKnight rodman1904NY, Chemung Co, Elmira
RailroadsSamuel B.Knight telegraph operator, train dispatcher1864-1872
RailroadsAllen MarkKnowles asst1914NY
RailroadsJuliusKruttschnitt director1917-1922
RailroadsEugeneLaing 1868-1873NY, Monroe Co, Rochester
RailroadsCharles SamuelLake special work for president1917-1918
RailroadsJ. F. D.Lanier director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharles W.Lanpher 1865-1872
RailroadsTheodore BaskinLashells Clerk1917PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsW.Lavery Asst Mech. Supt1902PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsThomas AlbertLawes engineer1891-1892
RailroadsCharles KennedyLawrence asst engineer on construction1878-1880
RailroadsOwen HaroldLaZelle clerk local freight office1912-1913IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJ.Leeming Freight Agent1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsBeloit NewellLewis machinist work1903-1908
RailroadsWilliam EllisLewis extra agent1863
RailroadsFrederic BowenLincoln supt1898-1901
RailroadsJohn GlennLivengood chief clerk to auditor disbursements1901-1903
RailroadsL. L.Lockwood purchasing agent1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsBenjaminLoder president1845-1853
RailroadsRudolph FranklinLongacre division freight agent1897-1901PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsEdward EugeneLoomis supt1894-1899
RailroadsEleazerLord president1833-1835
RailroadsLeonor F.Loree Director1915
RailroadsRobert S.Lovett Director1915
RailroadsA. T.Lowmaster clerk to division engineer1903-1904IN, Huntington Co, Huntington
RailroadsThomas J.Ludlam clerk and traveling auditor accounting dept1888-1899
RailroadsOliver S.Lyford shop clerk1851NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsWilliam ThomasLytle Inspector1917PA, Venango Co, Pleasantville
RailroadsWilliam G.Macedward 1886-1903
RailroadsGeorge F.Macgregor 1875
RailroadsJ. FMaguire supt New York division1899-1901NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsM. W.Maguire supt1892-1899
RailroadsFrancis L.Manchester clerk1867-1870
RailroadsG. C.Manning general freight and passenger agent1922OH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown
RailroadsJohn J.Mantell clerk and stenographer in supts office1899NY, Chemung Co, Elmira
RailroadsMerrill WileyManz engineer1915IN, Starke Co, North Judson
RailroadsNathanielMarsh president1861-1864
RailroadsSamuelMarsh president1859-1861
RailroadsClark LeslieMartin leveler1873-1875
RailroadsRichardMather 1905-1911
RailroadsJohn S.Matson chief train dispatcher1895-1897PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsWilliamMaxwell president1842-1843
RailroadsJoseph P.McCann joint advertising agent1876-1878
RailroadsDanielMcCarthy apprentice machinist1872-1875PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsRobert Du BoisMcCreary freight dept1859-1863
RailroadsRobert DuBoisMcCreary freight dept1859-1863
RailroadsJohn G.McCullough Director1910VT
RailroadsJohn JosephMcCullough general yardmaster1900PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsC. T.McElvaney machinist apprentice1868-1872NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsCharles D.McKelvey telegraph operator1865-1867
RailroadsAlexander H.McLeod confidential clerk freight dept1873-1874
RailroadsJohn J.McVean rodman1873-1875
RailroadsJames MichaelMead switchman1913
RailroadsRalphMead director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliam H.Mead city passenger agent1877-1878CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
RailroadsConrad L.Meister special aprentice and draftsman1897-1901PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsWilliam F.Merrill resident engineer1873-1875NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsWilliam P.Merrill second VP1896-1900
RailroadsClinton V.Merruly supt Bradford division1901
RailroadsJames B.Middaugh brakeman1885NY, Orange Co, Port Jervis
RailroadsJ. A.Middleton VP & Sec1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsLeverett S.Miller asst to president1900-1901
RailroadsWilliam F.Miller operator1887NY, Orange Co, Newburgh
RailroadsWilliam F.Miller station agent1880
RailroadsOgdenMills Director1915
RailroadsWilliam PiersonMilton Director1910
RailroadsDuane ElmerMinard general Attorney1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge HenryMinor land and tax agent1904-1905OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsCharlesMinot consulting engineer1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsA. B.Mitchell supt1901NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliam J.Moody 1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharles HarryMoore asst engineer1894-1900
RailroadsCharles HenryMoore engineer of grade crossings1914
RailroadsFrank J.Moore clerk to ticket agent1876
RailroadsGeorge LoopMoore rodman1890NY, Steuben Co, Hornell
RailroadsWilliam H.Moore receiving freight clerk1866-1867NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn C.Moorhead general manager Ohio division1900-1901
RailroadsAlfred LeeMoorshead resident engineer of construction1905-1910NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsCharlesMoran president1857-1859
RailroadsJ. A.Mordecai Engineer Maint. of Way1902OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsW. S.Morris Mech. Supt1902PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsCharles HenryMorrison signal engineer1902-1904
