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Organization: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway

also known as the Big Four Railroad and commonly abbreviated CCC&StL, was a railroad company in the Midwestern United States

Its primary routes were in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. At the end of 1925 it reported 2,391 route-miles and 4,608 track-miles; that year it carried 8180 million net ton-miles of revenue freight and 488 million passenger-miles. - Wikipedia

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsWilliam PopeAnderson director1892-1896
RailroadsNelson LowellArbuckle asst engineer1915IL, Wabash Co, Mt Carmel
RailroadsGeorge FisherBaker director1916-1917
RailroadsWilliam R.Baldwin passenger agent1890-1892IN, Elkhart Co, Elkhart
RailroadsMilton SanfordBarger treasurer1914-1917
RailroadsJ. A.Barnard Manager, Peoria & Eastern Div1902IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsJohn AlfredBarnard asst manager1890-1891
RailroadsJamesBarnett director1892-1902
RailroadsErvin John PhilipBayer asst engineer1915OH, Crawford Co, Galion
RailroadsS. O.Bayless Asst Counsel1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsHarry C.Bell clerk1888-1901
RailroadsGeorge W.Bender supt1889-1893IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsBurton AlfredBertenshaw 1915OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorgeBliss director1892-1897
RailroadsWalter PhelpsBliss director1916-1917
RailroadsSilas T.Blizard div supt1893-1912OH, Erie Co, Sandusky
RailroadsF. P.Boatman supt of motive power1891-1892
RailroadsCharles JamesBrister gen freight agent1906-1913
RailroadsSamuel J.Broadwell director1892-1893
RailroadsCharles H.Bronson clerk in auditor office1889-1890OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsH. M.Bronson Asst Passenger Agent1902IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsHenry MartynBronson asst passenger agent1893IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsBenjamin S.Brown director1889-1893
RailroadsWilliam C.Brown director1905-1917
RailroadsR. P.Buchanan asst freight agent1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorge MacclearyBurns secretary to gen manager1892-1896
RailroadsJohn WesleyBurt engineer1915IN, Wabash Co, Wabash
RailroadsD. M.Calkins Baggage Agent1902OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJohn Van VlierdenCarstensen VP-accounting1905-1914
RailroadsThomas T.Cauble machinist1915IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsJ. R.Cavanagh Supt Car Service1902IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsJoseph RobinsonCavanaugh supt car service1893-1916IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsCharles WeedonCochran engineer1899-1913
RailroadsDarwin F.Coe asst freight agent1892IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsF. D.Comstock Local Treasurer1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsE. F.Cost Freight Traffic Manager1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJacob A.Courtright trainmaster1891-1893IN, Wabash Co, Wabash
RailroadsCharles F.Cox Treasurer1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJohn HenryCox 1915IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsJohn C.Davie director1906-1909
RailroadsChauncey MitchellDepew director1892-1917
RailroadsW. P.Deppe Asst Passenger & Ticket Agent1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsEdmund HaleDidlake asst engineer1915OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsCharles HayDoebler master mechanic1891-1893IN, Wabash Co, Wabash
RailroadsWilliam PhillipDorner draftsman1915IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsIra S.Downing gen master car builder1913-1922IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsPeter LouisDudley clerk1870-1882
RailroadsJohn T.Dye Counsel1902IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsJohnEgan ticket agent, dining car service1889-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorge ArthurFarlow director1892-1901
RailroadsRay TraubFatout draftsman1915OH, Hamilton Co, Norwood
RailroadsGeorge WilliamFerling electrical engineer1915IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsRobertFerriday Maintenance of Way1917IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsHarry AlbertFidler clerk1889-1895
RailroadsJames J.Fletcher asst freight and passenger agent1889-1891IL, Alexander Co, Cairo
RailroadsA. C.Fonda rate clerk1889-1894OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsEdgarFreeman asst treasurer1910-1914
RailroadsCarson GeyerFrench Assistant Engineer1905-1907OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsHomer F.Frost asst freight agent1892-1893IN, Elkhart Co, Elkhart
