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Organization: Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad

Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsGrafton St LoeAbbott director1894-1896
RailroadsCharles Francis, JrAdams director1875-1893
RailroadsJohn Kirkman V.Agnew supt1889-1893MI, Kent Co, Grand Rapids
RailroadsEdward FrancisBaker messenger and clerk freight office1871-1874MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsDavid E.Barry agent1870-1874
RailroadsJames H.Blake director1880-1889
RailroadsJamesBolen 1875-1883
RailroadsHenry J.Broderick ticket accountant1900-1903MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsJohn WoodBrooks director1876
RailroadsJohn A.Burnham director1876-1896
RailroadsWilliam A.Carpenter freight and passenger agent1875-1886
RailroadsCharles D.Childs auditor1873-1874
RailroadsW. H.Clark clerk1882MI, Mecosta Co, Big Rapids
RailroadsC. W.Courtright gen auditor1887-1896
RailroadsF. H.Damon director1895-1896
RailroadsFrank V.Davis freight agent1891-1893MI, Kent Co, Grand Rapids
RailroadsGeorgeDehaven gen passenger agent1891-1896
RailroadsJohn N.Denison director1877
RailroadsJohnDoyle gen roadmaster1884MI, Ionia Co, Ionia
RailroadsFayette M.Drake asst supt1889-1891MI, Ionia Co, Ionia
RailroadsMiloEastman road master, supt1876-1883
RailroadsThomas M.Fish general supt1880-1885MI, Ionia Co, Ionia
RailroadsBlaine H.Gavett clerk, district passenger agent1889-1899
RailroadsWilliam AmburnGavett agent1893MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsWilliam AuburnGavett gen passenger agent, gen agent1889-1893
RailroadsLivingston R.Gordon agent1877-1879
RailroadsJohn J.Grafton asst supt1875-1876MI, Ionia Co, Ionia
RailroadsAlpheusHardy President1885MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsAlpheus HolmesHardy director1879-1896
RailroadsHenry RobbinsHarris clerk to gen supt1880-1889
RailroadsDallas L.Harwood clerk1891-1893MI, Ionia Co, Ionia
RailroadsGeorge DeHaven passenger agent1891-1893MI, Kent Co, Grand Rapids
RailroadsWilliam WallaceHeafford secretary to manager1875-1882
RailroadsCharles MercerHeald manager1890-1893MI, Kent Co, Grand Rapids
RailroadsO. N.Hinkle asst supt1873-1874
RailroadsJames EarleHoward asst treasurer1875-1896MI, Ionia Co, Ionia
RailroadsHoratio HollisHunnewell 1874
RailroadsFrank G.Jenks engineer1898-1900MI, Kent Co, Grand Rapids
RailroadsJames FrederickJoy director1876-1878
RailroadsCharles B.Lathrop Solicitor1885-1893MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsCharles BradleyLothrop solicitor1885-1893MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsGeorge Van NessLothrop attorney1877-1884
RailroadsCarlton W.Luce trainmaster1883-1889
RailroadsThomas H.Malone telegrapher, train dispatcher1880-1899
RailroadsJohn J.McVean asst engineer1878-1881
RailroadsCharlesMerriam director1873-1896
RailroadsNathan W.Merrill div supt1884-1888
RailroadsJohn BurrittMulliken general manager1877-1885
RailroadsBenjamin F.Popple eastern agent1892-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJames FernieReekie gen accountant1873-1888
RailroadsJames FernieReekie gen ticket agent, gen passenger agent1875-1889
RailroadsDaniel HarkerRhodes division engineer1873
RailroadsHamptonRich director1873
RailroadsUriah B.Rogers auditor1889-1896
RailroadsMartin W.Rose asst gen freight agent1890-1898
RailroadsBenjamin SmithRotch director1874
RailroadsWalter T.Rupert shops Foreman, master mechanic1893-1898MI, Ionia Co, Ionia
RailroadsCharlesSanders gen passenger & freight agent1874
RailroadsGeorge OtisShattuck director1875-1896
RailroadsHiram HortonSmith director1873
RailroadsWilliam AldenSmith Attorney1893MI, Kent Co, Grand Rapids
RailroadsEugene Van RensselaerThayer director1884-1896
RailroadsNathaniel E.Thayer director1875-1882
RailroadsNathaniel, JrThayer director1874-1882
RailroadsNathaniel, JrThayer director1883-1896
RailroadsHenry TracyThomas 1874-1883MI, Ionia Co, Ionia
RailroadsJobTuthill engineer1890-1893MI, Kent Co, Grand Rapids
RailroadsGeorge C.Watrous master machinist1874-1885
RailroadsT. J.Waugh supt telegraph1877-1879
RailroadsGeorge W.Weld director1877-1879
RailroadsWilliam FletcherWeld director1875-1876
RailroadsGeorgeWhitney director1888-1896
RailroadsHenry A.Whitney VP, director1873
RailroadsCharles L.Young director1873-1896
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