RailroadsCharles P.Morse general freight and passenger agent1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsFrank E.Morse western passenger agent1863-1865NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsJames J.Moynihan Supervisor of Transrtation1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsA. M.Mozier general supt Ohio division1900-1901
RailroadsNicholas, JrMuller 1887
RailroadsP. A.Murphy yardmaster1877-1881PA, McKean Co, Bradford
RailroadsWilliam J.Murphy the1862-1890
RailroadsAmbrose S.Murray director1866NY, Orange Co, Goshen
RailroadsFrederick H.Murray Mechanical supt1922NY, Steuben Co, Hornell
RailroadsJames W.Musson agent1868-1871IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsWilliamNicholson clerk passenger agent office1871-1873
RailroadsThornton M.Niven 1902-1909
RailroadsWilliam T.Noonan asst to general manager1902-1904
RailroadsJoseph P.O'Malley 1897-1899OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJabez TheodoreOdell train dispatcher1872-1873NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsTunis T.Onderdonk telegraph operator, dispatcher1856-1875
RailroadsGeorge N.Orcutt local attorney1900NY, Steuben Co, Hornell
RailroadsJohn M.Osborn western agent1859-1860OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsHoratio N.Otis secretary1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGalan BatcheldorOwen engineer maintenance of way1907-1913NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsJ. E.Packer Asst Secretary1915
RailroadsCharlesPaine VP1893
RailroadsR. M.Parker Asst Freight Agent1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsRobert StevensParsons asst engineer Buffalo division1898-1899
RailroadsJames C.Patterson Regional Engineer1922NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsCharles S.Peabody Director1910
RailroadsThomas WhitsonPeeples machinist1852-1854
RailroadsIsaac N.Pehlps director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge W.Perkins Director1915
RailroadsJohn S.Peter rodman1873-1874
RailroadsHenry L.Pierson director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn W.Platten office of VP and general manager1889-1901
RailroadsRobert W.Pomeroy Director1915
RailroadsThomas CarrPowell 1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsHarry HaytPratt public relations1923-1928
RailroadsJoseph D.Rahaley Division supt1922NY, Steuben Co, Hornell
RailroadsHomerRamsdell president1853-1857
RailroadsNorman B.Ream Director1903IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsPaul JonathanRees inspector1915PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsPhillip JosephReilly auditor of passenger Accounts1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge H.Reinbrecht Coal freight agent1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsHenry G.Reiser train dispatchers office1881-1889OH, Crawford Co, Galion
RailroadsPeter W.Ressemann clerk, yardmaster1872-1881
RailroadsGeorge D.Reynard telegraph operator and station agent1893-1899
RailroadsWilliam WallReynolds machinist1856-1861
RailroadsA.Richardson VP1910
RailroadsGranville A.Richardson asst to president1901-1904
RailroadsGranville A.Richardson secretary, VP1903-1916
RailroadsHughRiddle supt1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge WilliamRink machinist apprentice1892-1896
RailroadsFranklin G.Robbins general supt1916IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsDuncan I.Roberts general passenger agent1901
RailroadsGeorge LaneRoberts attorney1887-1895
RailroadsBeecherRobison apprentice1915PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsFayette R.Rockwell messenger1875
RailroadsHarriet CatherineRogers telegraph operator1917
RailroadsForrest WoodRosser supt transportation1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsLewis D.Rucker supt of Operations1869-1871
RailroadsJames H.Rutter agent1859-1864NY, Chemung Co, Elmira
RailroadsW. E.Rutter master of car repairs1866NY, Chemung Co, Elmira
RailroadsGeorge N.Saum car inspector1891-1898
RailroadsWilliamSchlafge general foreman1903-1904NY, Orange Co, Port Jervis
RailroadsWilliamSchlafge master mechanic1904-1906NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsIrwin H.Schram 1922NY, Steuben Co, Hornell
RailroadsIrwin H.Schram rodman1908NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsEdwardSchryver freight clerk1868
RailroadsJohn RoderickSexton Regional Engineer1922IN, Huntington Co, Huntington
RailroadsClark B.Seymour conductor1868-1873
RailroadsSam P.Shane asst freight traffic manager1900-1901
RailroadsCharles M.Sheafe 1859-1865
RailroadsEmanuel B.Sheffer purchasing agent1887-1901
RailroadsAbraham D.Shepard clerk1870
RailroadsJames FranklinShinn chief rate clerk passenger dept1902-1909OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsWilliam H.Sidell Superintending Engineer1846-1849
RailroadsClifford StanleySims asst to president1905-1907NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliam B.Skidmore director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsG. T.Slade Supt1902NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsNicholasSlingsland machinist1852PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsFrank E.Smith division freight agent Greenwood Lake division1898-1901NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJoseph WilsonSmith asst Valuation Engineer1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsL. D.Smith Asst Secretary1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsMilton E.Smith 1885-1895
RailroadsStephenSmith train dispatcher1871-1883
RailroadsS. W.Snow several years western agent1883MO, St Louis City
