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Organization: Chicago, Burlington and Northern Railroad

Charles Jackson Paine

Charles Jackson Paine

26 APR 1833born in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA
1875-1894MA, Boston, Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, director
1877-1884MA, Boston, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, Director
1881MA, Boston, Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, Director
1883-1886MA, Boston, Mexican Central Railway, Director
1886-1888MA, Boston, Chicago, Burlington and Northern Railroad, Director
1893-1894MA, Boston, Chicago, Burlington and Northern Railroad, Director
1906MA, Boston, Mathews Consolidated Slate Co, director
1906MA, Boston, St Marys Mineral Land Co, vp
1906MA, Boston, Staso Co, director
12 AUG 1916died in Weston, Middlesex Co, MA, about age 83.
railroad executive, yachtsman

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RailroadsWilliam F.Anderson office boy1886
RailroadsGeorge WynneAvery general attorney1891-1892WI, La Crosse Co, La Crosse
RailroadsJ. M.Barr supt1888
RailroadsF. B.Beaumont Transfer Agent1887-1891MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsHenry S.Bryan master mechanic1886-1889
RailroadsM. J.Buckley telegraph operator1887
RailroadsB. FrankBush asst and division engineer1885-1888
RailroadsGeorge A.Clark clerk to car accountant1886-1891MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsAlexanderCochrane Director1886-1892MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsJ. GrantCode operator, car distributor and train dispatcher1887-1889WI, La Crosse Co, La Crosse
RailroadsAsahel R.Cook asst engineer1885-1887
RailroadsT. JeffersonCoolidge Director1893-1894MA, Essex Co, Manchester
RailroadsW. L.Darling engineer in charge terminals1885-1887
RailroadsCharlesDoogan freight and ticket auditor1886-1893MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsJohn MurrayForbes President, Director1886-1894MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsGeorge P.Gardner Director1892MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsJohn L.Gardner Director1886-1887MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsJohn L.Gardner Director1893-1894MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsJohn T.Gerry asst civil engineer and station agent1885-1887
RailroadsLoomis F.Goodale asst resident engineer1885-1886WI, Crawford Co, Prairie du Chien
RailroadsBert C.Gowen 1885
RailroadsWilliam EdwardGreen trainmaster1886-1888
RailroadsW. B.Hamblin freight agent1886-1890MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsJohn VenableHanna 1885
RailroadsGeorgeHargreaves Purch Agent1891IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsGeorge B.Harris manager, VP1885-1890
RailroadsJ. R.Hastings supt1886-1893MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsAlbion L.Headburg chief claim clerk1886-1892MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsAugustusHemenway Director1886-1887MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsFrancis L.Higginson Director1888-1889
RailroadsNathaniel BentHinckley auditor1885-1893MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsWilliam H.Holcomb supt1885-1887
RailroadsAlbro R.Horn asst supt entire line1887
RailroadsErle SalmerHull rodman1887
RailroadsFrancis W.Hunnewell Director1893-1894IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsW. J. C.Kenyon freight and passenger agent1885-1893MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsW. J.Ladd Secretary1892-1894MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsOswald MorleyLaing clerk auditing dept1890
RailroadsAlexander C.Laird clerk in supt office1886
RailroadsWilliam H.Lewis master mechanic1888-1897
RailroadsW. PowellMason Director1886-1892MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsWilliam ByronMcNider freight and passenger agent1889-1890MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsJohn J.Merrill car accountant1886-1893MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsJacobMurbach clerk, cashier1886-1890MN, Winona Co, Winona
RailroadsRichardOlney Director1893MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsCharles J.Paine Director1886-1888MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsCharles J.Paine Director1893-1894MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsJohn C.Patterson asst engineer on location1883-1884
RailroadsJames S.Pearce foreman1889-1893MN, Ramsey Co, Daytons Bluff
RailroadsJames C.Peasley Treasurer1892-1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsCharles ElliotPerkins Director1893-1894IA, Des Moines Co, Burlington
RailroadsEdward C.Perkins Director1886-1892MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsAlbert FowlerRobinson bridge engineer1885-1889
RailroadsOscar E.Selby leveler, draftsman1887-1888
RailroadsAlbert C.Sheldon agent1885-1893IA, Des Moines Co, Burlington
RailroadsArthur G.Stanwood asst treasurer1893MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsNathaniel H.Stone Director1891-1892MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsMarvin FoxTemple resident engineer on construction1885-1886
RailroadsWilliam H.Thomson axeman in surveying party1886
RailroadsMax E. R.Toltz draftsman, asst engineer1886-1887MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsA. E.Touzalin President1886-1889MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsCharles L.Young Director1888-1892
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