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Organization: Detroit and Bay City Railroad

Samuel Sloan

Samuel Sloan

25 DEC 1817born in Down Co, Ireland
1858-1859NY, State Senator
1866NY, New York City, New York, Providence and Boston Railroad, director
1881-1894NY, New York City, Missouri Pacific Railway, Director
1889NY, New York City, Morris and Essex Railroad, president
1889NY, New York City, Greene Railroad, VP
1889NY, New York City, New York, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, president
1889NY, New York City, Oswego and Syracuse Railroad, president
1889NY, New York City, Utica, Chenango and Susquehanna Valley Railroad, president
1889NY, New York City, Manhattan Railway, director
1902NY, New York City, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, Chairman Board of Directors
22 SEP 1907died in Garrison, Putnam Co, NY, about age 90.
railroad executive

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsJohn E. V.Agnew train master1878-1881MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsJohn Kirkman V.Agnew master of transportation1878-1881
RailroadsJohn JacobAstor director1876-1877
RailroadsMilton SanfordBarger treasurer1912-1915
RailroadsSamuel F.Barger director1881-1902
RailroadsC. F.Barron gen passenger & freight agent1878
RailroadsWilliam H.Bennett chief clerk in freight and passenger dept1877-1879
RailroadsWilliam C.Brown president, director1910-1913
RailroadsSeymourBrownell director, contractor1871-1872
RailroadsByron H.Bryant locating engineer and division engineer1872-1873
RailroadsAdoniramBurt secretary1901-1905
RailroadsSamuel RodgerCallaway gen supt1878-1880
RailroadsCharles K.Carpenter director1871
RailroadsBenjaminCartwright director1876
RailroadsDouglass JeraldChase div supt1875-1876
RailroadsCharles FinneyCox treasurer1901-1911
RailroadsJoshuaCrane secretary1874-1875
RailroadsChauncey MitchellDepew director1886-1909
RailroadsBenjaminDunning director1876-1877
RailroadsCharles HerbertEllis surveyor1877-1879
RailroadsCharles C.Fitzhugh director1872-1876
RailroadsJohn E.Griffiths treasurer1878-1880
RailroadsAlvin NelsonHart director1872
RailroadsJ. C.Howard secretary1873
RailroadsJames EarleHoward secretary1871-1874MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsHoratio HollisHunnewell 1868-1893MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsWalterHunnewell director1874-1875
RailroadsJosephIasigi director1874-1875
RailroadsJames FrederickJoy president1873-1878
RailroadsGeorge E.King gen agent1874-1876MI, Bay Co, Bay City
RailroadsHenry BrockholstLedyard director1889-1916
RailroadsIsaacLivermore treasurer, director1873-1875
RailroadsF. H.Lord ticket agent1873-1880
RailroadsGeorge Van NessLothrop attorney1877-1880
RailroadsWilliam H.Newman director1910-1915
RailroadsTownsendNorth director1873-1876
RailroadsDwight W.Pardee secretary1910-1916
RailroadsArthurPatriarche agent1872
RailroadsArthur Philip RobertPatriarche station agent1872-1875
RailroadsAshleyPond director1879-1888
RailroadsPercy RivingtonPyne director1879-1880
RailroadsDaniel HarkerRhodes div engineer1873
RailroadsMarshall OwenRoberts director1877
RailroadsRoswell GravesRolston secretary, treasurer, director1876-1880
RailroadsHenryRussel director1910-1916
RailroadsAugustusSchell director1878-1883
RailroadsWilliam LawrenceScott director1879-1880
RailroadsT. B.Sergeant gen supt1873-1874
RailroadsSamuelSloan director1879-1880
RailroadsAlfred HollandSmith president, director1914-1915
RailroadsHiram HortonSmith director1873
RailroadsHarry G.Snelling asst treasurer1911-1915
RailroadsAbram A.Stanton director1871
RailroadsJohn T.Stanton director1871
RailroadsGeorge F.Talman director1876
RailroadsMosesTaylor director1876-1880
RailroadsNathaniel E.Thayer director1873-1875
RailroadsLuciusTuckerman director1877
RailroadsCornelius IiVanderbilt director1879-1897
RailroadsFrederick WilliamVanderbilt director1901-1909
RailroadsWilliam KissamVanderbilt director1879-1909
RailroadsFrank OwenWaldo asst secretary, director1911-1915
RailroadsDaniel A.Waterman auditor1873-1875MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsWilliam FletcherWeld director1873-1875
RailroadsElliott R.Wilcox director1871
RailroadsJesse E.Wilson director1871
RailroadsLysanderWoodward director1871-1875
RailroadsEdwin DeanWorcester secretary1879-1900
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