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Organization: Cleveland and Toledo Railroad

From Grafton to Toledo, Southern Division; From Cleveland to Toledo; 194 miles. Office, Cleveland

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsR. N.Allen master mechanic1856OH, Erie Co, Sandusky
RailroadsJ. P.Ames conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsA. H.Barney director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsD. N.Barney director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsHorace HenryBaxter contractor1854
RailroadsC. L.Boalt director1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsSamuelBriggs bill maker1864OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsWalter HenryBrimson messenger boy1862
RailroadsWilliam GeorgeBrimson telegraph operator1865OH, Huron Co, Wakeman
RailroadsC.Butler director1856NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge L.Carman train boy1855-1857
RailroadsGeorge S.Carman train boy1856
RailroadsI. L.Clark conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsC. W.Copeland master of car repairs1866OH, Huron Co, Norwalk
RailroadsWilliamCrowell chief clerk1866OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsCharlesCulligan conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsEdwardDickinson messenger boy1862
RailroadsOliver P.Dunbar fireman1854-1855
RailroadsGeorge BeckwithEly president1868-1869
RailroadsJ. M.Ferris clerk1856-1865
RailroadsJohnGardiner director1866OH, Huron Co, Norwalk
RailroadsT. P.Handy director1866OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJ. R.Hastings brakeman1867
RailroadsE. O.Hill master of machinery1866OH, Huron Co, Norwalk
RailroadsErastus O.Hill journeyman1854-1856OH, Huron Co, Norwalk
RailroadsT. H.Hoag director1866OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsJ. A.Jackman master mechanic1856OH, Huron Co, Norwalk
RailroadsWilliamJarvis director1856CT
RailroadsHenryKeep director1866NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsThomas W.Kennan asst train dispatcher1865
RailroadsThomas W.Kennan telegraph operator1857-1862
RailroadsW. F.Kittredge asst treasurer1856OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsE.Lane director1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsG. E.Lemon conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsT. S.Lindsey master of transportation1866OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsE. B.Litchfield secretary and treasurer1856NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsE. ClarkLuce ticket agent1866OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsFrank MelvilleLuce bookkeeper and asst paymaster1864-1866
RailroadsHenryMartin president1856NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
RailroadsJamesMason director1866OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJ. T. R.McKay copying titles to right of way1854-1856
RailroadsJohn B.Morgan section hand1854-1855
RailroadsA.Morrill road master1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsEdward PorterMvunray telegraph operator1862-1863
RailroadsJohnNewell president1865-1868
RailroadsJohn U.Parsons ticket agent1856OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsW. C.Payson conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsE. B.Phillips supt1856OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsCharles H.Prior rodman1853
RailroadsE.Putnam conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsL. D.Rucker freight agent1856OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsR. C.Sawtell lost baggage agent1856OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsCharlesSherwood conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsJ. T.Simkins conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsMark R.Spelman telegraph operator1861-1865
RailroadsJohn W.Sprague director1834-1857
RailroadsWilliam F.Staunton treasurer and secretary1866OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsS. F.Tenney master of transportation1856OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsB.Thomas conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsJ. B.Tyler conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsJ. D.Tyler conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsS. D.Wackman road master1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsJeptha HomerWade director1862-1867
RailroadsJ. B.Waring VP1856OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsMiles E.Wattles agent1866-1881
RailroadsA. L.White freight agent1866OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsJ. C.Williams chief engineer1866OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsWilliam RobertWoodard telegraph operator and way bill clerk1855-1857OH, Erie Co, Sandusky
RailroadsS.Woodbury conductor1856OH, Wyandot Co
RailroadsS. M.Young director1866OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
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