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Organization: Delaware Railroad

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsJ. F.Allee treasurer and secretary1866DE, Kent Co, Dover
RailroadsG. E.Bent purchasing agent1866PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
RailroadsT. W.Bowers master of car repairs1866DE, New Castle Co, Wilmington
RailroadsJosephBringhurst director1866
RailroadsA.Brown freight agent1866DE, New Castle Co, Wilmington
RailroadsG. A.Dadman ticket agent1866PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
RailroadsCharles I.Dupont director1866
RailroadsS. M.Felton president1866PA
RailroadsHenry B.Fiddeman director1866
RailroadsA. C.Gray master of machinery1866DE, New Castle Co, New Castle
RailroadsAndrew E.Gray director1866
RailroadsRobert LewisHarris engineer1854-1855
RailroadsManloveHayes director1866
RailroadsIsaacHinckley director1866
RailroadsJohn MifflinHood asst engineer extension1859-1861
RailroadsC. K.Ide master of transportation1866PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
RailroadsAlexanderJohnson director1866
RailroadsIsaacJump director1866
RailroadsJohnMahoney road master1866DE, New Castle Co, Wilmington
RailroadsJacobMoore director1866
RailroadsWilliam H.Ross director1866
RailroadsE. Q., JrSewall supt and chief engineer1866DE, New Castle Co, Wilmington
RailroadsEdmund QuincySewall supt1858-1870
RailroadsJesseSharpe director1866
RailroadsGeorgeWarner asst engineer1866DE, New Castle Co, Wilmington
RailroadsCharlesWright director1866
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