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Organization: Connecticut River Railroad

From Springfield, MA, to South Vernon, VT, 50 miles. Office at Springfield, MA

Chester William Chapin

Chester William Chapin

16 DEC 1798born in Ludlow, Hampden Co, MA
1853MA, Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, Delegate
1856MA, Springfield, Connecticut River Railroad, director
1856MA, Springfield, Hartford and New Haven Railroad, director
1856MA, Springfield, Hudson River Railroad, director
1866MA, Springfield, Western Railroad of Massachusetts, President
1866MA, Springfield, Hartford and New Haven Railroad, director
1875-1877MA, US Representative
1889NY, New York City, Manhattan Railway, director
1902NY, New York City, Central New England Railway, VP
10 JUN 1883died in Springfield, Hampden Co, MA, about age 84.
Fall River BridgeMA, Franklin Co, BernardstonTheodore Dehone Judah
Railway StationMA, Hampden Co, HolyokeHenry Hobson Richardson

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsJohn H.Albin director1891-1901
RailroadsAdnaAnderson asst engineer1847-1848MA
RailroadsFrederickBillings director1889VT, Windsor Co, Woodstock
RailroadsEdric AugustusBlake telegraph operator1870
RailroadsI. L.Briggs master of transportation1856MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsW. B.Brinsmade supt and chief engineer1866MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsGeorge HuntBurrows 1838-1852
RailroadsJ. H.Butler director1866MA, Hampshire Co, Northampton
RailroadsH. D.Carroll conductor1856MA, Hampshire Co
RailroadsFrank W.Chaffee car repairer1868
RailroadsChester W.Chapin director1856MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsJohnChase director1866MA, Hampden Co, Chicopee
RailroadsH. W.Clapp director1856MA, Franklin Co, Greenfield
RailroadsCharles HenryCram errand boy1864-1870
RailroadsEdward A.Dana director1866MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsWilliam CurtisDennison freight clerk1879-1881
RailroadsH. O.Edwards conductor1856MA, Hampshire Co
RailroadsOscarEdwards director1889MA, Hampshire Co, Northampton
RailroadsGeorge E.Frink cashier, paymaster1864-1893MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsCharles H.Ginn Machinist1865-1893MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsJames E.Goodwin time keeper and master mechanic clerk1868
RailroadsE. H. R.Green clerk1889
RailroadsJ. H.Hare conductor1856MA, Hampshire Co
RailroadsA. B.Harris director1889NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsDaniel LesterHarris president1856MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsDaniel S.Harris director1856MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsCharles A.Hayes clerk in freight accounting dept1882-1884
RailroadsSamuelHenshaw director1856MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsRobertHitchcock Inspector, foreman1852-1893MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsHoyt EdwardHoward freight agent1864-1865MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsEdmund G.Howe director1856CT, Hartford Co, Hartford
RailroadsA. H.Hunt ticket clerk1856MA, Hampshire Co, Northampton
RailroadsSethHunt treasurer1858-1893MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsC. P.Huntington director1856MA, Hampshire Co, Northampton
RailroadsJames EdwardLeach President1880-1890
RailroadsN. A.Leonard president1889MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsSamuel F.Lyman treasurer1856MA, Hampshire Co, Northampton
RailroadsRolandMather director1866CT, Hartford Co, Hartford
RailroadsWilliam G.McCune auditor1893MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsHarry H.Mcintyre clerk in general offices1885MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsJames K.Mills director1856MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsE., JrMorgan paymaster1856MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsJohnMulligan master mechanic1852-1868
RailroadsAug. T.Perkins director1889MA, Barnstable Co, Barnstable
RailroadsSamuel H.Pratt conductor1856MA, Hampshire Co
RailroadsHenry FordyceSampson supt1891-1893MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsCharles S.Sargent director1889MA, Norfolk Co, Brookline
RailroadsIgnatiusSargent director1856MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsFrederick HenryShort clerk1848-1852
RailroadsJ. M.Spelman director1866MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsWilliam H.Stearns master mechanic1872-1893MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
RailroadsK. S.Stebbins conductor1856MA, Hampshire Co
RailroadsMartin LutherSvkes supt1853
RailroadsThomas B.Twombly machinist1849-1851
RailroadsThomas R.Varick director1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Manchester
RailroadsEmery ClarkWatson chief clerk passenger dept1881-1885
RailroadsWilliamWhiting director1889MA, Hampden Co, Holyoke
RailroadsEliphaletWilliams auditor1866MA, Hampshire Co, Northampton
RailroadsWilliam HughWilson bookkeeper1882-1884MA, Hampden Co, Springfield
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