RailroadsJ. H.Garaghty purchasing agent1890-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliamGarsfang Supt Motive Power1902IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsWilliamGarstang supt of motive power1893IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsWalter RayGibbons Assistant Engineer1905-1909OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliamGibson supt Cincinnati division1889-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorge JacksonGrammer VP-traffic1905-1906IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJohnGriffin supervisor1893OH, Hardin Co, Forest
RailroadsHerman M.Griggs asst gen coal agent1907OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsLeonard J.Hackney asst gen counsel1899-1905
RailroadsBayard E.Hand division freight agent1887-1889IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsAbraham TracyHardin VP1917
RailroadsAlbert HallHarris VP1916-1917
RailroadsRush NycumHarry treasurer1909-1922
RailroadsElmer EllsworthHendricks asst engineer1915IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsP. A.Hewitt Auditor1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsPaul AnsonHewitt auditor consolidate company1889-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsFrank NeyHibbits Inspector of car and foundry work1890MO, St Louis City
RailroadsEdward P.Higgins asst auditor1909-1911
RailroadsT. J.Higgins div supt, asst gen supt1892-1894
RailroadsC. L.Hilleary Asst Passenger Agent1902MO, St Louis City
RailroadsChauncey HarcourtHolderman Maintenance of Way Department1902IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsChauncey HarcourtHolderman Engineering Department1906IL, Crawford Co, Robinson
RailroadsW. D.Holliday agent1891-1892OH, Erie Co, Sandusky
RailroadsW. D.Holliday asst freight agent1893MO, St Louis City
RailroadsM. C.Horton Paymaster1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsA. B.Hough asst freight agent1889OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsHenry F.Houghton asst supt, div supt1893-1913
RailroadsHerbert D.Howe land agent1910-1917
RailroadsRichard M.Huddleston gen auditor1910-1913
RailroadsElias BradfordHunley In the Maintenance of Way Department1908IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsJohn Boudinot, JrHunley Assistant Engineer1907-1909OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn Boudinot, JrHunley Construction Department1905OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn Boudinot, JrHunley Acting Assistant Engineer1903-1905IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsAlbert StimsonIngalls clerk to gen manager, div supt1896-1907
RailroadsGeorge HoadlyIngalls freight agent1901-1913OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsM. E.Ingalls President1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsFrank JosephJerome director1916-1922
RailroadsMirl Sidney StJohn supervisor1915IL, Kankakee Co, Kankakee
RailroadsJohn V.Kennedy 1888-1912
RailroadsG. W.Kittredge Chief Engineer1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorge WatsonKittredge chief engineer1890-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsAlbertKreiger 1903-1904IN, Putnam Co, Greencastle
RailroadsE. E.Kruthoffer Freight Accountant1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsLouis WilerLandman gen agent1904-1905OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsJames D.Layng VP1890-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsC. V.Lewis asst freight agent1891-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsE. P.Lord supt motive power1892-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsRobert ScottLovett director1916-1917
RailroadsWarren J.Lynch Passenger & Ticket Agent1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsAnthonyMaischaider asst engineer1915IN, Wabash Co, Wabash
RailroadsIraMarshall 1902-1903IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsDavid B.Martin passenger and ticket agent1889-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohnMcClurg master mechanic1886-1893IL, Champaign Co, Urbana
RailroadsErnest O.McCormick passenger traffic manager1893-1899OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsAlexanderMcDonald director1892-1902
RailroadsA. D.McLeod asst freight agent1890-1891OH, Erie Co, Sandusky
RailroadsW. A.Meshack director1910
RailroadsF.Middlebrook Asst Treasurer1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsCharles SterlingMillard div supt1916IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsCharles SterlingMillard div supt1912IN, Wabash Co, Wabash
RailroadsHarold TennellMiller engineer1915OH, Clark Co, Springfield
RailroadsJohn PierpontMorgan director1892-1902
RailroadsJosephMoses Special Tax Agent1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsD. J.Mullen supt motive power1916-1917
