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Edwin Lee Morgan

Edwin Lee Morgan

29 SEP 1855born in Washington, DC
1879VA, Medical College Of VA
1892DC, physician
24 NOV 1920died, about age 65.

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OthersFrederick WilliamAshley sec1904-1905
MembersClaribel RuthBarnett VP1919-1920DC
OthersClaribel RuthBarnett vice pres1912
OthersArthur ReedBlessing vice pres1919
OthersGeorge FranklinBowerman president1906-1907
OthersWilliam SavageBurns treas1903-1906
OthersJosephine AdelaideClark vice pres1898-1899
OthersMabelColcord sec1920-1922
MembersTheodore LeeCole VP1897DC
OthersWilliam JamesHamilton president1917-1918
MembersEmma BeatriceHawks DC
MembersLouise P.Latimer DC
MembersJ. BentleyMulford DC
MembersClarence WarnerPerley DC
MembersAlfred Francis WilliamSchmidt DC
OthersCarl Peter PaulVitz sec1908-1909
OthersHughWilliams sec1901-1902
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