RailroadsFrank M.Snyder messenger to telegraph operator1889
RailroadsHenry C.Snyder asst general freight agent1908-1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsWilliam PaulSpencer brakeman1915IN, Huntington Co, Huntington
RailroadsCharles H.Splitstone supt of Construction and Surveys1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsMarkham E.Staples general agent1901
RailroadsHenry S.Stebbins agent1898-1909NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharlesSteele Director1915
RailroadsAugustus C. H.Stein 1872-1880
RailroadsJohn RolloStemm dispatcher1891-1892OH, Crawford Co, Galion
RailroadsFrancis LyndeStetson gen counsel1895-1916
RailroadsJ. B.Stewart messenger1885
RailroadsAlbert JamesStone operating dept1902
RailroadsWilliam S.Storms asst signal engineer1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsMason RomeynStrong bridge engineer1901
RailroadsFrancis LeeStuart chief engineer1905-1910
RailroadsAlbertSwartz engineering dept1905
RailroadsJames HenrySweeney supt of Stores1922PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsWilliam E.Talcott Tax, claim agent1901
RailroadsCharles S.Tappan gen agent1869-1873
RailroadsCharles S.Tappen agent1869-1873
RailroadsHerbert A.Taylor general Solicitor1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsC. L.Thomas Freight Agent1902OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsE. B.Thomas Chairman of Board1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsEben B.Thomas president1894-1901
RailroadsJohnThomas 1852-1856
RailroadsG. A.Thompson supt1901
RailroadsJames H.Tinney conductor1861-1863
RailroadsRalph DurhamTobien transitman on yard construction1903OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsHerman A.Todd machinist apprentice and machinist1867-1875
RailroadsFreelingTufts asst engineer1872-1874
RailroadsFreelingTufts rodman engineer corps1867-1869
RailroadsCharles LeRoyTuttle special apprentice1901
RailroadsThomas H.Tyerell water carrier1856
RailroadsThomas H.Tyrrell water carrier1857
RailroadsF. D.Underwood President1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrederick DouglasUnderwood president1901-1926
RailroadsFrederick O.Underwood president1901-1922
RailroadsEdward H.Utley general manager1922
RailroadsSamuel Lewis, JrVan Akin section gang1888-1890
RailroadsGeorgeVan Keuren Supt of Trans'n1902OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsGeorgeVan Keuren Supt of Trans1902NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
RailroadsB. A.Van Tassell Asst Treasurer1915
RailroadsE.Van Tuyl division supt1866NY, Chemung Co, Elmira
RailroadsCorneliusVanderbilt director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsRoyal C.Vilas General Freight Agent1873-1883
RailroadsGeorge S.Waid telegraph operator1881
RailroadsGeorge F.Walker clerk freight office1860-1861NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsAustin EdwardWallace gen supt, asst gen supt, manager1918-1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJohn ClydeWallace bridge dept1914NY
RailroadsRalph H.Wallace station agent1880PA, Crawford Co, Geneva
RailroadsJamesWalsh locomotive fireman1862-1864
RailroadsT. J.Walters chief clerk and general avent freight dept1890-1892PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsJohn ThomasWann auditor1895-1901
RailroadsDaniel A.Waterman clerk in local freight office1852-1859NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsJ. W.Watson telegraph operator1865-1866
RailroadsPeter H.Watson president1872-1874
RailroadsRalph BuckleyWatson engineer1915PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsJohn MedWay machinist1868-1882
RailroadsEdson J.Weeks telegraph operator1875-1884NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsLynne LorraineWhite chief clerk to general supt1918IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsRobert McPhersonWhite rodman, asst supervisor and asst engineer1893-1900
RailroadsG. B.Whittlesey Asst Freight1902OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsM.Wilder master of car repairs1866NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsGeorge WashingtonWildin Mechanical Superintendent1904-1907PA, Crawford Co, Meadville
RailroadsDanielWillard VP1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharles D.Williams clerk supt office1867NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsDavid Hampton, JrWilson engineer1915NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsWilliamWilson machinist1851-1853NY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
RailroadsWilliam HartWilson master mechanic1903-1905PA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
RailroadsWilliam HartWilson master mechanic1901-1903PA, Lackawanna Co, Dunmore
RailroadsCharles WilliamWinslow asst auditor1869
RailroadsColin ReedWise asst engineer1875-1877
RailroadsM. DeWittWoodford telegraph operator various stations1853-1856
RailroadsRobert EastmanWoodruff supt1915OH, Marion Co, Marion
RailroadsRobert EastmanWoodruff president1941-1949
RailroadsSamuel PaisleyWoodside General Freight Dept1901
RailroadsF. H.Wright Asst Secretary1915
RailroadsP. P.Wright supt1873-1881
RailroadsEdward H.Zelgier stenographer to master mechanic1891
RailroadsCalvin H.Ziegier auditor1922NY, Steuben Co, Hornell
(over the course of history)
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Erie Railroad
Parent Org Parent OrgNew Jersey and New York Railroad
Parent Org Parent OrgNew York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad
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