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Organization: Detroit Manufacturers Railway, Role: director

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsWilliam TefftBarbour director1902-1917
RailroadsGeorge M.Black asst treasurer1911-1914
RailroadsSolonBurt director1902
RailroadsHenry MunroeCampbell director1911-1917
RailroadsJohn C.Donnelly director1902
RailroadsPercy J.Farrell secretary, director1904-1917
RailroadsJulian H.Harris director1902
RailroadsHenry BrockholstLedyard director1911-1917
RailroadsHenry LaurenceLyster director1902
RailroadsPhilip H.McMillan treasurer, director1911-1917
RailroadsWilliam CharlesMcMillan director1902
RailroadsMerrill B.Mills director1902-1917
RailroadsHenryRussel director1902-1917
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