RailroadsOscar G.Murray VP1892-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliam H.Newman director1904-1917
RailroadsFrank HastingsNewnam in the Maintenance of Way1905-1906IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsE. F.Osborn Secretary1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilfred JayOvermire fuel inspector1915IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsCharles A.Paquette supt, chief engineer1902-1916IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsDwight W.Pardee secretary1906-1917
RailroadsEllsworth A.Peck supt1893IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsChester LeroyPost Resident Engineer on Construction1904IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsJoseph JrRamsey manager1891-1893MO, St Louis City
RailroadsJoseph, JrRamsey asst to president, gen manager1890-1895IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsNathaniel P.Ramsey agent1893IL, Alexander Co, Cairo
RailroadsThomasReynolds supt1890-1892OH, Erie Co, Sandusky
RailroadsThomasReynolds supt Sandusky division1893IN, Randolph Co, Union City
RailroadsH. J.Rhein gen passenger agent1905-1915OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsH. J.Rhein commercial agent1894-1896IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsC. S.Rhoads Supt Telegraph1902IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsCharles S.Rhoads telegraph operator1874-1880OH, Montgomery Co, Dayton
RailroadsJohn W.Riley supt Peoria division1893IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsEdgar FranklinRobinson Maintenance of Way Department1896-1899IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsWilliamRockefeller director1916-1917
RailroadsLuther S.Rose Assistant Engineer1896-1897
RailroadsEdward Van WyckRossiter VP1905-1910
RailroadsC. E.Schaff Manager1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliam FrankSchaff 1894-1909
RailroadsEdgar JacobSchauwecker Masonry Inspector1906
RailroadsJohn H.Sessions agent1891IL, Peoria Co, Peoria
RailroadsAlfred HollandSmith president1914-1917
RailroadsGeorge P.Smith chief engineer1909-1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsOrlandSmith director1892
RailroadsClifford BeecherSpeaker Instrumentman1905
RailroadsChauncey J.Stedwell telegraph operator, train master1867IN, Wabash Co, Wabash
RailroadsEdward FrancisStephenson secretary1911-1922
RailroadsArthur PrenticeStone 1905OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsB. S.Sutton supt White Water division1890-1893IN, Fayette Co, Connersville
RailroadsFred HenrySweeney computer1915OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsNorris ClarenceThompson engineer corps1915IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsThomas S.Timpson agent1882-1891
RailroadsAmosTownsend director1889-1895
RailroadsGeorgeTozzer Purchasing Agent1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsClarence EugeneTrotter apprentice1915IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsHamilton McKownTwombly director1892-1902
RailroadsJ. Q.Van Winkle Supt1902IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsJohn QuincyVan Winkle supt1893IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsCornelius IiVanderbilt director1892-1897
RailroadsFrederick WilliamVanderbilt director1896-1917
RailroadsHarold StirlingVanderbilt director1916-1917
RailroadsWilliam KissamVanderbilt director1892-1917
RailroadsWilliam Kissam IiVanderbilt VP, director1916-1917
RailroadsJohn QuincyVanwinkle div freight agent1887-1922IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsJames ClarkWallace auditor disbursements, auditor1911-1922
RailroadsCaleWamsley Assistant Engineer1904-1905IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsCaleWamsley Supt of Track1900-1901IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsEdward S.Washburn freight traffic manager1890-1891
RailroadsArthur GeorgeWells and division supt1893IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsHerbert CochranWestfall 1899-1901IL, Coles Co, Mattoon
RailroadsAlbert S.White freight agent1891-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliam AndrewWildhack auditor1910-1917OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsRichard JesseWilliams supt1915IN, Marion Co, Beech Grove
RailroadsFrank HanningWilson 1894-1902
RailroadsWilbur NilesWilson engineer corps1915IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsGeorge HaroldWinters Assistant Engineer1896-1898
RailroadsHarold EmoryWoodburn asst engineer1915OH, Crawford Co, Galion
RailroadsFordWoods asst freight agent1890-1893IN, Marion Co, Indianapolis
RailroadsHarry AugustusWorcester and1920-1930
RailroadsEdward H.Zeigler trainmaster, div supt1892-1930
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