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Organization: Columbian Iron Works

NameLocationArchitects/EngineersShip SponsorsShip Awards
USS Detroit (C10)MD, Baltimore City
USS Montgomery (C9)MD, Baltimore CitySophia F. Smith
USS Petrel (PG2)MD, Baltimore CityTheodore Delavan WilsonMaria Virginia Schley
Dewey Medal
Mexican Service Medal
Philippine Campaign Medal
Spanish Campaign Medal
World War I Victory Medal
USS Rodgers (TB4)MD, Baltimore CityElise Carroll Angus
USS Tingey (TB34)MD, Baltimore CityAnna Truxtun Craven
USS Winslow (TB5)MD, Baltimore City

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

OthersAlfred B.Canaga Chief Engineer1895MD, Baltimore City
OthersRichard J.Donovan Chief Draughtsman1906MI, St. Clair Co, St Clair
OthersWilliam T.Malster President1906MD, Baltimore City
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