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Organization: Detroit, Lansing and Lake Michigan Railroad

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsJohn E. V.Agnew train dispatcher1873-1874MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsJohn Kirkman V.Agnew chief train dispatcher1873-1874MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsJ. H.Bennett passenger dept1871-1873MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsJames H.Blake secretary, treasurer1872
RailroadsJohn WoodBrooks director1871-1875
RailroadsJohn A.Burnham director1871-1875
RailroadsWilliam K.Christie asst foreman, gen foreman1875-1892
RailroadsJames EarleHoward secretary to president1871MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsHoratio HollisHunnewell director1874-1875
RailroadsJames FrederickJoy director1871-1875
RailroadsCarlton W.Luce train service1869-1883
RailroadsTruman F.Lyon secretary1871
RailroadsJohn BurrittMulliken general supt1875-1877
RailroadsGeorge L.Pratt first treasurer1871
RailroadsJames FernieReekie traveling auditor1871-1885
RailroadsAlvin H.Reese gen supt1871-1874
RailroadsHamptonRich director1871-1873
RailroadsWilliamScott chief engineer1871
RailroadsGeorge OtisShattuck director1871-1874
RailroadsHiram HortonSmith director1871-1872
RailroadsRobert B.Smith director1871-1872MI, Ionia Co, Portland
RailroadsWilliam H.Tefft director1871
RailroadsNathaniel E.Thayer director1871-1875
RailroadsWilliam FletcherWeld director1871-1875
RailroadsWilliam BrighamWesson director1871-1872
RailroadsHenry A.Whitney VP, director1872
RailroadsCharles L.Young director1872
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