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Organization: Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsDonAlexander division freight agent1891TN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga
RailroadsDavid S.Anderson stock claim agent1885
RailroadsG. P.Biles Freight Agent1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsFrank S.Bond president1884-1886
RailroadsGustavo Louis FredericBouscaren consulting & chief engineer1881-1885OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsBarnardBrown asst general freight agent1883
RailroadsHenryCollbran freight agent1884-1885
RailroadsEdwardColston Counsel1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsW. N.Culp general agent1885KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJ. F.Ewing general agent1883KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsSamuel MorseFelton president1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsSamuel Morse, JrFelton president, Receiver1890-1899
RailroadsHenryFink VP1890-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsC. C.Fitzgerald Road Master1902KY, Fayette Co, Lexington
RailroadsWilliam AbnerGarrett gen manager1903-1906OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn C.Gault manager1885-1890IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsWilliam S. StGeorge Eastern agent1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsThomas T.Greene general southern agent1883-1885GA, Fulton Co, Atlanta
RailroadsA.Griggs supt1891-1893KY, Pulaski Co, Somerset
RailroadsI. F.Hall Car Accountant1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsC. C.Harvey VP1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsZackJones master of transportation1883-1885KY, Pulaski Co, Somerset
RailroadsM. W.Maguire Div Supt1902KY, Pulaski Co, Somerset
RailroadsM. W.Maguire Asst Manager1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJ. P.McCuen Supt Motive Power1902KY, Kenton Co, Ludlow
RailroadsDanielMcLaren inspector machinery1881-1882
RailroadsJamesMeehan supt1885OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsM. P.Molloy Auditor1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsR. D.Mullane Road Master1902KY, Pulaski Co, Somerset
RailroadsD. J.Mullaney city passenger agent1889OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJ. H.Murphy Master Mechanic1902KY, Kenton Co, Ludlow
RailroadsW. J.Murphy Manager1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliam J.Murphy supt1893KY, Fayette Co, Lexington
RailroadsWilliam HenryNewman city passenger agent1882-1884
RailroadsGeorge B.Nicholson Chief Engineer1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsC.Patton Treasurer1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsL.Poliquin Master Car Painter1902KY, Kenton Co, Ludlow
RailroadsDavid HillPurdon train dispatcher1881-1883
RailroadsPaul HaganRavesies clerk auditor office1883-1884
RailroadsW. C.Rinearson Passenger Agent1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsGeorge L.Schenck office supt1881-1882KY, Pulaski Co, Somerset
RailroadsPeter H.Schreiber locomotive engineer1883-1890
RailroadsE.Schryver Asst Freight Agent1902TN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga
RailroadsLewisShepherd attorney1882-1893TN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga
RailroadsHenry F.Shoemaker Chairman of Board1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsW. A.Shoemaker Secretary1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsSamuelSpencer President1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsHenry H.Tatem secretary1882-1893OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsA.Telford Purchasing Agent1902OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsH. M.Waite Div Supt1902KY, Fayette Co, Lexington
RailroadsM.Walsh Supt Bridges & Buildings1902KY, Pulaski Co, Somerset
RailroadsW. W.Wells supt1885KY, Pulaski Co, Somerset
RailroadsTheodore S.Williams supt1883-1885LA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans
RailroadsW. W.Wood supt1885KY, Pulaski Co, Somerset
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